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This is a very strange story, I found this at Project Camelot.  This is either a controlled demolition of building or a 9/11 style thermite/energy and/or micro-nuke attack (we still don't know what brought down the twin towers - but it wasn't because of two airliners....).   

What is curious about this story though is this is an American-Style mega-church guest house of the popular Nigerian Christian preacher TB Joshua who is purported to have predicted an asian country would lose an airliner with 200+ people on it.  

This prediction of attacks in Kenya is also curious:

And this one about Russian airspace:

A case of someone reading the quantum field potential? Or was the cabal telegraphing its intentions as is required of them through T B Joshua before they did a stunt like  MH-370, MH17 in the Ukraine or the terrorism in Kenya?  

Was the building collapse just an insurance scam for cash or intimdation to keep TB's mouth shut?  Hard to know right now, but one's thing for sure the "truth will out" as nothing is hidden in these new earth energies...

There's been a lot of very strange things occurring in central Africa, the Ebola outbreaks and the resultant hysteria being pumped by western media.  The subsequent offers by the West to send in "humanitarian troops" and IMF/World bank offers to finance failing economies hurt by International quarantines. Once troops go in they seldom leave right away.   Also the recent case of the alleged hostage taking  and killing of Ebola aid workers in Guinea (a pretext for western troops).  Does the world think African's are stupid about the interelationship of mass innoculations with vaccines and the subsequent disease outbreaks? 

What we do know is the financial systems are broke, and they desperately seeking ways to find assets to balloon money through highly geared derivatives to fund their continuing operations.  The cabal families have been funding the systems themselves out of their own resources the last two years and are nearly out of funds.  Central Africa is rich in oil, gold, diamonds and rare earths needed in modern electronics and cell phones, its not coincidental that all the countries affected by Ebola are rich in mineral resources.  Gaining control of the assets through debt agreements is tried and proven way the cabal creates money, those assets can collateralized in trillions of liquidity in the fiat money system.

Nigeria is also the home to some of the largest money laundering operations in the world, which is why you see the covers of the nigerian email scams to discredit it - in the public eye- of being any kind of legitimate banking center. Nigeria has easily fungible crude oil which is very easily converted to cash for money laundering purposes and is a well known center of laundering shady bank money. Organized religion is also used for money laundering as churches quite routinely get cash and real estate as well as the estates of deceased loved ones donated to them.

The worst fate an African country can have, it seems, is to be rich in resources industrial countries want, because it means enormous covert proxy wars and epidemics.  Witness Boko Haram terrorism  meant to destabilize Nigeria and provide the pretext for inviting foreign troops.

See also D.'s report on Ebola at:


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This is truly bizarre and had to be targeted with a particle beam weapon or scaler weapon:

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No way this article gets to the truth...

67 South Africans killed in Nigeria building collapse
2014-09-16 20:57
Rescue workers gather at the site of a collapsed building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. (Sunday Alamba, AP)

Cape Town – Sixty-seven South Africans have died after a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed on Friday, according to the presidency.

In a statement released on Tuesday spokesperson Mac Maharaj said: “I am greatly saddened to announce that 67 South Africans died and scores of others sustained injuries, after a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed on Friday, 12 September 2014, in Lagos, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The last death toll from the collapsed guesthouse at a mega-church in Nigeria was reported at 57 earlier on Tuesday.

Maharaj said: “Our thoughts are with the families, friends and colleagues that have lost their loved ones in this heart-breaking tragedy. The whole nation shares the pain of the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who have lost their loved ones. We are all in grief.”

He directed the relevant government departments and entities to act with the utmost urgency to ensure that the presidency facilitate the movement of relevant family members to Nigeria, to identify the bodies.

“Government will keep the public informed of developments around this tragedy.”

A prior article here:

TB Joshua building collapse: Death toll still rising
2014-09-16 12:33

Rescue workers gather at the site of a collapsed
building belonging to the Synagogue Church of
 All Nations in Lagos,Nigeria.
(Sunday Alamba, AP)
Deaths from Nigeria church collapse rise to 41
At least 17 die in Nigeria church building collapse
Lagos building collapse: 25 rescued

Lagos - The death toll from a collapsed guesthouse at a mega-church in Nigeria's financial capital Lagos hit 57 on Tuesday, rescuers said, as they held out hopes that more survivors would be found.

Eight bodies were pulled overnight from the rubble of a collapsed guesthouse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos' Ikotun neighbourhood, Ibrahim Farinloye, southwest coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), told AFP by text message.

Farinloye said rescuers extracted a woman alive from the building's rubble on Tuesday morning.

She was able to walk away from the collapse with just a broken wrist. The discovery prompted rescuers to slow down their digging in the wreckage of the guesthouse.

"It's going to be slower because we believe we can recover more people alive by the grace of God," Farinloye said, adding that rescuers were focusing on the area around the hostel's restaurant, where previous survivors have been found.

'Truth will someday prevail'  [YES IT WILL! -AK]

A total of 131 people were injured in the collapse of the hostel, which housed Nigerian and foreign followers of the popular preacher and televangelist TB Joshua.

Joshua's network of churches and a television station have attracted people from around the world to Lagos with promises of receiving miracles and prophecies from the man followers dub "The Prophet".

Joshua has suggested that a low-flying aircraft was responsible for the collapse and released security camera footage apparently showing a plane flying four times over the hostel before its collapse. [The 911 template anyone? Who or what was in that building?  Gold? Were people silenced for something they knew? -AK]

Ikotun is located to the west of Lagos's international aircraft.

The preacher has not commented directly on the deaths and initially claimed that only a few people were injured but on Sunday tweeted: "No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail."

Rescuers say the building was overburdened by additional floors being constructed on top of its existing foundations.

Lagos state government officials are investigating the cause of the collapse.


Updated 15:46 GMT

Megachurch members ‘prevented rescue efforts’ at Lagos accident site

© Pius Utomi Ekpei, AFP| Nigerian emergency agency's spokesman Ibrahim Farinloye, September 2014.
Text by FRANCE 24
Latest update : 2014-09-19

Followers of a controversial preacher and televangelist prevented rescue workers from getting to victims of a collapsed building in Lagos last week, in an accident that claimed the lives of at least 84 people, according to a Nigerian official.

Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said Friday that lives were lost as a result of church officials preventing workers from rescuing people trapped inside the multi-storey shopping mall and hotel in the port city.

NEMA's spokesman Ibrahim Farinloye told the Associated Press that the building collapsed at 12:44pm on September 12, but emergency responders did not get full access to the site until two days later.

Described as a megachurch, the building was linked to Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known as TB Joshua.

The wealthy preacher has claimed to have miraculously cured people from illnesses, including HIV, and foreseen the untimely death of pop start Michal Jackson.

Farinloye said that rescuers lost critical hours when most lives are saved. Most of the victims were South African.

Nigerian media reported that rescue workers were attacked by church members who also smashed the camera of a TV journalist at the site.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s high commissioner to Nigeria warned on Friday that the death toll could rise in the coming days.

It is believed that there were 349 South Africans visiting the church at the time of the crash. [will be interesting to see who is on that list... -AK]

South Africa has sent a team of 10 disaster management personnel, including doctors to help in the search.

(FRANCE 24 with AP and AFP)



September 18, 2014 Written by Bennett Oghifo and Chiemelie Ezeobi Published in Nigeria News

As the death toll in the collapsed building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) yesterday rose to 80, Tuesday’s conflicting report from South African President, Jacob Zuma, that put the casualty rate of South African nationals at 67, has raised several unanswered questions.

Although the number of survivors remained at 131, emergency workers said there was a high possibility of recovering more corpses since the excavation work had gotten to the ground floor, which was believed to accommodate more people than the top floors.
THISDAY also gathered yesterday that some of the survivors, who sustained minor injuries have been released, while the families of deceased persons have gone to the morgue at the Isolo General Hospital to claim the bodies of their loved ones.

With the claim by Zuma that 67 of his nationals died in the accident, the interpretation by many is that it means that only 13 of the deceased were either from Nigeria or other nationalities, despite the fact that a large number of foreigners lodged in  the guest house, as well as several Nigerian construction workers, who were adding two more floors to the existing five.

In this conflicting figures however, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) maintained its stand, as the Public Relations Officer of the agency, South-west Zone, Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, in an interview with THISDAY said the figures released by the Nigerian government is factual.

He said: “We are hoping on concluding the whole exercise today (yesterday) and as of now, we have 80 dead and 131 rescued alive. The figure got to 80 because we recovered two bodies by 11p.m. on Tuesday and another two early this morning (yesterday) at about 3a.m. and then the rest were during the day.
“We will continue working until we get to the last level of excavation and it’s possible more bodies are still trapped underneath the rubbles. So, we can’t categorically state the overall casualty figure.”

On the conflicting reports and figures between the emergency operators and South Africa President, he said: “I don’t know where President Zuma got his information from. He is not on ground here and we are. So, we presume he is operating based on the information made available to him.

“The president is not here and how he got his figure is what we don’t know. We are working on what we got based on operation. There is no controversy at all because we don’t have the identity of anybody yet.

“Bear in mind that the church did not give us the number of the people who were possibly in the building then but our initial action was to rescue the victims first before investigations to reveal the identities of the people would commence.”

Also, one of the Red Cross Commandants in Lagos, Evangelist Gabriel Frank Maduagwu, who was at the site of the collapsed building, said the figures touted by President Zuma could not be true.

He said: “We were among the first people to come to the scene of the collapsed building and so far, we have rescued 80 persons. I don’t know where South Africa got their figures from.”

Attempts to get the South Africa’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Lulu Loius Mnguni, to react proved as abortive as he promised to call back and he never did.
Even when further calls were put across to him, his phone line was engaged, and also text messages sent to him were not replied.

However, the foreign ministry spokesman, Clayson Monyela, said the figure was based on credible information at their disposal gotten from records, which states that five tour groups had gone to the synagogue to worship.

Also, South Africa spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, said although 300 South Africans were at the Synagogue, they were not sure how many were on the spot when the tragedy struck.

Meanwhile, the South Africans yesterday began to claim their dead, but it was not yet clear if the Australian Embassy was successful in its quest to identify some of its nationals who were said to have lodged at the guest house.

THISDAY learnt that they had been in talks with the officials of the church, who are expected to furnish them with the guest lists, to enable them identify their nationals who had flown in for one of the programmes in the church.

An official of the church who spoke on anonymity, said they were going through their lists because any foreigner who comes to the church must go through the due process, which starts from filling in the questionnaire.

Also, Lagos State Government yesterday said it has no plan to seal the site of the collapsed guesthouse of the Synagogue Church, until thorough and detailed investigation as to the cause(s) of the collapse had been concluded.

This was contained in statement issued yesterday by the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Olutoyin Ayinde, who stressed that, “Government does not arbitrarily take over properties when investigation is still on-going.”

He however, reiterated the position of the ministry, “that the six- floor guesthouse of the Synagogue Church for All Nations that collapsed at Ikotun- Egbe, a Lagos suburb did not have building approval.”

The government, he said was “conducting a preliminary investigation into the cause(s) of the collapse and would leave no stone unturned and if there is any violation of relevant planning law, residents are assured that government would take appropriate action.”

According to him, a team of engineers from the ministry and other state government agencies “are taking samples from the foundation and materials from the wreckage of the building for detailed analysis and testing to ascertain the structural integrity of the building.”

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