Saturday, September 13, 2014

UPDATED: A reader writes...

A reader writes:

Just had an interesting visit with my local bank today [September 12].  I am a free-lance writer and one of my clients uses direct deposit.   They tried to do so two weeks ago, but it bounced back. Went into my branch, sat with the manager -- she apologized because things were tough right now, what with the Home Depot Hack job, and all. . .yada, yada, yada. . 

I smiled and said, "yes, that and the Fed and Sept 30 and all."  She agreed and said she should probably take a vacation right about then.  in addition, just got an email from the magazine -- now their banking system is having a problem and cannot deposit --  Proof that there is trouble in bankland!!!!  

Updated: Sept 13, 2014 14:12 GMT

Another reader writes:

Just wanted to make a related comment... I tried to pay my student loan over the phone on Friday [September 12].  The lady apologized and told me that the systems were down. This is the first time in years that Ive been unable to make a payment.  Not sure if its related or just a coincidence but.. interesting.

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