Monday, September 22, 2014

UPDATED: Blackwater-like contractor seeks to
legalize private police in the U.S.

Blackwater-like contractor seeks to legalize private police in the U.S.

Date: Sunday, 21-Sep-2014 20:53:38

There are very few news stories about government overreach that shock me these days, but this week there were two -- both in California. Each came and went with barely a whisper in the media, even from the "liberty" news.

Perhaps we're so bombarded with mafia tactics by the government that some events just get lost in the chaos. And no, one of these developments is NOT the Los Angeles School District acquiring tanks and grenade launchers, although that's probably of equal significance. Below is the first of these local stories. The second will be in a follow-up article.

This is probably the scariest development in law enforcement, ever, and I don't say that lightly. If you thought no-knock SWAT raids to serve warrants for non-violent crimes was the epitome of tyranny, wait until you get a load of private mercenaries conducting special forces-type raids on American citizens.

That's right, a report out of Mendocino, California admits that Blackwater-like private "security" contractors are now being used to "police pot." Mysterious soldiers repelled out of unmarked helicopters fully armed for war to raid legal medical cannabis gardens last month. They didn't identify themselves or present paperwork of any kind. They just destroyed the garden and left. Other witnesses claim this invading army is also "confiscating" product.

Here's the local CBS news report:

Read full article here:

Updated 9/22/2014 21:30 GMT

A reader writes...

Hi, AK.  

I'm from Northern Cal (originally), and know people here from there who live in exactly that area still, one who 'works' in that area of commerce up there himself for 35 years now.  There have been 'private security personnel' -- fully armed with automatic weapons -- in the northern counties of California for decades.  Nothing new.  

As pot gets legalized, though, there will be more and more moves to 'eliminate competition' among the growers.  Basic 'capitalism' at its most raw is all. The only 'new' aspect might simply be more money, force, and equipment (like private helicopters) thrown into that game.  

Monsanto may be making moves, too.  They hire Blackwater to protect their lands all over the world (have a friend here in Costa Rica who personally knows this, sees it on nearby properties to his, has met the Blackwater guys himself).  So could 'just' be that, too, the Big Boys starting to stamp out competitors.  ALL shall be shortly reaping what they are sowing.....

My point is:  No worries!!  They aren't there to 'police' regular private citizens, no way ;-)  [A you sure of that? Destroying crops on private land is policing private citizens... -AK]

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