Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heavenletter #5032 - Whose Eyes You Seek

Heavenletter #5032 - Whose Eyes You Seek
September 4, 2014

God said:

In the world, sometimes when love is proclaimed, it may lose its sparkle. You have longed for the moment of betrothal, and, then, when the moment comes, when your love is proclaimed, a wedding date set, details to take care of, a little of the tinsel of romance may become ordinary. No longer do you feel like you are dancing on the stars. No, you are relegated to ordinariness. You are just an engaged couple now and rather fair game to the crowd. When you wed, rice and flower petals may be thrown at you. You are relegated to Earth and perhaps a performance rather than spontaneity. You would rather dance on the stars than to comply to what is expected of you. It was one thing to smile for joy with the love that welled up in you, and another to smile on occasions that call for it. Instead of spontaneity, you may feel ordered by a movie director, for now you come on stage on cue.

You may love your affianced deeply and truly, yet you feel a certain veneer and stiffness of performance as the world watches on the sidelines. You may want to dance a dance you prefer, but feel obliged to dance a dance that is called appropriate. You may feel appropriated. Life in the world gives you certain steps to follow, and you follow. Here, you are smiling away, even when your feet hurt. Society certainly has its influence on you.

When you recognize your love for Me, may you be as you are and not feel restrained. Your devotion to Me is not mandated to be official, yet it is not for very long that you can stay private and quiet. Happiness is hard to contain. Loving Me is happiness, beloveds, even though you yourself are not quite clear on Who and What I AM, and, yet, you know you live with Me and cannot be apart. We cannot be apart.

Soon enough, I press My foot lightly on the hem of your gown. You stop and feel the strength of My love. You cannot elude My love any longer. My love is simply too much for you. You are swept into My Arms of Love, and there is nowhere else you can be. There is nowhere else you can be equal to My love. Once taken by My love, you rise to My love. There is no departure.

Oh, perhaps there is a scant thought of wanting to return to your carefree ordinary life where you flitted around here and there and acted out that you were happy. Until you came into My arms, you didn’t know the yield of happiness you could hold, and yet you may long to have that old smattering back just once more. It was familiar. Like a dress that was once your favorite of all, you would like to try it on again. If you could try it on, you would find out that it no longer fits, and it can no longer be made to fit. It will never fit you again.

It is not that the color of the dress has faded. No, it is you who has brightened. Once your eyes have alighted on the Face of God, where else can your eyes look from now on? What else can pull your attention? What else can sweep you off your feet? What other face might you ever want to read? What other eyes could you immerse yourself in?

On some matters, you have no choice. Once you have seen Me, once you have seen My adoration of you, once you have seen My eyes looking into yours, it is My eyes you seek forevermore.

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