Monday, September 29, 2014

Heavenletter #5057 Rise and Serve, Rise and Shine

Heather Tucci-Jarraf has often called these Heavenletters "God's post-it notes"....and this one today really hit me in the heart... I think its the closest emotion I have felt since 2009 to what I experienced in my NDE in that San Diego hospital ICU ward... and yet here I AM still walking the planet today! Since then I've only wanted to experience the full emotion Oneness with Source again. 

That is what is missing in our experience on this planet. If you can imagine love as sunshine on your skin at the beach, you get close to knowing it... it was that palpable... felt so deeply... but next time I can do without the dying part... -AK

Heavenletter #5057 Rise and Serve, Rise and Shine
September 29, 2014

God said:

You are a natural in fulfilling My dreams. You are star of fulfilling My dreams. No one has to know that you are a star and that you fulfill My Will. You have to know. Let others think whatever they think.

When I say that you have an assignment to do on My behalf – and everyone does -- I am speaking of the work and play you do for Me which is inevitably for the good of the world and humankind. Whatever service I ask of you is on My behalf. It is Our One Unified Will that you lift the world high.

Only as you rise can you do this.

It is your destiny to rise and to serve. You can't have one without the other. Rise and serve. Rise and shine.

The rising I speak of may not be the rising that the world may think of. I am not speaking of world acclaim or riches. Please understand that I am in favor of your success in the world, yet this is not what I speak of now.

All you ever have to have, you already have, and this is Our inviolable connection you already have. Whether acknowledged or not, We are more than connected. We are entwined. We are so entwined that there is no We, only I, only Oneness Supreme.

And so I serve, and so you also serve. You serve in My Name. You speak for Me. You do for Me. And, as you do, you speak for all. You herald Me to the world. You open doors for Me and more and more.

It is understood that you do not always know the good you do and how you fulfill My Will. Often you mosey along without a clue as to how you are furthering My Will. You do understand now that through the constraints of language, I speak as if We are two when only I exist and We are joined as One. Yes, beloveds, We are One. You are My Oneness. All of life is the story of Our Oneness, My Oneness which I share with the seeming All.

You appear as My Self in many forms. Whatever your guise in the world, beggarman, merchant, chief, you are My unlimited Self. Seen or unseen, you are a Knight in Shining Armor.

All that I can do, you can do. You have done. You are a considerable force in the world. You sweep the world up in your arms and carry it to Me. The world has been wounded, and you carry it to Me to heal. And now I tell you that you are a healer in the world. The Light of the World is a healer. By your very presence, you heal the world. Stay in peace, for it is in silence that you heal.

First, heal all the slights you hold within you. Let them go. This is the past that you are letting go of. You have had enough of the past. The past has to be left behind. Bygones must be bygones. You are here and now. You are present in My heart. Stay with Me. Just be with Me. Be the heart of Me. Let Us be together in Eternity, for this is the Truth.

There is no past, no present, no future, only the Infinite and Eternal. There is no time. We exist, yet time does not. There are no clocks ticking. There is timelessness, and We are located in spacelessness. Our hearts beat as One. We are One. I am One with you, and you are One with Me. And so the world turns, and so We love. We are love and naught but love.

You are here on Earth to grow in love, and so you grow. You can only grow. Never mind how you may feel today or tomorrow. You are growing in love. You are My representative of love, and so you represent, and so you are.

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