Monday, September 8, 2014

NASA Worker Sees Men Walk Over To Viking Lander On Mars

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NASA Worker Sees Men Walk Over To Viking Lander On Mars

September 1, 2014

A woman named Jackie called Coast To Coast AM from the north of Las Vegas, to ask guest John Lear’s help, in solving a 27 year old mystery.

Jackie stated that she used to work at NASA and handled the down-linked telemetry, back in 1979.

She states that one night, while watching the live feed coming from the Viking Rover on Mars, that she saw two men in suits, along with some of her colleagues, stroll in from the horizon, and then proceeded to walk over to the Viking Lander.

NASA then cut the feed to all monitors.

Is this story is true, then it confirms that either we are not on Mars and NASA are using a sound-stage, or that we have already established a base there via a secret space program.

Either way it proves that NASA is lying to the public, and has been for decades.

Mysterious Moving Object On Mars

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