Monday, September 22, 2014

September 11th 2001: A 700 foot (213 m) Tall Steel Chunk
Turns To Dust in 3 Seconds

Steel girders don't normally atomize into dust when a building collapses...  -AK

The video maker writes:

Published on Sep 13, 2014

Think of a 700 ft steel boat standing up on its stern doing this then maybe then you can understand why I keep saying its a real issue . How come we don,t see ae911truth or Alex Jones or any of the purveyors of 911 truth talk about this clear cut directed energy use on the twin towers is not a accident . How can we ever resolve these issues if the people at the top who speak about the topic refuse to include or even acknowledge it . What it means to me is I can not trust them and I will not listen to them again because they refuse to have that debate on purpose .

Published on May 11, 2013

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