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The human brain has never been logical...
its a holographic pattern processor...

My choice of vocations over the past 32 years has involved logic to one degree or another as it related to computer hardware, computer software or the Internet and the web.   Part of the reason this field attracted me was that after being in high school during the Vietnam Era I had come to very depressing conclusion the world was seriously fucked up.  It was quite clear that my country had no qualms about killing 58,000 men in a stupid foreign civil war by a banker named Robert McNamara. And our politicians are still trying to get us mixed up in other people's civil wars.

In programming I found a bit of control over machines, control that I did not feel I had over my life or circumstances in a world that was rapidly changing from what my father knew as his world.  It also paid well, and I was fairly good at it.  Plus it had the bonus that I could just withdraw from a world that made no sense to me.  I didn't have to interact with people when I worked with computers, or so I thought at first.  And there was the sense of awe you got when you saw a truly well written computer program, and some people are truly gifted at it.  There are so many unknown Rembrant's of logic out there, creating true works of beauty in logic. The very fact there is a blog for me to write on is due to someone else's hard work and art.  They created this tool I use to express my thoughts.

Reality was of course quite different and there were end users to interview, train and receive support calls from. It proved to be quite a cross disciplinary form of work as each company was different, had different purposes, different goals and different people to communicate with. I owe my ability to write at all, to being a computer programmer and having to explain to others, who used the software I wrote, worked.  And it was drilled into me by my mentors to be concise and clear.  Which is why I had so much trouble reading legal papers when I began this work in 2012, lawyers are trained to make what they write very hard to figure out.  The UCC is witness to that fact!

It was a field that tolerated diverse people and lifestyles as long as you got the job done and still is that way among the very best programmers. Programmers are well known to be highly diverse, they usually are musicians, poets, writers, linguists, artists or have some other creative aspect to them.  In England I ran into a lot of programmers with degrees in philosophy.  But most of the time, at least in the non-defense industry fields (DOD pays a premium for advanced degrees) it didn't matter that you didn't have a degree as long as you could do the work.

A lesson everyone learns rather early on when learning to program a computer, is how unnatural it is for a human to work raw binary logic.   It is a learned discipline, and being great at is a bit of an art form.  There are many forms of logic, and I will get into that a bit later. The logic commonly used by computing, law, philosophy and religion is BINARY.  And it has its limitations!

You can examine the human brain structure from brainstem to cerebral cortex and you will not find one logical circuit. Not one "OR" gate, not one "AND" gate,  not one "NOT" gate nor any of the usual hybrids of these gates such as "NAND", "NOR", "XOR" found in modern digital circuit design, are in the human brain.  It simply doesn't work that way. What the human brain does do is make use of an innumerable magnitude of connections between neurons.  The real magic seems to happen in the gaps between the neurons themselves that interact with the quantum world.  I could go deeper into this but I will keep explanation to the dumb down level of "executive summary" for now.

The brain operates on patterns generated in the neural structure of the brain as it mapped from childhood through adult life.  This pattern is constantly changing, but early patterning in childhood profoundly affects how the growing brain wires itself.  But it is only a pattern, which is a kind of representation of frequency, and its a pattern or frequency representation can be overwritten.  You cannot separate the concept of hologram from the concept of frequency because a hologram is simply an interference pattern between two or more frequencies.

Neurons, unlike computer circuits are highly fault tolerant.  They can take a partial word and discern the word that was meant.  It can read words backwards.  It can read them upside down.  There is a kind of mathematical function called a sigmoid function, that attenuates neural signals to a range the neurons can process, whether its a whispered song, or 150 decibel rock concert, you know the tune.

But because of this fault tolerance, and because its frequency based, if a pattern comes in that has errant frequency, or the data is 90% correct, the brain tends to see all of the data as being correct. Assumptions based on this patterning people call logical.  And it may seem so to them.  This is the basis for all optical illusions, sleight of hand, and deception.  And this is why its so important to rely on your heart for verification of data, for the misaligned frequencies are determined by the emotional state of the heart hearing it.  When you separate the heart from the mind, you are open to every deceptive frequency.

What people often call "logical thought" is usually not logical at all, but either collective experience or accepted norms of society.  A frequency basically. Logic itself really doesn't play into it, for logic has to be learned, and its not an easy discipline.  Most people are not very good at logic. Without logic, there is no mathematics. Without mathematics, there is no frequency or anything else in the universe including you and me. Logic just IS. Math just IS.  Get used to it. Logic and math are just ways of directing thought. Its also a tool for determining truth. Logic and math are building blocks tools of everything else.  

Where those highly trained in logic fall on their face is inability to see anything between the values of TRUE and FALSE (1 or 0) and forcing their own conclusions, which are often judgements of others, into easily classfiable containers.  Humans cannot be containerized nor contained.  A human life can change on a dime and often does.  Nor can energies and phenomenon that we have no tools to measure be denied simply because we have no meter (yet) to measure them.  You may choose to define your human experience by only those things that can be measured (and that's simply bowing to peer pressure of what others will think of you), but that is again a choice.  The bits must compile and without logic they won't, but what logic system are thinking in? Machine or the natural world?  That's an issue computer people, logicians and greek philosophers must deal with.

Binary logic, in terms of western thought on this planet, traces its roots back to Aristotle and ancient Greek thought.  Binary logic, like much of Greek thought was based on the idea that everything is separate and categorizable.   This or that.  Us vs Them.  But its a flawed world view. And the flaw is right in the logic they use.  Binary logic is incomplete. The modern billiard ball (now obsolete) idea of atoms traces to Democritus also reflects this overall Greek logical separation way of looking at the world.  And where did the people of the ancient world send their kids for schooling? Greece!  But we know know everything is entangled at the quantum level with everything else and nothing is separate. Separation is an illusion of 3D.

Binary logic is robust in terms of math, but it is INCOMPLETE (for more on how paradoxes conundrums appear in binary logic see HERE).  In binary logic, it favors the extremes, rather than the balance.  Choices are black and white.  Us vs Them. God vs the Devil. Light vs Dark.  Extremes.  But the world is not black and white.  But you are told it is every day on TV, that sells perfume, electronic cigarrettes and politics.  But common sense is not black and white and no computer programmed in binary logic has ever had common sense.  HAL 9000 does not yet exist on this planet. And the reason is the logical structure of our computers.  We program computers with a crippled limited logic.

Our legal systems, religions, philosophies all reek of binary logic.  And its worst expression is found in the three Abrahamic religions which operate on the principle "I worship God, and your religion is different from mine, therefore you must be of the Devil".  Yet they all originate with the same prophets in the same real estate.  Binary logic is the key tool in separation consciousness.  There's no room in it for nuance, balance, or art. It is incomplete. Garbage in garbage out (GIGO), as the old programming saying goes.

MIT Researcher Seth Lloyd points out in his book "Programming the Universe" they discovered in researching logic for optical computing, that the quantum world (which include photons of light) everything is either calculating bits (called quantum bits or qubits) in their spin states and that this spin state logic has 4 values.  It is not binary.  The universe is not binary. Suprise, suprise! This quantum logic seems to underlie the entire creation.  And for me, reading this book it was that "AHA!" moment of how energy work can really happen.  The whole substrate of reality is programmable!

Expressed simply the logic states are TRUE, INDETERMINATE, UNKNOWABLE, and FALSE. The two middle states (which are left out of binary logic entirely) encompass everything that lies between the TRUE and FALSE.  Indeterminate things are simply the unknown and unexplored.  The UNKNOWABLE encompasses everything from free will, and a host of other universe baffling philosophical issues which only life and life processes and experience can resolve.  The unknowable logic state is perhaps the very reason for life.  To explore the solution. What is possible...and what Source is itself.  Life is the ineffable become effable in every f'ing way possible.

The point being that every extremist sectarian is very highly skilled in his binary arguments for exterminating the "other".  After all its only logical (in binary logic) to destroy that which is not you...except it is all YOU... I AM is YOU!!! AND NONE OF IT IS SEPARATE!

Love each other because you are really loving YOU.  That's TRUE LOGIC.

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