Friday, October 3, 2014

Avoiding the White LIght?

By American Kabuki
October 3, 2014

D. has a new article up on the Lily Earth interview and the Wingmakers material.   The interviews were done at my house (due to my internet link which is not half bad right now) so I got to hear most of the shows (at least when my cat was behaving).

I am taking a neutral position on the Wingmakers and Lilly info, much of it resonants strongly but there are elements for me that do not.   There are also redaction issues with the Wingmaker material as it has been emended over time - as Lisa Harrison has been noting comparing the texts of the material and how they have changed since when they were first published.  The question remains why did they change and who changed them?

One of those elements, which was also recently addressed by the so called "Cosmic Awareness" channeling, is the issue of avoiding the light after one dies.  I first heard this anti-dogma dogma from those, who most people call the "darkened ones", on Coast to Coast AM interviews as they promoted one service-to-self spiritual practice or another.  Later John Lear came out with a "disclosure" of a cubical soul trap on the moon which David Icke has also promoted.

I have a sneaking suspicion this sudden "avoiding the light" meme is cosmic disinfo to inject fear of a soul trap that no longer exists and is no longer functional.  I really am not even sure such a false beacon of light technology ever really existed, but it may have.  Yet why the sudden release of this information after all those systems were shut down two years ago?   Well if you are some group of astrally trapped beings trying to figure away to continue harvesting the energy from souls when they transition, if you can't harvest, what do you do? You keep them on this plane anyway possible until you can figure out a way (which ain't gonna happen).

Should we expect the cosmic cabal to behave any differently than the rapidly disintegrating earthly ones? After all they still project fear of themselves, even if they have no energetic support for their energy harvesting ways anymore...  

When I had my near death experience in 2009 I had no memory of being attracted to any light. I was unconscious for two weeks with no memory whatsoever.  I was in a coma.   I suddenly found myself in a very bright white place just all at once. It looked very much like that scene in Harry Potter when he meets Dumbledore in that bright white train station.   I was only greeted by absolute love.   So for me... there was no choice to make.  I was just THERE.  I experienced my consciousness connect to all that is, like I had Google-in-my-head.  It was a personal interaction with Source Creator that I can only describe life transforming - yet I don't recall seeing a "being" as I'd usually define it. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I am absolutely loved by my Creator - something that religion always left me somewhat in doubt and certainly feeling less than worthy.  It seemed it was vital that I experience that very deeply.  And that visceral experience of the love from Source has carried me through very many difficult energetic moments in the subsequent years.

While some people can't speak on this subject, they have no experience,  I can... but I can only speak as to my personal experience... every NDE is unique.  There's no correct experience.  I did not have a Dannion Brinkley style NDE experience that has come to define NDE experiences in the media.  I had no life review. I saw no tunnel of light. I knew my earth body was dead (or that I had left it), yet there I still was in a form that looked like a 24 year old version of me (which was the prime of my body).  Most of the experience was highly life affirming and consciousness expanding.

There was a tail ending to my NDE that I have not spoke of much, it was very different than what came before.  The energy was certainly different.  That final moment may have been an interaction with what those I work with have come to call "the divines" or the spiritual hierarchy that has been in control of earth (I did not know such beings existed at that point in my life) in which they wanted to me to perform some energetic dimensional action that my soul KNEW would endanger the entire planet and I DID NOT CONSENT.    I said to the being "do with my life what you will but I will not murder innocent beings".  Immediately I found myself awake in my ICU bed newly aware of all the plumbing and wiring that was keeping my meat suit alive for those two weeks, and I was in physical pain and having trouble even breathing with a respirator.

It took me another 6 weeks to relearn how to eat and walk again, and a good 3 years of physical therapy to confidently walk down a stairs again as  I had to rewire fine motor control of my leg muscles.  Only recently have I been able to walk down stairs with in full stride like most people do.

There was an interview on Coast to Coast AM with a psychologist by the name of Dr Edith Fiore who had no religious background but began getting clients who believed they were possessed by another entity. If I can find the audio somewhere I will post it - its such a different view than religion and most spiritual beliefs  project, I think there's a lot of truth in it.  I won't dwell on the creepy side of all this the show was remarkable non-creepy and factual interview although C2C promoted it otherwise.

What Edith Fiore found in almost all her cases she worked with, was that these entities were all humans who had died who grew up in highly dogmatic religions and who believed, because of their life choices contrary to their religious upbringings, that they were going to "hell" for what they did in their human lives.  They felt unworthy of Source Creator.  So when the light opened, they didn't go, they hung around on the earth plane.   Its all choice it seems.

I grew up in the deserts of Arizona. One thing that learned early on is sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.  You may get sunburned but those living in bright sunlight seldom get many common skin infections on exposed areas of the body.  Its my hunch light is part of the cleansing process of washing lower earth vibrations from the soul.

This resonated so strongly with me because of my own upbringing in a fundamentalist Christian sect, although the one I grew up in, thankfully,  had no belief in hell.  We feared annihilation for all time and existence in a lake of fire.  Non-existence.  

Still, inside every Christian who is honest, is the nagging doubt they are not good enough and haven't done enough to please and angry jealous God their preacher has taught them is out there. So I could see how, say... the less-than-devout Catholic that was a womanizing drunken bar brawler might think they were going to hell (behaviors btw that have been far eclipsed in depravity by the clergy that taught them those beliefs).  That "god" never existed, because God IS LOVE.

Could it be that these God's-Love defying belief systems create the very "demons" they rant on about by convincing some humans to not transition through the light because they are unworthy?  I also have a hard time distinguishing the descriptions of "archons" in Gnostic and New-Age beliefs from the so called demons of Christian belief systems.

They found themselves seeing everyone they knew but nobody saw them back or acknowledged them anymore, as they had partially transitioned. Some in desperation grabbed people, and those who were weak or ill or had body energetic auras that were not strong, they "fell into" those bodies.   Others who were alcoholics in their human lives would frequent bars to try and experience being drunk again (the cause of alcoholic blackouts?).   There was also one case of the pediatrician and his baby heart patient was quite remarkable - in his case he was trying to keep her heart alive but got hit by car suddenly in a parking lot and didn't realize he was dead until he got trapped in the young baby's body.

Edith would hypnotize her subjects and converse with the entities and many simply didn't know how to move on. She would instruct them to go to a hospital (where its grand central station for souls coming in via births and leaving via deaths) or to a funeral home and wait until the light tunnel opened, and then tailgate their way in and leave the person they are inhabiting to live their own lives. She said in her 20 years of working with people she never encountered a being that was not a discarnate human being, although she didn't discount the possibility of non-human entities possessing people.  The most secretly guarded secret in religion is that you do live on, because they base their whole business model on being the gatekeeper of eternal life.

My sense on this subject is that disclosure of the true situation of what has been happening when earth humans pass is starting to happen, but to be honest many of the explanations feel highly spun to me.  Everything on this planet does seem to require consent of one form or another.  And tricked consents are NOT ALLOWED ANYMORE, without full disclosure.  So consider the data, but consider it all, and go by what resonates with your heart.   We don't need to needlessly fear exiting this life and being tricked for yet another lap on the karmic hamster wheel of the divines, and at some point we have to trust in Source, and why not start that now?

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