Thursday, October 16, 2014

Earth Pole Reversal begun..., Big Solar Eruption, Unstable Earth Magnetic Field

The Sun today erupted with a twisted blob of plasma that was part of a coronal mass ejection blasted into space (Sept. 26, 2014). This would not appear to be directed towards Earth. The video covers about two hours of action (3:51 UT to 5:44 UT). These kinds of eruptions are usually caused by a disruption of powerful magnetic forces. The material seen here is ionized Helium at 60,000 degrees C. with wonderful details courtesy of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory showing the Sun in a wavelength of extreme UV light.

I am quite convinced all these magnetic fields are quite natural and that there is an innate intelligence of the design of the magnetic fields of all the objects in the solar system, I don't think we need to fret that much about the poles reversing, they've already reversed on the Sun... 

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