Sunday, October 12, 2014

Love that knows no limits....

by American Kabuki

This is dedicated to my friend Jean who has nursed a husband suffering with narcolepsy/cataplexy since a 2002 automobile accident.  She probably doesn't read this blog, but she deserves recognition. While not Alzheimer's, and slower to kill - narcolepsy/cataplexy just goes on and on and there is no cure.  She still doesn't have her man and her sons don't have their father and there is no end in sight of the ordeal.  The politically savvy sharp witted man and soccer athlete she knew is gone.  But the love is still there.  Sometimes its hard to understand why some people have to endure the incredible things they endure in this life. Perhaps its to show others how love is done.

And to my own ex-wife Nancy, even though our marriage was failing and did fail.  I do thank you for not exercising my wish not to be resuscitated should I ever end up on life support, the very situation I did find myself in 2009 when I was battling blood poisoning.  The doctors told you I would die.  You didn't believe them. You could have pulled the plug and collected the life insurance, but you didn't.   Thank you for your integrity of being and for being there when it counted.

The love some people have for their mates is truly astounding.  The love women are capable of showing is beyond what men can even comprehend.  Even when they are as mad as hell at us. Love seems to come so much more naturally to women.

Glen Cambell's wife is also one of those women. And he shows his appreciation in this song...

posted By M. M. Sullivan
Legendary Songwriter with Alzheimer’s Releases His Final Epic Ballad!

Legendary singer and songwriter Glen Campbell has been battling Alzheimer’s disease for years, and is now in the final stages of the disease. Campbell has been moved to 24-hour care, as his doctors have determined that he is in the sixth stage of Alzheimer’s (‘severe cognitive decline”).

It has been nearly two years since Campbell has performed in public — however, as a farewell to his music career, Campbell’s record label has released his final studio recording.

His final ballad is called “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” The melody is somber and contemplative, but the lyrics show Campbell’s ability to find irony in his disease. The result is a beautiful combination of sadness and joy, which ends much too quickly.

Watch the video below to see the touching music video.

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