Thursday, October 16, 2014

UPDATED: NBC's Ebola Victim's Strange Connection
to Obamacare and CFR

Ashoka Mukpo and father Mitchell M. Levy MD (Chair of the Robert Wood Johnson ICU Peer Workgroup in End-of-Life Care), Symbol from Tibetan book of the Dead

Updated 10/16/14: Fixed some errors in the names of the doctor and his wife...
Some interesting data from a very tongue-in-cheek report... graphic above has some quick research I did overlaying it... Interesting convergence of data... Tibet, Cabal medical establishment, The Divines, the Texas Camp, Zionazis, Agenda 21, CDC! Stuff that just kind of makes you go.... hmmmmm...   -AK

NBC's Ebola Victim's Strange Connection to Obamacare and CFR
Melissa Melton & Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

What's up with Mukpo's media team led by NBC chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman — who apparently is a real doctor, she has a degree and everything — breaking her Ebola quarantine to go to a restaurant for takeout? She's obviously really worried about Ebola. After all, she was over in Liberia, witnessed the situation for herself firsthand, her cameraman becomes infected with the deadly, awful disease and she's SO concerned for herself and everyone else in this country that she...breaks quarantine for some soup?

Question: If even SHE of all people isn't taking this situation all that seriously, and she's been to the so-called hot zone and witnessed her coworker becoming infected, then how is anyone else supposed to take it seriously?

Mukpo on the other hand, who has a master's from the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics and who was previously working for the UN and the Sustainable Development Institute over in Liberia before he got the gig with NBC, is far from just a cameraman.

Did you know there's a documentary about his life as a reincarnated lama? It's also notable that RWJ, by the way, just so happens to be the largest healthcare-only philanthropy in the U.S. and was the most influential in the passage of Obamacare, spending millions to promote it.  [and lest we forget this link in Tibet to Lady Diana Acharya Levy  wife of the good doctor at the same web site Ashoka and Father Mitchell M. Levy MD (shown in photograph at top of page)]
Mitchell M Levy MD
his dad [Mitchell M. Levy MD] just so happens to chair the Robert Wood Johnson ICU Peer Workgroup in End-of-Life Care board.

Obamacare, it just so happens, is exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations is currently touting as the very thing that will save us Americans from Ebola.

Obamacare, of course, follows the CDC mandates on vaccinations... a list to which a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine is likely about to be added.

Lots of coincidences, huh? It just so happens...

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