Friday, October 10, 2014

The Cooler

by American Kabuki
October 10, 2014

We are born into life seeking answers.  Seeking experience.  We are born with bountiful imaginations, children really don't distinguish that much between the imaginary and "the real". Neither do our dreams. As we grow up, we encounter what some call "the partners in contrast". Could be the little kid how stole your Tonka truck just to watch you cry.  Or the mystery person who stole the beautiful new bike you got at Christmas with the streamers and shiny paint.

Or the nasty little girl who told you you the lie that you were ugly and nobody liked you.  Simply because you were more beautiful than she was.  But you believed the lie, and you inculcated that belief about yourself into your being.  You simply yet old enough to see some humans have the crazy idea they can increase their light by blowing out someone else's candle.

It starts small in life, and its usually not a permanent cast of characters - although some as adults fall into the energetic gravitational well of needing to constantly be the center of attention - and most of the time they don't care if the attention is good or bad as long as it is on them. They will employ any ruse, lie or insult to be that center of attention and throw you off balance.  And they always seem to play in your life at vulnerable moments.  We've all had these people in our lives, sometimes they are mates, sometimes our business partners, sometimes our children or parents.

I am wondering if maybe "partners-in-contrast" is a misnomer.   Its not really a contrast at all, mirrors don't have contrast.  Contrast implies a light and a dark.  Its all One.  If we are truly the Creator experiencing the Creation, perhaps these characters who come in out of our lives or more "Coolers" of your magnificence to test what you are made of?  Will you remember?  Will you remain true to that remembrance?   Or will the molasses like energies of physical incarnation mire you down like so many others on this planet?

The illusion of separateness is actually quite fragile.  There's hierarchy of "Coolers" at work constantly and has vast systems working tirelessly to suppress the light that is you, to maintain the illusion of separateness.   They will create vast databases of your imperfect moments in the imperfect and corruptible realm of separation,  to show you at electronic speed (and for some reason humans equate speed with accuracy) that you are somehow less than what you really are. And you often believe them because they sound so official and authoritative.  Mind you they never hold themselves to that same scrutiny.  

We are all taught the laws of probability.  Casinos are based on them.  Scientists have said there's a randomness to the quantum world - and most people have taken that to mean its an immutable law of randomness.  But what if its not a law that things are random?  Perhaps randomness is just the way things are when human consciousness is asleep?  What if randomness is just un-manifested potential? And that randomness skewed with a few rules is what makes it so the House always wins?

I have heard about remote viewers who can view roulette wheels when they will be most likely to pay out.    They discreetly use Vegas as money machine, for if Casino's catch on to them they don't allow them back in.

Everything in the systems of this world are designed to keep in a low vibration, what they put in your food and drink, what they put on TV News, what they advertise to you, are all set to lock you solidly into mental confines of what others say and think about you. And of course they script that too.  For if you know who you are, and who you been, that randomness is seen for what it truly is, un-manifested potential looking for an awakened consciousness to play with.  Its all Eternal Essence.

William H. Macy played a character in a movie about a Las Vegas Casino.  He was a "Cooler" who's luck was so bad, that casinos paid him to sit next to lucky gamblers.   The man was a born loser because he thought so little of himself, and he had taken to heart what so many women had told him, that he was a loser.  So he became a loser. And he was good at losing.  He created losing.  He made his sad little salary in a Casino throwing his energy into the mix of those who are so vibrational high and joyful they seem to win every hand. And Casinos don't make money that way.. People lost simply from being in proximity to the Cooler.   He affected the local environment of probabilty - of unmanifested potential - so that the odds of probability (which are predictable) ruled and the House always won - sometimes even more than the odds would predict.

In the movie, The Cooler, meets a woman who gives him unconditional love. Love he never experienced before from a woman and unlike any he had known before.  He was the man nobody wants to be, or be around.  Suddenly he has joy.  Suddenly he has love for her and himself.  He can no longer bring down other people's energy and make them loose the black jack hands or at the crap tables or roulette wheel, he enhances their joy at winning.

His financial livelihood and life and limb are now in danger from the mafia-boss casino owner because he has known love and can't skew the odds into the negative anymore. This of course infuriates his casino manager who is there to make money.   He beats the crap out of him. The Cooler faces a daunting decision, LOVE AND LIFE or going back to what was financially "secure"and familiar albeit painful and self-degrading life he knew before.  The Casino manager sees him as forgetting "his place in life", to make him rich.

You have a right to love. You have a right to dignity.  And you have a right to manifest your full quantum potential.    And you don't have to sit next to a Cooler.  You don't have to be a Cooler either. But its all choice right?

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