Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

May all of you in the United States have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Those of us overseas will find some American's somewhere and adapt the local foods and situation to the spirit of the holiday.  Adaptation is something Americans do very well.

The most memorable Thanksgiving I ever had was in Lille France in 1990.  I was working at SNCF railway and met some American students on an exchange program who were teaching English at the local university.

There was about 10 of us in total in small upstair apartment loft.  The girls could not find a turkey, but found some unusually large chickens, and of course potatoes are everywhere, and bread to make stuffing, and we had the usual excellent French wine and cheeses.  Someone suggested we say grace, in gratitude to the Creator for everything we have.  Each person in turn said a bit in that prayer, many asking safety for hostages in Kuwait and Iraq, and peace, and with each person in turn getting a bigger lump in their throats until they could only get out their thanks for life itself.  That experience  with my fellow countrymen and women left me in tears and a warm glow in my heart for the inherent goodness and generous spirit of Americans.

You really don't know what it is to be an American until you are overseas, in a foreign culture with other Americans and have that unspoken bond of a common culture and experience and view of life.  As corn-ball, quirky, commercial and inscrutable as that culture is sometimes...

In these times of violence, incredible corruption in those who "rule" and "finance" America and the rest of the world, never forget the inherent goodness of all people, even those you may disagree with. They are the Creator within flesh seeking their way back home in their many individual ways.

Whether American or foreign, they all respond to love and hospitality, and they all love their families.  Show love to yours and each other and have a very happy Thanksgiving Day weekend!

-American Kabuki

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