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Comradeship with the Great Spiritual Ones

Comradeship with the Great Spiritual Ones
Heavenletter #5142 Published on: December 23, 2014

God said:

Greater magnificence is appearing because of eyes that can see and ears that can listen, most of all because of hearts synchronized to the tune of My heart.

You are going to have more and more revelations, ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. I do not speak of complicated here. Simple is better, do you agree? Of course, you agree with Me. As a matter of fact, when something new reaches you, it is invariably simple. That’s what an insight is. When you have it, it is simple. When you don’t have it, it’s an unknown. It could well be a puzzle. The one who has the insight is the one who cognizes. Everyone cognizes for himself or herself. This is how it happens.

All the words in the world can’t give anyone a true revelation. Revelations have to appear on their own. Someone could give you a thousand revelations, yet they would not be revelations to you until the light bulb goes on for you. You can’t really borrow insights. They have to come on their own. You can’t borrow a revelation until it is revealed to you from inside. Insights appear to you. A light goes on.

We could say that a revelation is like taking a picture. A light flashes. Here is the photo. Now it is taken. Now you have it.

We could say that a revelation appears over the horizon the way the sun rises. It comes up. There it is. Right in front of you. Nothing to it. Yet the horizon is inside you. It is your revelation coming to the fore. And then you become one who reveals. A light goes on in you, and you reflect some light. You can’t reveal a revelation, and yet your light can spark another light. One light can go on after another.

Lights are going on all over the world. You already know that, don’t you? Revelations are catching on like wildfire. Pop goes a revelation. All will be revealed to you. This is the order of the day. Welcome to My heart. It is going on all over. My heart. Your heart. Like an explosion or implosion. Like something wonderful. And it is for you. Hardly would you have dreamed that you would be a spiritual broadcaster of light, and, yet, here you are, a spiritual broadcaster of light.

Everyone here is a Godsend. What did you think you were? You sparkle. You are sparks of light, and all light is Mine. You discover Our federation or Our confederation.

You do not know ahead of time what treasures will appear today. What you can know is that, yes, treasures will appear, and they will appear to and from and through you. Fullness enters emptiness. Fullness is on its way. Brilliance is yours. Comradeship with the Great Spiritual Ones belongs to you.

You who take a photograph are like a photograph taken. Every photo taken is a photo of yourself. Every revelation arises the same. It wells up from within you. Your day is here. If it is not right here today, then it is tomorrow or the next day. The thing is that all knowledge is on its merry way to you. You are a hair’s breadth away from the sunshine of your heart. You have been on the verge for a long time. Now you are just leaning over the edge of discovering your true nature. You are ready to accept the gifts I have longed to give you. The full sunshine is right at the tip of your tongue. You can almost taste it.

Revelation is running through your cells. Revelations are ready to burst their confines and appear in all their wonder right before you. They had always been there but just taking their time to burst from you as if you always knew them and knew this moment would come. This moment is right before you. Take it. It is yours.

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