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Facing Ghosts of Christmas Past...

Facing Ghosts of Christmas Past...
by American Kabuki

Its been a while since I have written an article for my blog. Its not that I haven't written many  as I worked through many weeks of emotions, but I kept asking myself the same question, "what do you wish to create?"  I've gone through article after article and trashed them all.  It wasn't the energy I wish to put out into the world.  And it certainly wouldn't change the world for the better. But by expressing it in writing, and then trashing it did serve as a way to quantify what was bothering me and the act of trashing it into the Mac waste bin an act of letting it go.  There was value in that even if it didn't have an external audience. 

I have no control on what others do.  I don't much like the recent drama. Heather has taken it in stride and much more positively than I have. I do have control over what I do and what energy I put into the world as my creation.  And pure love is the only valid measure of how well I succeed in doing that.

But recent events it did serve a useful purpose for me.  A number of experiences of my journey through life came up for resurfacing that I had thought were long gone and forgotten. I have a low tolerance for betrayal. I do not like friends turning on friends, and calling it courage and moral fortitude. Admittedly that is my perception, and it assumes Heather looks at it that way when in truth she does not.  She sees them all only as pure love.  Even if they do not see her that way at this moment.

There were some old experiences from the past I had to let go that were being shown to me again by similar circumstances in recent weeks.  And they are probably emotions that contributed to my illness in 2008.   I left the whole church thing behind in 2009.  But apparently parts of the experience lingered.

But as I looked at all that transpired, I see many parallels to a prior experience during the 1990s when I was engaged in movement to reform a religion.   And that experience was every bit as intense as this one is.  Nothing does separation quite as well as religion.  Good boot camp in surviving it.  I witnessed loyalties veer right and left of the religious spectrum as people came to see truth, embrace it, and in some cases turn around and run away from it and raise a figurative cross of denial in the face of truth, as if truth were a vampire of darkness there to suck out the life blood of their blind faith and preconceptions from the marrow of their bones.  Cognitive dissonance of multiple conflicting beliefs will generate some really bizarre turns of behavior.

GW Hardin helped me a lot during the 1990s. He helped me recognize the value in Oneness consciousness, and how dualistic my thinking of good vs evil really was.  What part of a human is good and what part is evil? How do you kill the bad part and leave the good part? Do you kill it or shame it away? Has that ever worked?  If they are the creator in flesh, and you are too, where is your standing or mine to judge?

I really had a binary world view and so did most everyone in my faith. That is the core root of sectarianism, because for a while people will be united by what they are against, until something happens where they turn against each other.  GW saw my entire journey from the moment I first awakened as I stepped out of the comfortable world of religion and its pre-canned answers, where I had an answer to every question, to the uncomfortable void and unknown where I had no answers, especially what the heck it was that caused dark behavior and what is known as evil.  Even more perplexing to me at the time was the question of what it was that made good Christians, in the name of "fighting the devil" become the devil (and abandon any principle of behavior) while doing it.

I just had a sense of awe that there is something much grander going on in the world that religion didn't grasp. GW gave me a lot of help.  Heather supplied the final pieces in my understanding in recent years, as there was a missing view in my understanding that needed to come from a feminine perspective.  I honor both people and love them both dearly for what they have given me.

In recent months I found myself sitting with old wounds of betrayal ripped open by my colleagues. I was left staring at some old emotions once again, brought back to the surface of memory, by people quite unconnected to the earlier incidents.  One of those earlier incidents in religion, was a betrayal of a a man's confidential counseling with a minister, from the pulpit and Internet and led to a suicide of my best friend

Two big old wounds in my life are the flawed preacher archetype and the betrayal archetype. These emotions can only affect me as long as I don't face it. Once I do, it loses its sting. I've seen both of those archetypes reemerge into my consciousness in recent months. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a tarot card for both. I haven't researched that.

I do NOT have Heather in mind when I speak of the flawed preacher archetype.  I speak of the one who claimed Heather came to them in a vision saying "Behold my glory!" in tones straight out of Christianity. If you knew Heather you'd know how very ludicrus that vision is.  So not her. Those that activated that those old emotions within me are are all talented and gifted people.  I love them all.  I do not direct nor judge that journey. But its not a journey I want. I am sure they see what they do as their truth.  It will go where it needs to go and they will all emerge wiser, more responsible and more loving people.

Since the old emotions did resurface within me I can only conclude its time finally let them go.  Its about losing friends and loved ones over inane things, like religion, over ideology or hurt feelings.  Hard to get used to that.  Maybe you never do.  You just love them and let it go otherwise you get drawn into the downward spiral.

Darkness is just the absence of light and love. Its an adjective not a noun.  Its the choice to not show love for whatever excuse. It is not an opposing force - NOTHING CAN OPPOSE PURE LOVE - but the illusion would like you to believe it can.   Darkness can persist for a time.  Its fed by all of us. The illusion is fed by judgement, strife, conflict, and the energy paid into it.  Its an entropic system that requires the input of attention - and if it can't get it, will demand it, it will shake its fist in your face, demand you take vengeance in a fight not of your creation or origin, and hurl insults in your ears. It will call you a coward for not engaging it, or worse (in its eyes) a lover.

The entire planet since the fall of Atlantis, has been sold a bill of goods that God had abandoned them "because of their sin".  If Atlantis had a "sin" it was was in collectively thinking, that more separation THINKING would get them out of their predicament. It couldn't be cured by doubling down and creating even more separation.

Warfare caused ecological disasters that disrupted trading of food supplies also killed off the agricultural labor.  When Atlantis nuked Krakatoa decimating Indonesia and sinking the Lemurian continent (destabilizing the geology for thousands of years in the Pacific ring of fire). They killed and exiled the very ones who could have helped them with the problem within their consciousness. They were the other and therefore to be destroyed.  But Lemuria had its issues too, the inability to embrace the other, playing the self-righteous light card while retreating underground with knowledge, technology and tools that could have shortened the cycle of the dark.

Atlantis further turned their attention to the Vedic holdouts against their purposes in the plains of Pakistan and India. It still bears the trintinite sands of that thermonuclear exchange.  The earth has already experienced a nuclear winter, it was called the great Ice Age.  And they now make cartoons about it.

In a defensive move the off world colony from Andromeda, the Ionians (early Greeks), secretly surrounded Atlantis with resonating energy devices that could mirror energy so when Atlantis fired off its ultimate weapon of frequency it killed itself and sunk.   Hubris at its best. 

Noah's flood may be about the survival of Atlantean slaves, and Noah "a man perfect in his generations (read genetics)" led them to the shores of Africa and thru the "deluge".  Perhaps they were his son's and relatives wives.  For some reason humans share a common mitochondrial DNA. That flies in the face of what we do know of the multiple lines of humanity that came from different star systems. Were the females, from which mitochondria come from... cloned?  That biology spread to the entire planet as the earth slowly repopulated. 

Perhaps the Ark from Atlantis washed up from the resulting waves on the Atla-s mountains of Morocco.  Much is conjecture and speculation but more knowledge comes every day.  In the book of Enoch Lamech goes to his hermit father Methuselah because the infant Noah is a semi-ascended being, and it frightened Lamech, the baby's face would glow with light.   Religious texts survive because someone wants them to survive, the rest have been burned and destroyed.  And the story of the elites tend to be the ones who survive.

And all those deceased Atlantean souls only option to reincarnate was in the dumb down bio-engineered biology they had intended for their slaves. Humans separated from their own mufti-dimensional consciousness.  The sense of guilt and remorse became embedded in the DNA and religion as "original sin" and "the fall".  What soul would ever consent to slavery if it knew it was the Creator in flesh?  No return on investment on fully conscious beings.

The masculine energy Atlantis and the feminine energy Lemuria is living proof you cannot engineer or worship your way out of duality.  Materialistic technology and worship of an external deity are just opposite sides of the same coin.  Just different ways of expressing it.

SCARCITY and CONFLICT comes from the entropic nature of duality.  ABUNDANCE comes with ONENESS.

EVERY THING is Created by I AM, Creator Source.  ALL exists within Source. ALL is Source (the Creator).  Source is PRESENT within ALL.  It KNOWS all, Observes ALL, LOVES ALL.  Without discrimination and without hesitation. Instant and NOW.

Its both ALL and NOTHING, for SPIRIT cannot be quantified, verified, counted, limited, quarantined, made finite, automated. It  cannot be contained, boxed, parametrized, parceled, proxied, store-fronted, franchised, fire-walled, stonewalled.  It persists, it pierces veils, it veils its purpose, it reveals, it in-lightens and rejoices.  It lightens loads, and loads the light with love. It percolates through the cracks and walls of separation. It corrodes the bastions of Ego against the inner man through circumstance and love.   It is feminine and male and things we cannot yet even imagine.

It mirrors your face in places you never thought to look, and will do so until you finally smile and see ONLY LOVE and U in I AM.  Wrestle it and you lose yet you win. Curse it and it loves you back.  Throw an angry tantrum and it hugs  you in its embrace.  For you are LOVE and it is YOU.

"A point of view can be a dangerous luxury
 when substituted for insight and understanding."
Marshall McLuhan

PS: Help with supporting the blog is always welcome.  I can do far more in Morocco with very little money than I could ever do in the States and the costs there.  Rent will be paid, need a little help with the rest. $200-300 goes a long ways, especially this time of year.

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