Thursday, December 4, 2014


This may be a challenging month with all the drama.  It is my intention to walk through this period in the most complete love I can for all.

I have no grievance with Heather, and yes its true she was angry for a short while with me for something I put online but we straightened out that energy long ago.  It does not need to be spoken of again.

I am deeply saddened that others have chosen to dig up things in my experience here and speak for me about them without me asking if they could represent me in that way. They do not speak for me, that situation was reconciled months ago in absolute love. There is no need to speak of it again.  Those doing this are the same ones I spoke obliquely about in my Moroccan Diary series who were talking behind my backs and taking Skype messages out of context  to ingratiate themselves with Heather, with what they thought they knew about me.   I chose to see them only in absolute pure love, I am sure they speak from what they consider their truth.  It does not however correspond to the facts on the ground as I observed them.  I see this as a short term phenomenon, I do not see them as enemies.  Nothing goes forward that should stay behind and many energies are being released in this NOW moment so ALL can move forward in Love.

My rent is paid, I need propane and to recharge internet sticks and food.   Any help in this moment to keep the blog going, would be greatly appreciated.  $250-300 should do it.

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