Friday, December 5, 2014

Kp Message (Early as Hell on the Morning of) 12-5-14… “The Decepticons”

Kp Message (Early as Hell on the Morning of) 12-5-14… “The Decepticons”

Why I feel the NEED to write this now, I have no idea. But I had a 2:20:00 conversation with AK this evening, and, after getting him completely straightened out, I left the conversation. He is basically well.

It was clear, however, that the following statement applied: “We are our own ‘Partners in Contrast'”. Bringing stuff up that needs to be cleared. Etc., etc. And those “Partners in Contrast” may take a variety of forms.

The thing that was understood clearly, by me at least, is that we are in a period of “The Decepticons”. Deceivers, who may come from any closet, or place, come to distract us from REALizing who we BE.

The ultimate BOTTOM LINE for me at this moment is………………. (drum roll) …………………. BE what I IS (or AM)!!!!

Nothing else matters. That’s the “Prime Directive”. The Great Prophets have written,
“Take care of thine own shit, and the shit of others will not befoul thee.”
So in the end, that was rather a gist of our conversation. Dramas are playing out all over this planet. Soap operas are in HIGH GEAR all over this planet.

All I will say is, for myself, I will mind what “soap operas” are coming to MY attention, and deal with them. And leave others’ soap operas to those others. Another great Wisdom of the Elders (via AK):
“Not my circus… Not my monkeys.”
The Decepticons will try to draw you into their circus, and play with their monkeys. And keep you from dealing with yours.

For myself, “The Kingdom” is within. “The Kingdom” is the I AM within ME. Whether there’s a “Kingdom of Hawaii”, a “Kingdom of South Eastern Borneo”, a “Kingdom of San Antonio”, or a “Magic Kingdom of Disney”, matters nothing to the I AM of me.

When I REALize the I AM of me, that’s when the real Kingdom returns…
…And all those “Decepticons” just dissolve away.

Aloha, Kp

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