Monday, December 1, 2014

The Awareness Field

There is a field of Awareness. In it, grows love. What surprises those who happen upon it is the stark contrast found there. This is not a planned garden of pruned roses. It is rather haphazard. There are thorns as well as barren spots of dirt. Vibrant poppies and delicate violets thrive amidst dandelions and weeds. In some places, there are rocks.

It is shocking more for what is not seen there, than for what is. The prize-winning orchid is no where to be found. Awareness and love cannot be systematically bred for perfection. They are found in common places where no special effort was extended to produce them save one – life.

The gift of life carries with it every potential. There is now the possibility to see the vastness of the universe in a you tube video. (Click here) Life reaches beyond infinity and our ability to comprehend its sheer magnitude. We ARE that life; a microscopic human version of the Universe, all wrapped up in a single being.

There is no reason for us to be here; yet we are. It is upon us to supply the reason – to create and become the purpose of our existence. We are swarming all over this tiny planet in this inconsequential Universe. We may as well do so consciously. As I looked at the images shown in these videos, I cried. Not for the fact of my miniscule part but for the gift and intelligence of life itself. I AM.

We can no longer pretend to be small or unimportant. We have seen the truth. Like the dandelion, life seems to be everywhere. The further back you go, the more common it appears to be. This latest discovery, (click here), seems to indicate it was found on a rock. Of all places, why there?

Because life does not discriminate. Once you happen upon the Awareness field you realize something gradually and absolutely. Like life, dandelions and rocks, awareness rests in every possible setting. It defies definition, carries surprises and seems to be expanding. Love is like that too.

Once realized and allowed, self love pops up in the unlikeliest of places. We have believed, possibly, that the perfect combination of elements were necessary for agape to be possible; like orchids. Instead what you'll find is that perfection is not possible to manufacture – it exists simply because you do.

Every part of you is beyond comprehension or description in its beauty. Like the trillions of stars now visible, each part of you is Source itself. There is no such thing as solitary. You are One.

As we reach this Awareness field we stand in awe of the brilliance we embody. There is nothing common about you. What looks to be ordinary is in fact sacred and one of a kind. Without even thinking, you breathe in air and exhale while your heart pushes life through your veins. This, regardless of what your feet and hands are doing. You have trillions of cells, each uniquely intelligent with their own memories and ability to respond to your command.

Intend love. Watch each of those cells work their magic to support your plan. You are the brilliance beneath every part of your life. As we venture this week into Agape, we'll embody the Universal Intelligence that runs through everything – emitting love signals to every other part of life. Connected and Aware, there is nothing left to do but love.

It all matters, the bills, the heartaches, this world and the cosmos. It all responds to love. The exquisite beauty of life is what we'll see once we love ourselves. Love, like life, is everywhere. It is not so much knowing where to look, but knowing how.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.


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