Thursday, December 25, 2014


NOW onto our Look Back to Move Forward for the year of: 2006

by Suzanne Lie Ph.D.

Integrating the Spirit into Matter

You are a photon, a beam of Multidimensional Light. You have been traveling through the Universe, with your previous stop being the Pleiades. You have come to assist the Earthlings in their awakening and seek a human who will allow your entrance through its Crown Chakra. Yes, there appears to be a human who is ready to open their Third Eye.  Perhaps you can be of assistance.

You enter through the Portal of the Crown Chakra and wait at the window above the Inner Temple of their Sacred Triangle. You wish to enter this Being so that you can share your gift of Light. However, Earth rules state that this is a Free Will Planet, and you can’t enter a human without an invitation. Therefore, you wait. You respect humans for they have survived the third dimension and are about to Awaken. They have been cut off from their Multidimensional SELF for eons, yet, somehow, they have not forgotten.

They have tried to forget, but as painful as it has been to remember Home, it has been even more painful to forget it.  So they waited at the “Threshold,” just as you are waiting.  You wish to enter this blooming consciousness, yet the person has not yet invited you. But wait, there is someone entering the Inner Temple and standing below the vortex that you have patiently waited to enter. As the ONE raises its Consciousness to your Light, the vortex pulls you in, and you are in a 3D form.

To you, it appears as though you have entered a dark cave. Shortly, you enter a huge cavern in the shape of an inverted triangle. The entire cavern is filled with liquid, but it is the “nectar of life” on this world and you calmly enter it. Your great Light instantly illuminates the formerly dark cave. On the long roof of the cavern you see myriad lights that are flashing to a frequency far lower than yours.

You contain your Light so as not to harm this person. At what appears to be the front of the cave, a circular vortex seems to be hanging from the ceiling. The vortex appears to be a dispenser of powerful chemicals and hormones. Behind you, another cone shaped vortex hangs from the ceiling.  This, too, appears to be a hormone factory. Yet, whereas the other vortex seems to dispense, this one appears to receive. It is this second vortex, at the back of the cavern, that is your destination, for it appears to be the receptor of higher dimensional Light.  As you approach it, you realize that it was also your entry point.

First, however, you feel a drive to enter the other gland, at the inverted peak of the cavern, as you know it is the main control center of this vessel. As you approach the vortex, you discover that this person can accept a few amps of your Light at this time. Therefore, after a speedy run through this vortex, you return to your former destination at the rear of the cavern.

You find that your brief visit, to what you now know is the Pituitary Gland, was enough to give you all the information you need about this person. You now know exactly how much light this person can accept without overloading the vessel’s life support. Hence, you slowly integrate your photon SELF into what you now know is the Pineal Gland.

As you integrate into the Pineal Gland, you are a bit surprised to find that you drift back into the fluid of the cavern as a changed photon. You float through the cavern and, then, through a small circular tunnel to enter yet another smaller cavern. You do not linger here, as you are integrated again into the earth vessel’s system.

This time you ARE the blood flow as you enter every cell and atom of this biological vessel. It is a unique feeling for you to experience gravity and density. Yet, you know that even though this person may not realize what has happened, you have initiated an extreme change in its consciousness. This expansion of consciousness will, in turn, instigate a great transformation of the earth vessel.

You feel sorry that your higher vibration is causing discomfort, as the person now appears to be quite uncomfortable in its body, mind and emotions. However, you know that these symptoms are temporary and that the person will soon adapt to the accelerated vibration of its earth vessel.

Now that you have toured the entire vessel via the blood flow, you decide that you will “set up camp” just inside the, soon-to-be opened, Third Eye where you can gradually and safely increase the frequency rate of this vortex. You settle down and relax. Yes, this will be a great show. You will get to watch an entire planet raise its vibration into the fifth dimension.

You feel good that you might have been of some small assistance. Perhaps more of your photon friends will also enter this person. What a party you will all have as you look out at Earth through this ONE’S opening Third Eye! You wonder if this person will ever know that you are HERE.

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