Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Opponent

The True Opponent
By American Kabuki

There is an opponent to every human on the planet. Its been externalized by gnostics as Archons and the Demiurge, by Christians, Muslims, Zarathustrism as a devil, demons and jinns.

In families, tribes, sports and nations its been externalized as simply "the other". Hurray for our team and "lets get out there and kill!".   Seemed logical, if you are not for us you are against us, and since we serve God/King/Money/Power and you don't believe what we do, off with your head.  

Over time the weapons got bigger and nastier. The Chinese boiled urine to create saltpeter (salt from the peter), phosphorus came from the same source. Incendiary bombs are ancient technology.  The Chinese mixed saltpeter with the volcanic deposited sulfur they mined  and mixed it with charcoal from burnt wood. Fireworks, rockets and guns soon followed.  Next cannons on ships at sea and artillery on the field of war.

Mankind grew more technological but not more spiritual.  We excelled in the left brain, but ignored the right brain and heart.  Those were the domain of women, who were kept oppressed for eons.

Alfred Nobel created dynamite long before he created a Peace Prize,  Julius Wilbrand invented TNT and military industrialists created bombs which blew up Europe in WWI and much of the world in WWII to simply grab the gold and consolidate banking for a group of greedy power hungry men who considered their genetics superior to the rest of mankind.  Oppenheimer created the A-Bomb and then quoted a passage from another time of Nuclear warfare in India and said of himself "I have become death".   

Suddenly the spiritual could no longer be denied for if not recognized there would be no more physical with the pace of weapon development and its gotten far worse since with particle weapons, biological and nanotech.  

We need a new Bushido where honor is shown by how we live rather than how we die, by what we create rather than what we destroy.

Below is a video I think is important.  I won't editorialize it too much, but I will express a few caveats, the movie describes the shifting as taking a lifetime, but I think people are shifting in days and weeks now because of the energy changes since 2012.   The video implies this has been implanted in us without our knowledge, but from what I have observed in banking in government everything is by contract and consent,  and that would seem to imply to me at some level, somewhere in the past we chose this experience until such a time that we decided we no longer wanted to do it anymore.

Early in the video (and its long at 3hrs - perhaps I will create a 15 minute summary of the concepts some day) there are some pink squares, that is not a corrupted video file, its a metaphor, so bear with it and will explain itself.  I think you'l come away with a much better understanding why there's so much emphasis on terrorism, fear, and the drama of life in the media, its how they manipulate you and keep you from your Creator given powers.  It also explains why religion externalized this darkness so we would not recognize it within ourselves and disable the means of control on ourselves by those who would herd us like cattle...while we remain in the ape mind that is part of our earth genetics.  Its time to become TRULY HUMAN, the UNIVERSAL HUMAN.

PS: The video is also available for download at:

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