Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ZOOM... ZOOM... "All children know it, some adults remember it...."

Playfulness and resourcefulness are the fountains of creation..... 

"Zoom zoom zoom... All children know it...
Some adults remember it...." -Mazda ad

...and some forget in the name of being "professional"...


verb\prə-ˈfes, prō-\
: to say or declare (something) openly
: to say that you are, do, or feel something when other people doubt what you say
: to believe in (a particular religion)

 and in the name of being "conventional"...


 adjective \kən-ˈvench-nəl, -ˈven(t)-shə-nəl\

: used and accepted by most people : usual or traditional
: of a kind that has been around for a long time and is considered to be usual or typical
: common and ordinary : not unusual

:  formed by agreement or compact
a :  according with, sanctioned by, or based on convention
b :  lacking originality or individuality :  trite
:  ordinary, commonplace 
a :  according with a mode of artistic representation that simplifies or provides symbols or substitutes for natural forms
b :  of traditional design
...find your inner kid again....

Out of adversity can come amazing creativity....
...be victim or choose to thrive...
its all choice... 
"stuff" happens to everyone...

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