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Nobody Gets Left Behind
By American Kabuki
January 27, 2013

Everything you encounter will interact with your energy.  Energy exchange is a ubiquitous fact of life. Your physical embodiment depends on energy exchange with the earth, air, sun, and water and the various components of vibrations bound up as photons, magnetism and the highly condensed and slowed down encapsulations of light known as matter (E=MC2).  There is a ginormous amount of light in a single atom. Scientists learned this in the 1940s and created a bomb out of that very simple fact of existence.

Your eternal essence itself is a flowing current of love emerging from the One that simply IS.  I, the every lasting ONE, that makes up all that is, and all the life forms that emerge from it, that creates the dark and the light, so that color itself can emerge and be seen.  Even what our eyes perceive as dark is filled with photons and wavelengths that are simply beyond our range of sensory perception. 

A very long time ago, the embodiments of "I" decided they'd like to know what it would be like to be separate from the ONE, if it were possible.   You won't find any books on this beginning of the experiment, most of the beings in the experiment of separation don't know how it started, they either were not of the first generation of creative beings that had that knowledge. 

When all is ONE, and 1 x 1 = 1 and 1 /1 = 1 and ∞ ∞ = 1 and /1 = ∞ ∞ ∞ =  How do you create separation from the ONE?   By hierarchy and illusion. Which are really one in the same for at their core, for they pretend not to notice the existence of the ONE.  But oh does separation speak of the ONE!

My hunch, and that's all it really is, because I can't provide you footnotes in some esoteric text or college science textbook for this, is that it started with the hierarchy.  One embodiment, a individualized perception was created from infinite potential of the One and the infinite purpose and will of the One. It various faiths it was called "The Word", Logos, OM, the divine vibration, because it had the ability to speak or utter a vibration within the ONE that caused creation to come into being.  That being created other creative beings, in a recursive fractal form, Russian dolls of being within the ONE, throughout one in every possible energetic expression possible.  But it was still all ONE, just expressions of the ONE on different scales and energetics.  The Universe is a very big place, and recursion of fractals is the way it was explored.  It was the ONE coming to know itself through many lenses of individual perceptions within the ONE.

Over "time" (confining ourselves to limitations of finite human language - there really is no time, only events, states of being,  motion and vibration) various realms were created into existence.  Stable bandwidths of energetic states operating in harmonic resonance within the ONE.

Some of the creative beings took roles of "light" and others took the difficult role of "dark" on the condition they would be shown love when the experiment in the illusion of separation was all over, otherwise  they would never find their way home after leaving such a high energetic state. 

The "dark ones", the "partners in contrast" job, was to anchor the contrast of the illusion in the lowest vibrations possible for the sake of ALL the beings that wanted to experience separation.  In some sense it was a sacrifice for the sake of ONE, and it was an artifice, a contrivance, and a very convincing one. But it was also a contrivance that took enormous resources and energy to maintain, because it was fundamentally out of alignment with what IS.

Still it was all vibrations within the ONE, and the ONE knows only love, and loves all within the ONE for all within the ONE is itself.  ONE is not divisible by anything.  And LOVE is the highest vibration of all and affects all within the ONE.

Those that remained close to the highest of energetic states found themselves adverse to the contrasting energies, their resonance was not the same.  That was by design.  The universe was separated into Preachers, Jailers, Gang leaders and Prisoners.  The preachers railed against the prisoners and gang leaders, they created moral codes, yet more hierarchies and mentors.  They thought if they could only destroy the darkness they would be restored to condition they had before the experiment in separation began.  Yet they did not understand that they too were part of the separation and playing a role within it.  They called their allies light workers.  So many lightworkers, so few heartworkers.   Religious, dogmas, teachings came up to explain the structure of the experiment, and many fables were created about the beings that participated in both sides of the experiment.  But the truth is, few knew, and those that did know, forgot how it got started.

Being Absent Limits Does Not Mean
Being Absent Common Sense

Being Absent Limits Does Not Mean Being Absent Common Sense
By American Kabuki
January 26, 2013

Caleb and I come from a similar religious backgrounds, actually many of us do, D, Bob and Vera and others.  Heather grew up marginally Catholic and had her fingers beaten with car antennas by nuns. She still has the scars from those piano lessons when she missed some notes.

One thing Caleb I both saw in the faiths we grew up was there was a saying in our churches among the clued in, "you never want to do business with another church person"... what was the reason for this? Well certain assumptions about "LOVE"... the main one being that you can ask people to do something for you that requires real effort or creativity and not have to pay them for it, in essence stealing their value because they are "in the church" so to speak.  After all don't you love me, my ideas or this project?  Guilt for what should have been laid out up to the expectations they want from you.

My opinion is, that if you say you love someone, you will care enough to spell out what you want done (even if no renumeration is possible - at least say that up front so people have the choice to volunteer) and what value will be exchanged for doing it.  Put it in writing so it there can be no question later and put in writing in clear and simple terms.  No tricks.  I have seen so many friendships broken in religion over ignoring this simple thing... transparency of expectation.  Equitable value exchange - a balance of energy. The other thing we saw was the abuse of donations.  In religion theres a huge lack of transparency in donations and couched in terms of "serving God", "giving to God" or "for the highest good"...   I know of tens of millions of dollars in one religion that was siphoned off.  Heather says organized religion is the biggest money laundering operation there is, whether its the Catholic church's IOR, or the Mormon Church or any given small American Protestant sect (and we have a bunch of them).  The laws are such in the American Constitution that churches can get away with pretty much anything if they say its for God...

Some of that language "of the higher good", "enlightenment" (in religion they call it salvation) crops up in "light worker" groups.  But its all very vague and imprecise and nobody ever really defines what they mean.  You're just supposed to know.  And none of them agree on it or they call you 3D if you ask them to define it.  But because they say its for the highest good, means you are not allowed to challenge their lack of transparency of where their large donations are coming from or being used for or their power agendas, or why it is they leave certain facts out of their discussions as to who they are really working for.  Truth will out.  It always does.  But it might bite you on the ass when it does come.

The Divine Plan

At the start of last week, January 20th to be specific, we (those in my home) felt a very definite shift energetically.  It was positive, creating a feeling of “all is well”.  Just four days later there was another emotion that seemed to descend on us from somewhere else and it was exhausting, “done”; an “I can’t do this anymore” sort of energy. 

This roller coaster ride brought up wonderings of “What the heck is going on?”  This did not emanate from us, but rather TO us, to create a reaction. This post contains some thoughts on what may be going on.

This time is marked with a strong attempt to oppress.  We sensitive ones may be feeling that in spades.  It stems from the god of this planet – it is not subduing its addictions well and is in fact ramping them up.  Sort of akin to the “final push” before any big race or contest is over.  It is desperate for a “fix” and this extreme show of contrasting emotional energy yields more of the energy it craves. The end of this life means for it the end of what it has based an existence on – hierarchy, dominance, power over, ownership.  These cannot continue on a world of sovereign beings.

Think about an addiction such as alcohol.   Once you decide to stop, everything in your world changes.  Activities, friends and thoughts must be altered to support the process of cessation.  It is not a simple thing, and must be accomplished with thought in order to guarantee success and minimize withdrawal. 

The being posing as god is no different, yet what must be altered is not the life of one person, but an entire world of them.  This planet is constructed within a framework set up to serve this power/worship/ownership addiction.  A world.  Billions of beings, thousands of religions, governments and institutions – all set up to follow its “divine plan”.

This truth which is now becoming evident is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  As each moment there are more of us making the free will choice AWAY from the current system, this poser god feels it.  It cannot do anything but attempt to compel us to return.  This is a free will zone.

Surges of energy like the one felt last week are part of that attempt.  These are felt in some fashion by all of us, and will create in many a perceived “need”.  That “need”, will be satisfied by prayer, medicine or some other form of subservient behavior. 

To be clear, any level of ownership is subservient and disempowering for the beings involved.  You can imagine yourself “owned” by a behavior, drug or food source as well.  This is equally disempowering for you alone.  Until you are able to consider the thought that everyone is where they are because of their own free will, you will imagine “need” and “power over”.

There is no dominance inherent in the role of caregiver.  Supplying food, shelter, care, information or protection for adults, children or animals does not necessitate or allow lording over them.  It is an honor to care for any life form, and one to be cherished and appreciated.

You are your brother’s keeper in a very literal sense.  Gentle, firm and loving are necessary components of anyone entrusted with caring for others. 

Understand which emotions feed you.  Those that seem to be coming from someplace else just may be attempts at continued control or subservience.  You are the only one who knows how best to proceed when they show up.

This game isn’t over – there will be challenges still.  As they occur we will need to remain focused on the goal – freedom.  We are looking forward to a world where agape, and not control, is the underlying force motivating all behavior.  With clear vision, this will be the world we’ll create.

We are the Ones we are waiting for.

Updated: Silence Implies Consent

Update 1/28/2013:  A friend pointed out this article (which I hadn't read) which came out a couple of days before mine along similar lines of thought... only comment that I would make on Zen Gardeners article is that knowledge alone will not get you there, connecting with your heart with that knowledge will...  -AK

Silence Implies Consent
by American Kabuki

Many people do not understand the difference between free-will and consent.  Free-will is what you do and whether you lend your consent or do not consent to an action or experience affecting you or others.  What do you decide you are going to create for your experience on this planet? 

The entire illusion around you has been carefully crafted by others to make you believe you have no option than to consent... whether its the threat of a gun, social ostracization, or contrived personal economic hardship for the non-consenter... What do you choose? What world and reality will you live in?

Adapted slightly from:

"Silence implies consent" is a concept of social interaction, which states roughly that people tend to assume lack of response to an action as tacit approval of that action.

An example of the thought process: If nobody complains about the plastic gnome I placed in my front yard, then it must be that nobody's bothered by it. In fact, everybody may be bothered by it; they're just being silent. You can't be sure that their silence truly means they are consenting to it.

On the other side of the coin, if you are being silent about an issue, be aware that others may very well be interpreting that as consent.

The Latin maxim is "Qui tacet consentiret",
the maxim of the law is 
"Silence gives consent".
-Sir Thomas More

This phrase survives in several languages Wie zwijgt, stemt toe (Dutch), Quien se calla, otorga (Spanish), Qui ne dit mot, consent (French), Quem cala, consente (Portuguese). Metaphorically phrased as "You snooze, you lose".

In matters of politics, silence implies consent. If you disagree with those attempt to exert power, you have to speak up. If you do not, you have no one to blame for the results but yourself. This goes for the State as well as online spaces like Wiki as well as the office. Unfortunately, people generally don't have enough spirit to speak up. 

In Roberts Rules Of Order, the majority is determined by the number of votes cast. In effect, abstention (silence) does imply consent. Whatever is decided is done so for you.

Silence is an active part of communication.
As active as any verbal statement.

Its been long observed the "partners in contrast" on this planet telegraph their moves before doing them.  That is because they operate under, and are constrained by a contract on this planet, a contract controlled by the divines.  That contract requires your consent before any major action can be taken against the in-body-ments of eternal essence they claim to rule over and derive energy from.

If you open a business, you must advertise the creation of your business in the legal section of a newspaper.  If you go bankrupt, your filing will similarly be publicly filed in the legal section of a newspaper (often in obscure seldom read ones to meet the letter of the law) so that other businesses can know the state of your finances.  Same principle applies to the partners in contrast.  They have had a limited contract to provide contrast on the planet, and the contract is up... the post-Atlantis lessons have been learned... but unlike many contractors, they have control on money creation (but not value creation - only YOU have that power) and they do not want to stop.  But they can be fired by simply not renewing the consent.  There's more of us than there are them!  Think about the famous Club of Rome and UN Agenda 21 depopulation agenda... what was that really about?  Simply controlling the consent by removing a huge chunk of the population from the equation... and intimidating what anyone else that survived.

What has been engineered however is a clever set of propaganda, bureaucracy, and procedures to give the appearance that you have no power to withhold consent.  A good example of this is the software end user license agreement (EULA) where you are required to consent before you can even use the software and no option is given to strike certain words from the EULA as in a normal paper contract. Huge corporate buyers DO negotiate private EULA with suppliers, but the average person is not given that option unless they exercise their buying power.

When the police pull you over and ask if they can look in your trunk, they are asking for implied consent, and when you don't give it, they pressure you with "what are you trying to hide?" If you doubt the police practice intimidation to gain consent, watch how they behave when they accidentally pull over the mayor who has the power to have them fired... or a lawyer well versed in the laws, the behavior is quite different.

Furious Backlash Forces HSBC To Scrap Large Cash Withdrawal Limit

Graphic courtesy Max Keiser

Furious Backlash Forces HSBC To Scrap Large Cash Withdrawal Limit Posted on January 26, 2014 by Max Keiser

Following the quiet update that HSBC had decided to withhold large cash withdrawals from some if its clients – demanding to know the purpose of the withdrawal before handing over the customers’ money – it appears the anger among the over 60 thousand readers who found out about HSBC’s implied capital shortfall just on this website, has forced HSBC’s hands.

The bank issued a statement (below) this morning defending their actions – it’s for your own good – but rescinding the decision – “following feedback, we are immediately updating guidance to our customer facing staff to reiterate that it is not mandatory for customers to provide documentary evidence for large cash withdrawals.” After all the last thing the bank, which over the past few years has been implicated in aiding an abetting terrorists and laundering pretty much anything, wants is an implied capital shortfall to become an all too explicit one.

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