Saturday, May 17, 2014

Emerging Oneness:Our Singing Heart

The purpose of life is individually determined yet collectively accomplished. There is not a right or correct path versus a wrong or incorrect path to take.  There is one central idea.  It underscores every other and becomes the unifying force.  This idea supposes that information begets growth which in turn results in more life.  We are here not to learn, is if students or children, but to collect information.  This information advances our collective knowledge and leads ultimately to expansion, diversification and growth. 

We are more accurately called scientists than students, in that the knowledge gained benefits our individual study / (ourselves). There is no way to fail – all information yields a benefit.

As we are connected, all information provides ultimately for all beings.  It is available to us as we become aware of it as a field of accessible data.  The difference between identifying yourself as a student versus a scientist may not sound very great.  Both are there to gather information.  Yet one expects to be given it from someone “above” them, while the other sets out to discover it him or her self.  Truth can only be self-realized.

The thing about being human is that so much of our everyday is filled to overflowing with programs (government, media ,religious and monetary control systems); there are no places you can go to escape this - save nature.  To be alone in nature is your best bet, your sanctuary.  It provides a possible respite from outside information and opinion.  It is the place most likely for truth to emerge. 

Truth is one thing that must awaken from within and be self discovered.  It can be led to through the words of others, but can only be self realized. 
This earth life has come now to a moment where many of us have accessed truth.  It has come about not through any particular mantra, method or repetition of words.  It has emerged from within and been recognized.

That being said, it is self actualized and as diverse and difficult to define as life itself.  We are not learning the truth that has been kept from us, as much as becoming the fullness of creation.  Expansion, growth and information have taken us collectively there.

The point here is to say that choice trumps all and the method currently utilized that is this life/your life is and has always been chosen by you.  If you find the choice not to your liking – choose again.  Anger is a symptom of dependence and assumes subservience.  We are creators and self defined, dependent and subservient to no one.

As more truths emerge we will be faced with decisions about their expression.  Unity demands an equal playing field.  The language we use either reinforces separation or invites oneness.

These are interesting times.  To navigate through them you won’t need someone else’s map – but rather intentional self-direction.  Once allowed to emerge, it will.  Yet you’ll have to recognize and encourage it for this to occur.  This can only happen with an open heart.

It is here where we are One.  Love, the unifying force coursing through life, supplies us with intelligent direction.  Give yourself a moment today and listen.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

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