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Arcturians - New Earth Matrix – Why you feel the way you do

I've just included the channeling here, the full commentary that preceded it is quite long and can be seen at the link above... I find the channeling itself self explanatory.  But that's just me... the commentary may be helpful to many...  -AK

New Earth Matrix – Why you feel the way you do – Arcturians
DECEMBER 8, 2014

“The creation of the new matrix earth has indeed been instituted into the new reality structure of your being. For the new matrix of the creative powers that have indeed been harnessed from the benevolent structures of that which you all are, have been spun into existence. The old matrix of which many of you are so very much familiar with, has indeed been quarantined until further notice. Has indeed been quarantined and for the purses of retrieving the ancient structural information.

The new matrix which as indeed been instituted into your present reality, shall allow those of you ready to partake of the tree of life, those ready to partake of the tree of knowledge to step confidently towards benevolently achieving all that you have indeed come here to achieve.

The benevolence of the new matrix system, shall allow many of you to remain intact on this planet, whilst you continue to operate on a new frequency transmuting the energies of the past into light.

And so we wish to draw your attention to the fact that many of you shall continue to experience an increasing level of awareness, increasing level of awareness not only of the benevolent, but also malevolent energies swirling before you. For the energies of the past, the energies of the old structure of being  are indeed being released and are to be transmuted by the benevolent energies that you all shall activate within the core matrix of your being.

For within your structural grids, within the components of that which you are is a code, which has found its way into your everyday creation. For the codes of which we speak shall begin to make itself known to you within the next few months of your earthly time structure.

For the new year of your earthly timeline shall greet you with magnificent changes not only throughout your known world, but within your very own lives. For the phase of which you all have been informed has indeed begun to unfold rapidly on your earth. The phase of benevolent co creation of that which you wish to see in your world.

And so, we must remind you to diligently acknowledge the contractual obligations, that you all have signed up for upon your entry into this planetary system. For the contractual obligations of unconditional pure love shall ring true to your ears once more. For you shall all be reminded of that which you have come here to achieve. You shall all be remind of that which you are all here to bring to humanity.

Understand that the changes rapidly unfolding within your structural being are necessary, understand that you shall encounter energies never before experienced in your present incarnation. Understand that you are immensely powerful beings and are holding the keys to deciphering said energies, energies which shall be presented to you in your waking hours. Energies that you shall not be able to comprehend through your physical human mind alone, and yet your heart code shall decipher the meaning of said energies at lightning speed. 

Understand that you are loved beyond measure by all that is, understand that you are indeed being supported by the benevolence of the creator. Understand that you are indeed a being of magnificent proportions, for indeed you hold the power and indeed you hold the key to the universe.

Understand and know that you are being supported by all that is. Stay in the light and know that the benevolent power residing within the core structure of your being, shall begin to emerge rapidly for you now. Understand that the sensation of such power shall leave you questioning everything that you thought you are. Understand that wielding such power for benevolent purposes is the only outcome that you shall allow to permeate throughout your being. Understand that with great power comes great responsibility, and know that starting this moment all that you wish shall materialize rapidly into your incarnated reality. Know that it is so, for it is.

Look upon your own heart, and listen to the frequencies being directed to you from the benevolent creation of that which you are.”

Full posting available here:

AISHA NORTH: A short update on the Gathering
December 8, 2014

And so it is with the greatest of pleasure that we can welcome you all to the New, in every sense of the word. For as you once again came together to pool your resources in the way that only you can, you once again managed to establish yourselves on a very new level of existence, one that has been unattainable for mankind up until now. But now, you have arrived, and alongside you a whole new world has come into being. We know that these words may be thought of as nothing more than fanciful pleasantries to those still mired within the old subsets, but to those of you already pulling in that enticing and oh so fresh new air into your lungs, you will be more than willing to agree upon these sentiments. For you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the world you awakened to bears little resemblance to the one you left behind a few short hours ago.

Again, looking at this from a purely superficial perspective, nothing at all will seem to have changed, but again, the changes we refer to are so deep and so profound, they affect you all literally on a subatomic level. You see, this shift out from the old and into the New world is not one that is undertaken by way of hovering spacecrafts appearing before you to whisk you away to some hidden planet somewhere far, far away deep out in space. No, this transmigration that we speak of, is one that is undertaken by way of literally jumping from one frequency to the next. And even if the distance between these two stations is almost impossible to measure out by way of your rather crude ways of calculation, it is indeed equivalent to a very literal quantum leap, and the chasm between the two opposite stations could not have been deeper.

The Law of Flaw

Updated 12:25 GMT.. fixed a missing part of a sentence... don't cha just love cut and paste when you leave out an entire sentence???? Should make a bit more sense now.... -AK

AK Note: 

I got a call from KP the other day. It was a long chat, hadn't really spoke to him in over a year. I love that guy!  He let me know of a few other  groups having a bit of drama, groups in Hawaii and Peru, the situation here in Morocco is not at all unique. There seems to be general letting go of illusions and judgements around the world as the energies continue to rise while earth rejoins 5th density energies and beyond.  Some baggage can't go forward and has to be left at the lost baggage counter.  How that plays out varies and its not my job to judge or manage that.

There's an axiom that "whatever you require of people will be required of you".  Judge not that you are not judged.  The OPPT had as its slogan "transparency".  That has been used a truncheon lately by those who never really liked what was done by the OPPT.   To borrow from my "God bothering" exegesis past of quoting scriptures... "TEXT WITHOUT CONTEXT IS PRETEXT".  That transparency was in reference to the TRUST and it financial and lawful basis.  That's what GOOD trustees do.  The One People's Public Trust was reconciled in the winter of 2013, its job being fulfilled securing the assets of humanity for humanity.  It was NEVER a money trust, it was a Trust to protect assets.   

"Transparency" was NEVER about disclosing the trustees personal lives, or those lives of those who work with them in later efforts in their daily struggle with life on this planet and all its obstacles.  People deserve to have their private lives private. Those things we all have in common and all expect for ourselves. That goes for me, Caleb, Heather, Dani, Lisa and the rest.  That should go unsaid. 

I know first hand the religious impulse in people when they meet a charismatic spiritual person.  The wise spiritual leader avoids the trap of telling others what to do and tells them to turn to their internal guidance.  The foolish one basks in the glow and succumbs to the whims and ego of power over others and gets rich off it and the income stream it generates.  The church I was in was like the later.  In 1994 it was a $250 million non-profit corporation, it had much to lose income should the image not match the reality of the organization.

I worked for about 15 years helping people to deprogram themselves from that organization, many of which had spent their whole lives within it.  That mostly involved just telling their story in some internet forums and mailing list mirror servers.  Ultimately 60,000 of the 140,000 baptized adults left the group to either independent spiritual lives outside of organized religion or to other groups with less abusive controlling behaviors.  I have, as they say, "bona fides" in regards to dealing with sects and the aftermath of it on people's lives.   Was even quoted in a text book on that subject.

I came to understand that dis-illusion-ment is not always a bad thing, for if you believe an illusion, whether self created by your own beliefs, preconceptions, neural front loading and perceptions or cleverly sold to you by another, you are not dealing with fact or reality.  Just don't trade one illusion for another.

Those working with me in that effort came up with a saying "God save us from the true believer, for they shall surely turn on you...."   It was always easier to deal with a skeptic or those less inclined towards zealotry.  There was a certain type of Christian (and these exist in all spiritual disciplines) that needed, wanted, and craved to be told what to do. For them obedience was the end all and be all of existence.  It was as if there was one thing they wanted to avoid above all else, and that was taking responsibility for their own experience and actions.  For some it was simply too much to say "wow... that was dumb but I chose it...".   And that is a necessary step for healing.   They were by far the most difficult people to deal with because they had no center, but chased one external source (which is just someone else's filtered "internal truth") after another rather than listen to truth as it rings like a bell from within them.  They wanted 100% certainty prepacked for them.  The world does not work that way. They had a fear of "what if I am wrong" ... You know what? I doesn't matter if you are... you will learn either way!

I've been severely tempted to engage the drama in recent weeks, but the truth is I love everyone involved.  I've seen both sides of this, via direct personal experience and and as an outside observer.  And there's a WHOLE lot being left out.  But I also realized that this drama really wants me in it and "Homey doesn't wanna play".  Been there and done that sectarian thing in the Christian religion, and I have been hearing a whole of "church speak" and sometimes I feel like I am at the PTA... I AIN'T DOING IT AGAIN! I Love you all.... but thanks but no thanks...  I learned the hard way that if you define yourself by what you are against rather than by what you are... you'll find yourself in existential crisis, when what you are against is no longer in the headlines.  Like Robert Redford said in the movie "The Candidate" after he won the election... "WHAT DO I DO NOW?"

I had an I AM experience last week that has changed the way I look at others.   Its all love.   There's nothing I need to defend, not my ego, not another person and nobody to attack, all just IS.   I'll write a bit about the I AM experience and how to find that zero point in I AM in a follow up blog post... I'm no expert at it, still discovering it myself - but also know I am not the only one having these experiences.  

I thought I'd share Ron Ratner's post from today [with some added comments of my own] as I think its timely advice no matter what your journey is or how it has changed direction... CURRENTLY incarnation is limitation... but those limitations are coming off...and oh what fun that is going to be!  :)
The Law of Flaw
By Ron Rattner
December 8, 2014 

Dear Friends,

Have you ever met a flawless person? 

Not I.

After many years of observation of others, with introspection and self-reflection about my own inevitable (and often regrettable) shortcomings, I have decided that a perfect person isn’t possible; that all people make mistakes; that “to error is human.”

From considerable experience, I have learned that although some people are much more evolved and advanced than others, all are limited in some ways. [by collective choice for a period of time to experience separation and duality -AK] None are divinely omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent or beyond “missing the mark”.

Soon after becoming a lawyer, I began to realize that I was mistakenly projecting my own way of being in the world on others, whose behaviors were very different than mine, by assuming that they – especially people in public or private positions or relationships of trust and confidence – would not abuse or betray their moral or fiduciary responsibilities.

Ultimately, I learned that even the most apparently advanced spiritual or religious teachers with great powers might not be beyond human frailties; that inevitably incarnation is limitation. [everyone is in a bit of amnesia of I AM consciousness -AK]

Discovering – after years of psychological denial and mistakenly projecting perfection upon others – that  certain teachers (other than my beloved Guruji)  were directly or indirectly implicated in patently unethical or immoral personal or organizational behaviors, was psychologically traumatic and  triggered an important new transformative life phase with my increasing reliance on inner rather than outer authority.  Thus, I have rejected ‘adulation of the incarnate’ over ‘adoration of the Infinite’, and have sought “relief from belief”.   Whimsically I have  told friends that I had evolved from “Born-again Hindu” to “Uncertain Undo”; from "Gurubhai" to ‘Guru bye bye’.

I  have discussed and attempted to explain in detail this metaphorical transformation in various memoirs on   But today I have posted brief quotations and a short whimsical poem called “The Law of Flaw”  succinctly reflecting my conclusions about fallibility of all humans, no matter how apparently ‘enlightened’ they may seem or claim to be. 

If you are interested, I invite you to find and read this posting at .  I hope that it may help you avoid the naive psychological perfection projection process that I experienced, and to rely vigilantly both on your powers of discrimination and on your divine intuitive insights, while honoring intuition over intellect, whenever in doubt – and thereby to find ultimate inner guidance in your heart – not your head – for resolution or transcendence of limitations and problems created by lower levels of human consciousness.

And so may it be!

Ron Rattner


The Law of Flaw
Posted by Ron Rattner on December 7, 2014

“All is perfection,
But nobody’s perfect.”

~ Ron Rattner, Sutra Sayings

“Incarnation is limitation.”
~ Ron Rattner, Sutra Sayings

“Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth
who continually does good and who never sins.”

~ Ecclesiastes 7:20

“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom.
It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken
and the wisest might err.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Incarnation is limitation.

All people are flawed;
none are perfect.
But the most flawed,
are those who claim or think they’re perfect.

The greatest self-delusion
is the conviction of being
beyond self-delusion.

The fewer our fears,
the fewer our flaws.

“He who is without sin
cast the first stone.”
He who is without vice,
give the first advice.

High flyers, Beware!
All people are fallible,
and fallible means fall -able.
So, the higher we fly
the further we may fall.
[but don't let stop you from flying! -AK]

Ron’s audio recitation of The Law of Flaw

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