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Heavenletter #5158 Behold Yourself Like a Blazing Sunrise

Heavenletter #5158 Behold Yourself Like a Blazing Sunrise
January 8, 2015

God said:

I am honored to be God. Therefore, I am honored to be you. However you may appear, there is more to you than meets the eye. You are a precious child of Mine, made of Myself, and you are very precious to Me. In fact, I repeat in as many ways as I can think of to say that We are One. There is no separation here.

Then you wonder how it can be that I, if you are indeed I, wander from Myself as it certainly seems to happen in the world.

It is as if I pull the wool over My individual eyes. I, appearing as you, temporarily forget Who I Am. You forget Who You Are. I, God, the erstwhile God, do not dismiss you because of this. I do not oust you from My heart.

You begin to see how all this on Earth is much like a game, yet Who is fooling Whom? This thing with pronouns is that I can hardly keep them straight. You, I, in Truth are One. For the sake of clarity in this game, We say you, and We say I. We talk as if, as if We were two or more. We try to keep Our parts straight. It is muddling, isn’t it?

What is not true is confusing. And what is pure Truth may often be beyond your awareness and acceptance. Today you may feel like a miserable character whereas God has to be way far beyond misery. The Truth of you is that you are beyond misery, and yet, while you (really I) are on Earth, you are such a great actor that you fool yourself.

Yet, within you, there is a core that is not fooled. Yes, even within you, you as your presently known personality, know better. You know that you are much more than you credit yourself with -- more than you like to credit yourself. You have reluctance born of fear.

To love God, you can accept. To be God, you don’t want the responsibility. You fear failure. It is one thing to flunk as a human being. To be a God Who Could Be Lacking would do you in. Too terrible to even think about.

You are not separated from your Self except in your imagination. In your imagination, you are not separated from your Self by one veil but by a thousand and one veils. You put up this blockade, a house not made of mortar, a Jerry-built house to call your own and keep you from breaking the news to yourself that you are Greatness Itself.

You keep your head down. However, your head and heart are going to rise. It is inevitable. That little house of your body is way too small for you. You can’t play hide and seek there. The time will come when you will burst your bounds and knowingly encompass the Universe. You will burst out like a blazing Sunrise and you will behold. You will behold yourself in the Bright Light of Day.

You will see all your reservations and inhibitions as the repressors they always have been and how flimsy they really were. They were only silly restraints from the Splendor that you actually are.

It’s hard to believe that you would choose less than you are, yet this is an old story, told again and again. You keep yourself in a little puddle rather than to dive into the Ocean Deep. Unbelievable, isn’t it, that you believe you are a little frog? Of course, the little frog is an Enchanted Prince. What did you think that story was about? It is about you and your evolution and your repression and lack of expression and your belief that to expand to your true unboundedness would undo you. Yes, it would undo you from deception. Yes, you have deceived yourself, and you have deceived the whole world, and for what, I ask you?

Some day you will rise out of the little hovel you have placed yourself in, and I ask you, as I have asked you a multitude of times, if you’re going to rise out of the hovel and come out of hiding anyway, for Heaven’s Sakes, why not do it now? You are such a little thread away. It is not a thread that binds. It is you that binds. Throw off those shackles and blinders. There is nothing real that separates you from Oneness but your old offhand habit of disowning of your Self.

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