Thursday, January 22, 2015

Heavenletter #5172 Have You Hacked into Infinity?

Heavenletter #5172 Have You Hacked into Infinity?
January 22, 2015

God said:

What does it mean that something can change in a heartbeat? It means it takes an instant, probably an instant between beats. This is how illness can be undone in an instant. This is how good will can take over the world. This is how work can be done.

Plodding is necessary in the present world because plodding is believed in. It takes time to accomplish this or that. If time does not truly exist, why would it take time?

In terms of the world, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In terms of the world, who can argue this?

At the same time, there have been instant cures and instant miracles of diverse kinds. These miracles may have happened because, as in science fiction, the one upon whom a miracle was bestowed, somehow slipped out of time or witnessed a non-passage of world time.

At night you have had dreams that went on and on, and yet, in truth, the dream may have taken place in a mere instant.

As you get older, the past does seem more and more like a dream, and somehow, now the dream’s continuity becomes fleeting, as if what had been a sequence actually happened all at once in one instant and wasn’t really parked anywhere. Your life may be a long story to tell in words, and, yet, your life is a flash of an instant of no-time.

Have you hacked into Infinity? It would seem so. You, an ordinary person like you who doesn’t know much and may even admit this, somehow you hacked into Infinity, OR you were hacked into Infinity for an instant of no time.

Who is who and what is what?

For what certainly seems like an instant, you are transported somewhere, and you are surprised, perhaps thrilled, overjoyed, ravishingly happy.

This suggests that in your Father’s House, there are many dimensions of life, not all of which are obviously on the surface. Most certainly not.

You may find that with all your desire and effort of will, these bejeweled moments do not come when beckoned. These bejeweled moments seem to have a will of their own, or is it My Will? Yet you and I are One, and so, there is One Will, and there are no accidents and no coincidences.

The day will come, and it is not far off, when you will go in and out of world time at will.

Here’s the corker:

You are in all domains at once, now, right now as you are, yet you sleep through it, so to speak. There is a great celebration going on, and you sleep through it.

Miracles seem to come of their own bidding. Miracles are always ready to come out the same way sunshine comes out regularly and royally, not of your making but of your seeing. Rarer miracles may seem to wait for an opening, yet miracles do not wait. They only seem delayed because you do not see them.

That angels surround you is commonplace. There is nothing remarkable about their presence. Your noting their presence is uncommon.

So what am I telling you? What you call miracles are the commonest thing in the world. It’s just that you tend to not see them. You even forget that sunset and sunrise are miracles that you do see daily and forget that they are outstanding miracles. In fact, all of life is a miracle. For the most part, you sail right over the beautiful miracles and are more enamored to see the world as a debacle.

You are a miracle! Your presence on Earth is a miracle. You are a visitor from a faraway land. You don’t recollect who you are and where you stand and what you have been chosen for. You see a 3-D figure and assume this is you when you are a multi-being of unlimited dimensions. All this, of course, is while you are One with Me.

You hardly notice Our Oneness either, for you take the elements into your own hands and play with them as toys the way a young child on the playground might. You climb the climb-a-round, and you climb a new rung all the time without realizing it. You think you climb the Tower of Babel while you are climbing Jacob’s Ladder to Heaven. You yourself may even be the golden ladder you climb. All is possible right before you here on Earth yet, even so, there is so much all around you that is beyond your wildest dreams.

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