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How to "Spin the Light" and increase the flow of light from Creator Source into a Human being.

How to "Spin the Light" and increase the flow of light from Creator Source into a Human being.

By American Kabuki

How this got started:

I like everyone else, I was still dealing with seeming "fizzle" of all the predictions pertaining 12/21/12 and all the bogus channelings that said ETs would land with replicators, and we'd have our new 5d bodies in one big "TADA!" moment. But our financial and spiritual problems didn't disappear on that date and my body at that time was none too healthy either. But something very important did happen on 12/21/12 - we just didn't know about it till a few weeks later.  The energetic power plug on the cabal machine in physicality was pulled by HTJ's UCC filings which have reverberated through the banking systems of the world ever since.  In short they can't monetize people anymore.  They've been doing "Quantitative Easing" (used to be called 'printing paper') ever since...

After I met Heather online in December 26, 2012, I began having "group dreams" at night where I'd frequently encounter Heather, Dani, and others and the next morning we'd compare notes because we were seeing the same things at night.  Occasionally I'd see some people I did not recognize at all yet they seemed to know me. There were council meetings with ETs and other beings off world, in ships and other locations.  Sometimes these meetings about Earth got quite heated and loud. Many galactic agendas were presented and argued over.  I'd retain next to none of the data of the experience when I woke up... just short vignettes of things...and that most the emotion of the experience, not the data. Frustrating experience in some ways but apparently by design so I wasn't walking around with that information this in-body-ment.   I have met many people who don't work with us closely who are also finding themselves working the "night shift".

In the spring of 2013, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf called me, Dani several others of us into a Skype chat room and told us there was an urgent situation that required our attention.  Each of us have different gifts intuitively and at the time I considered myself one of the least intuitive and gifted of the bunch. And certainly and the least familiar with working with energies, much less working directly with higher light.  I was born naturally with large eyes and well developed visual cortex and hugely gifted with dreams and visions and have always enjoyed dreaming, for me it was like going to the movies at night, only better, interactive movies.

Heather explained to us there was an entity that was wreaking much havoc both the physical plane, the realm of the divines and on the ET plane.  This was rather unusual entity in that its multidimensionality had multiple concurrent embodiments on earth, among ETs and the divines in and around earth, and had the ability to move in and out them very rapidly.  He's was here for a very long time.  To me this movement appeared as a deck of playing cards that were all face cards, as he shifted embodiment, I locked him out of the embodiment until he was only in one. I counted at least 50 embodiments before he stopped shifting.  The "OP" was part Skype chat room with participants around the world (I was in San Diego at that moment), part remote viewing and part direct energy work  (BTW we don't do rituals - never have). Heather code named the being GP for "Gold and Purple".

This being was also generating many false channelings, impersonating various angels (yes identity theft goes on in other realms), divines, and ascended masters, and humans and sending channelings through standard telepathy. Yet it was truly one entity.  The channelings sound authoritative because they were all self consistent.  But it was bogus data from one being.

Heather asked me to "spin the light" in this being.  Heather told me "You have this ability."  "I do?" "YES now go do it!".  I had no idea how she knew I had that ability but I had seen enough evidence at that point about other situations she may just know what she is talking about.  And I knew I know her from another existence.  But I had no idea how to do it. From the tone in her voice I knew it was very very urgent.  Not knowing what to do or how to pull that ability from my multi-dimensional self, I sat on the floor said a prayer  to Source, and asked for “my toolbox”.  What else can you do when you are called on to do something that you have no idea how to do?  And suddenly I just knew how... and I did it.  The totality of my being knew and I pulled it in at that moment.

It took a team of people to reconcile this being "GP", my role was simply to open up his light valves so the others could work with him.  He surrendered and has been waiting on the sidelines ever since for the party when Oneness returns in full to this planet and everyone takes off their masks and sheds their roles in duality.

When I first did this I envisaged it as a laser beam shooting out of individual cells…and it worked first time.  However I found I didn't need to do the cells individually I could just picture them all opening up at once in unison… the body knows what to do… when asked. I pictured it as a simple garden hose faucet/tap as a visual metaphor for this portal. From there I expanded.  I found I needed to spin the light like a disco ball or a lighthouse or airport search light. The sweeping action and spinning seems to saturate the light body. Which is why I call the technique "spinning the light".

The Premise: 

Within every cell in the body lays a portal to Source. The heart of the cell is the portal of light coming from Creator Source, the intelligent quantum field from which all being arises.  In the greater collection of cells known as the body, the human heart serves the same function for the collective whole of the body. All things in nature scale and have this fractal self-similarity.  Even seemingly inanimate objects have an energetic heart to them, which sustains their form and persistence of being within the quantum field.  Source is unitary and One, and everything is within Source, of Source, and interpenetrated by Source in myriad and wonderful ways.  You are Source in flesh, and so I AM.

Here's how to Spin the Light:

Lay down or find a comfy chair.. put yourself into a pure love state as much as possible, if its a situation that is tense or you are upset it can still be done but you must at least remain neutral, you are there to help the person and if you are hostile, the procedure simply doesn't work.  You cannot harm someone with this.  You cannot do it wrong.  Either it works or it doesn't. It entirely benign. It does not violate free will any more than making sure a man has enough oxygen to breathe.  This world is starved for light, that's what separation consciousness does.  This just opens the light valves for it flow in large quantities, but it will not keep it open if the individual chooses to close it again. Free will is still very much at work.  People have told me that it is a pleasant sensation when it is happening to them.

It works better the more love you show and project….and it works faster.

Close your eyes

Picture the person by name or relationship to an individual you know or someone else knows. No photo needed its easier most of the time if you don't know what they look like... Picture the persons light body field. Your “GPS coordinate” is the name or the relationship to a person or position of power or organizational slot. This works just like coordinates in remote viewing, but no "tasker" is involved. You task yourself.

If you get a fix on the light field, it will look something like a mannequin made of light, not much detail except head, torso, arms and legs and you can tell generally if they are male or female. Generally it will be somewhat dim or even a dark outline, or maybe an unusual shade of color.

Here's some exceptions to the "mannequin-like" light body shape:

1) Dark contrast  person…. a being who has so closed down their flow of Source light that they become encrusted with kind of a rust or rock like substance… sometimes something like a plaster mold will be around the human light field.. if you see this you have to visually knock it off in your mind's eye some how or brush it off….use your imagination or tools of your own… there should be many ways to do this. This has to be removed otherwise the light will never radiate out of the person and the love light from Source is a FLOW… it must be flowing to sustain it. 
2) Magic fields… Some people are into various forms of magic which is an electromagnetic programming of their bioelectrical field I have seen a zillion different ways people have done this including camouflaging their appearance with gargoyles, a six foot high pile of ice cream candy sprinkles, radar chaff, like stuff, you name it… Not a big issue, Just give it a great big blast of light from either the top or the bottom of the energy donut that surrounds the person and blast it away. Pure Love is more powerful than magic and most people doing magic do it with very low vibration energy or lower chakra energies.  If one approach doesn’t work change it up and try a different combination of approaches. Since this is light energy it remains unaffected by electromagnetic magical fields…. its more annoyance to the process of spinning the light than anything. Not to worry.

All human embodiments will look pretty much the same, sometimes you will see a slight outline of a breast on women but its pretty generic over all…and usually I do not even see that… you will not see private parts or anything like that this the light body not the physical flesh body.  The light body follows the overall contours of the human body.

I usually start from the top of the person starting with the brain, either clockwise or counterclockwise, there seems to be people with left hand and right handed light bodies, if one direction doesn’t work go the other. Often I go both direction. Spin a ribbon of light like a search light through the embodiment, It feels like my eyes move when I do this, I don't know if its a trance state or if my eyes just follow what my brain is seeing.

I spin the light up and down the body until it all goes one color which is usually white.. then
when its bright white I put a gold glow to it to seal it in and stabilize it. Not everyone will go white, some people are aquamarine, rainbow colors, etc... the variety is endless but most people will go bright white. If it doesn't that is their natural created state. Leave it be.  You did not fail.  The universe has much variety. Accept what is.

During spinning sometimes unusual things show up…

1. Original ET incarnated shape…(hard to know how many lifetimes ago) Could be grey, reptilian, pleiadian whatever. You probably won't notice the human looking ETs, you will notice the humans who had a prior life as some other life form. This is just a fingerprint of the energy they were created as and the current embodiment is just as human as you or me… nothing to be afraid of. Huge variety of souls on earth… Don't judge you probably have strange fractals of you somewhere else too.

2. Sometimes you will get scenes of things, which won’t make much sense to you… this seems to happen more when people REQUEST spinning I get data on their body, or some childhood experience and all kinds of thing that I don’t know what they mean. But they always mean something to the person requesting the spinning.

3. Sometimes divines (class of high vibration energy being) and other entities are operating through a human by consent.  I have seen goddesses, Plato, Zeus/Ra, deities and some pretty strange things. If its a divine they will fight vigorously because they can sense you doing this… just persist… you might have a headache afterwards or your skin might itch but this will dissipate… Keep spinning and the entity will leave or drop the portal they are operating through. They don't seem to like the spinning process in their puppet human.

4. Multiplex consciousnesses… this will pop out the light body and look like a blinking disco ball that fell on the floor. The first time I ever spun a person was a room full of 6 or 7 people… one of them was a multiplex consciousness.  Its an ET form of consciousness. Its a form of consciousness that has many tiny consciousnesses operating in parallel in a collective. From the light body view they look like a disco ball of LEDs. They don’t seem to like to stay in the body when spun.  Its my belief they go back in after the light spinning, it is their incarnated body vehicle. They are kind of like a multi-core CPU computer chip with a hive mind operating system.

Most humans have ONE consciousness… this type is very very rare. I have only encountered 2-3 of them in the 2 years I have been doing this.

Once you get the body to the golden white state you’re basically done. You can only open the light portals, you can’t keep them open for the person, that's their job.  They can always choose to shut them down again and go back to a low vibration, low light state.  This is a service to humanity not a punishment or a weapon, it cannot be used negatively in any form.  If you have negative intentions it simply fails to work.

CAVEAT: Rarely… you will run into someone who is highly resistant. In this case… lay yourself down and enter a PURE LOVE state (we should all be there anyway but hey we’re all working on that right?) and breath deep. Feel the energies around your body and connect to your heart. You must be in that state to do this technique… now enter your own heart visually… from there, connect to the person you are working by connecting to their heart, then spin the light from there. This ONLY works from a PURE LOVE state.

As you get better at this you can create a bucket of light and douse a person too.. or a fire hose.. start simple until you get the hang of it. I think there are endless techniques you can imagine. This is just a starting point from my experience and I started at no knowledge at all… its grown over time. The more you do it, the more the images you see will have meaning and you will gradually build up a database of symbols that hold meaning for you of what is going on with the individual. This symbols may be completely individual to the person doing this, i really don’t know. This is the first time I have explained it in detail.

You can also spin yourself. It took me a long time to be able to spin myself. For some reason it has been easier for me to do others. I do myself quite frequently now...and I can feel myself doing it. I can also feel it in myself when I reconcile a contrasty-fractal of myself... because its all the same being at the Eternal Essence level...  We all have multi-dimensional fractals/segments in many many realms and places and polarities of separation - yet there is balance within the being. Earth humans have just been cut off from contact and awareness of that for many thousands of years because of the veil on this planet.  I have become are of at least 2 ET fractals of me, one being who I have no idea what he is, and another human that looks very like me on a peaceful little planet and some that look nothing like me. I expect as time goes on I will know of more.  They show up in dreams and elsewhere moments.

The difference between a person of light and darkness is simply the amount of light and its flow....
Now go light up the world! :)

PS:  I have found that additional data comes to surface when I am requested personally by someone to spin them personally.  I have received images of body areas, childhood trauma etc... and sometimes image of things that make no sense to me at all but that are highly meaningful to the person when I tell them what I see.  I don't try to the interpret what I see I let the person interpret it. Often it makes no sense to me at all why what comes up does come up.  Light spinning can be also used for health purposes, and diagnostics, but I do not have enough data on what shows up to write about that extensively now. I have only worked on a few people for healing. I am sure it can be expanded upon in many ways now that people are aware of it and conscious.

I released this data in a shorter form in a Skype room last week after word got out that I do this kind of work.  I simply cannot take requests anymore due to sheer volume  of request so now you can do it yourself.  It has proven true that anyone can do this.  Like any other ability some will be able to do it better than others.  When I was computer programmer I observed the very best programmers were also will and able to teach what they know others.  I am passing on what I know, and perhaps this can have a kind of chain reaction around the world and help raise the general level of light on this planet. We deserve a better world, lets make it one.

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