Monday, January 26, 2015

Need for February

I need to raise $500 for February.   I thought I had more than I did. Annual auto billings for Internet services and domains came through last couple of days and I am much shorter than I thought.  Hard to remember those annual auto-billings on PayPal. 

Thank you to those of you that helped out last week so I was able to get some 3G recharge cards for the USB Internet sticks.  It was enough to take care of that need. The short life on those is another continuing issue, but I have since learned MediTel a competitor to Morocco Telecom has a plan that gives 30 gb for 200 dirham a month, but first month requires 400 dirham as a deposit and 200 of that gets applied the 6 month's bill.  I do get Meditel reception here so its an option I will look into when I get some cash.

A special thanks to the amazing handful that chose to subscribe on PayPal for $5 or $1/month, each time I get one of those its like getting a little hug knowing people committed to doing that each month. I usually respond with a thank  you to PayPal donations by replying to the PayPal notice when it comes in, with the subscribers the email is different and doesn't get reflected back to the subscriber when I reply, so if I have neglected to thank you each month, please let me do so now.

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