Sunday, January 18, 2015

Notice of change to the blog, regarding RSS feeds and EMAILing of posts...

I made a change  a couple of weeks ago to the blog regarding RSS feeds.  I noticed several RSS aggregation sites re-syndicating my blog as their own content using their own ads with no link back to this blog.  One massive web site in particular seems to prey on blogspot RSS feeds from Feedburner and the only option to get off that site is simply to remove the RSS feed completely from my blog.  This is not my preferred choice but the only one available.

Since I try to support myself completely from the blog ad revenue, this effectively meant I was competing with my own content and not getting the blog ad revenue from the re-syndicated content.

Unfortunately there has been a side effect, those of you who were subscribed to received posts by email stopped getting them.  There were not many people getting email posts, but most of them have  been writing me about the problem, so rather than repeat the explanation yet again, the long and short of it is the email feed from Google Blogspot seems to be dependent on the RSS feed.  There is no work-around at the moment for that.

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