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"Re-establishing our Direct Link to Source"

Re-establishing our Direct Link to Source
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Many of us are really starting to see and feel the New Earth. We are re-establishing our direct link to Source. Our Supreme Communication is being restored and from this perspective, we really do feel  a sense of Oness that comes with a specific request/mission for each of us. Each of us has a specific part or role to play in the Divine Orchestra.

The Awakened Dream/We are that I Am Consciousness, has a function for us that is absolutely the most fulfilling activity/service possible. This call is communicated through the loving desire of the true heart, the one that is much deeper then the emotional heart. The true heart does not waver, it simply waits for the ripples on the surface of the emtional heart/mind to settle so that we can tune in to our deepest intention/dreams/wishes with clarity.

The true heart is intoxicated by an amorous embrace and acceptance for every vibration and atom, every channel, every reflection, every version of You/Atman/Us/Family-Collective God/Guru etc in existence and beyond.

By calming the mind/heart and blossoming into the present we can receive all the energy, information and guidance we need to fully align with and be sublimely carried by our own divine current.For each of us there is a divine stream of energy-love-bliss-information, accessible only in the now, that is a constant source of peace, joy and abundance, if only we chose to align and harmonize with it. In many cases, this leads us to others who are creating on the same wave length, playing the same genre of life music, co-creating the same dream. Then, almost suddenly, all the pieces start to fall into a steady groove.

With no one in charge, when we all tune to the frequency that is aligned with our intention, all of life’s situations becomes an improvisation and all of life supports us. Instead of deciding what to do, we listen/tune in, wait for the signal, then play our part of the master piece for the Orchestra, and then be still again. We just ride the crest of the wave of creation in real time, in the now, with ease and grace.

It is very much like being part of a terrestrial pod of ecstatic inter-dimensional light beings (star dolphins) who come together to activate one another and the rest of the planetary grid of consciousness. Life unfolds astoundingly through a series of miracles.

Its time for us to come together and awaken as a community and be empowered by the function of our purpose. Ours is a function of Commune-I-cation. To receive, transmit and express the love-bliss-informtion of God(s)_Dreamer_Self(s) into the Dream Itself and all Our Projections/Reflectors until Self-Recognition is unmistakable, undeniable, and immediate, thus tangibly co-experienced. Being a channel of communication between Divine Holy Spirit and humanity. 

There is no healing more potent for Union then to recognize our brothers and sisters in their truth, in their creatorship/ son(daughter)ship as Awakened Buddha-Christ deliberate manifestation masters. By supporting one another, like a ladder, to the top of industries that are presently publishing and manipulating the majority of the “status-quo” paradigms, we can radically transform the planetary collective subconscious. Heaven is inside of you, and so are we, in love.

That is the simple message of truth/union, which the laws of deliberate creation on the New Earth are based. There is no opposing force, there is no threat and nothing that can be threaten. “Nothing real can be lost and nothing unreal [can] exist”.  (A Course In Miracles) .

We are provided for, we are abundant, we have freedom through family, through numbers. These messages are proficiently and scrumptiously conveyed by so much of the art and the crafts being produced by our very gifted awake brothers and sisters.

From sacred geometry to word-smith alchemy and every variety of craft imaginable including city planning, environmental solutions etc. If each of us could support our own pod/tribe (and everyone in love) enough so that just one member of the pod gains sufficient status(power) in their field/industry, the rest of the pod will instantly upgrade, re-activate and eventually join other hyper-activated pods of awakened ecstatic love based beings, to form mega pods (festivals, events etc).

The internet makes this so feasible and within reach that we’re virtually unstoppable. No one can fully control the content of mainstream media anymore. Simply record and upload videos of what your doing, blog about it, use as many audiences as possible such as Facebook, twiter, youtube etc, and do what it takes to publish as much of your art or projects or solutions or ideas as possible.

Also collaborate with web-sites like this one which inter link the conscious creators around the world. Once we inter-link online, the rate at which our art is spread increases exponentially. By creating more exposure for another we create more press for our own project/art get the more we get so it is mutually beneficially to give each other as much press and support as time permits.  With just a little bit of trust and clarity we can completely overcome all competition amongst family.

The moment we overcome competition we evolve from surviving to living and thriving in celebration. Let us each do our part to expose and nurture lovingly any fear based though-form or frequency in our beings with the light of pure awareness and acceptance to reveals its false foundations. 

In divine time and sweet ripening, competition falls away willingly and true all inclusive love-collaboration can bloom.

In Love and Gratitude, I Am that We Are.

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