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Ships of exploration in the sea of consciousness

Ships of exploration in the sea of consciousness
by American Kabuki

In the movie Yes Man, Jim Carrey plays a beleaguered loan officer in a California Savings and Loan. A friend talks him into attending a charismatic self-help guru seminar in a large hotel auditorium. He's the everyday man working from the surface mind of what is approved an accepted consensus of what he should do and be. He is confronted by the simple question of whether he can simply say YES! to every opportunity that comes his way, be it beggar or an off-beat Vespa biking babe.  Its the kind of comedic role Jim Carrey does so very well.  His journey begins by saying YES! to living.  Then, eventually he becomes a slave to saying YES!...because he follows a guru rather than trust himself, and learns eventually when to say NO. The choice of experience and learning to BE.  What to bring in, what to invite, what to walk away from, these are everyday choices that make a life.  We make them every day.

Nobody likes to love and not be loved in return, but that only stings if you seek your value in it being returned rather than being pure love itself. Humans build fences called judgements which they parcel out their love based on who they perceive is worthy of their heart.  Pure love is an outward flow from an endless Source within the heart without limitation. Its only fear of judgement that makes us not BE. Mistakes are seldom fatal, embarrassing at times yes, but seldom fatal.  Nobody likes to fall flat on their face and have people laugh at them. Nobody likes gossip unless its about someone else. There is a certain dignity in picking oneself up and laughing at yourself. A sense of humor is a valuable survival skill, just as valuable as persistence. The ego is a cruel master if you seek to please it.  So why bother?

Appreciate the perfection of the experience of human imperfection.  There has never been a noble cause or brilliant creation that ever came into existence on this planet without its detractors.  Yours will be no different.  Doesn't mean your cause is not worthy or creation shouldn't be created.  Some people make their living writing judgements of others.  Even Tigers have flies.  But who does the roaring?

Spiritual tourism is a big business, and there's lots of people willing to fork out big bucks for consciousness conventions serving up the big names who dance around the central issues of life but never quite nail it to the wall.  For if they did, if they truly know, what would they sell?

The central mystery of existence is,  What AM I?  The French philosopher RenĂ© Descartes phrased it "ergo sum cognito"  - "I think, therefore I am".    But he got it backwards. Its really I AM therefore I think.  Perhaps Descartes just coded it backwards to save his ass from the Catholic church who was already persecuting his contemporary Galileo.  The church made I AM exclusive to the uniqueness of Jesus, but the truth is Moses knew it too.  But saying so for Rene Descartes risked charges of blasphemy.  The religious taboo of saying what is true. The stuff that doesn't fit between the lines of doctrine and dogma.  The central unity of existence hidden behind the pretense of worshipping the central unity of existence.  Symbol replacing substance. Image replacing form.  Ceremony replacing spirit.

The fact that we live is a living testament to the question the Creator has been asking Itself, "What AM I?" as it set out to explore its own infinity of being and diversity.  It's the very burning question of BEING that formed the Creation and Creatures within it.   The ONE who became the many, who in turn shares its experience with the union of zero point unity of I AM.  The many searching for understanding of the ONE.  I AM.  Its an energy exchange of Love between Creator and Creation, which is all within the ONE, expansion like the explosion of life in a fertilized ovum multiplying cells of complexity within a single being.  Fractal reproduction of All That Is with what IS.

Its also part of the reason for the contrived experiment in separation within the sandboxed illusion of 3D life on Earth.   It was a journey to explore a question... knowing full well it was not self-sustaining because it was not of ONE... and yet that question could only be answered by the experience and it could only be experienced within a contrived illusion of disempowerment and separation from all that is.   Einstein was not the first to do thought experiments.

The illusion was very very good.   Very convincing once in it.  ETs crashed and got stuck in it. So did angels. Welcome to our nightmare, the Molasses Zone of separations consciousness.  Energy so dense and viscous you can cut it with a knife and some do.  You felt it. Like you once felt Pure Love, you felt the void, loneliness and emptiness if you ventured across its border or visited to long.   Most within it, still believe it is reality. And some within it got very good at the dark side of it, and the light side of it even convinced themselves they were not part of it.  Good guys and bad guys. White hats and black hats.  Masters and scallywags.  Admirals and Blackbeard Pirates.  Knowledge sequestered while humanity festered.

The self-enslavement nearly total, but not quite.  "Here, let me distribute your prosperity funds" while I harvest your energy and perpetuate even more separation because you need someone to manage your Eternal Essence.   I actually overheard a conversation with the principals at Swissindo much to that effect.  And these people will save you?

A world in which Human incompetence is by design not choice.  Dark and light needed each other even while they attempt to stamp each other out.  The West has been largely ignorant of this dichotomy, the East knew it - even invented a yin and yang symbol for it, but ignored it, which for all practical purposes is the same as being ignorant of it.  The countdown clock on the experiment has been clicking downwards for eons. It was never meant to be permanent. The seeds of it destruction sown in its very design to succeed at failing.   And in failing setting everyone free for the for the quantum jump back to pure love.

There's been a burning niggling thought within everyone of us that there's something being wrong with all this. Because inside every one of us knows this is not who we are.  They called it human nature, but its really human habit. People operating solely from the surface mind of what's expedient now to assuage the fears of the moment.

Fear and greed run Wall Street and high frequency trading computers depend on it.  The algorithms of fractals of markets were mapped out long ago by Elliott and Babson.  But in the end it all ran on the energy of humans who didn't know who they were.  Human ships lost at the sea of consciousness "salvaged" in commerce law by some a little bit more conscious than others, yet not so conscious they would inform them and set them free. They  believed in the illusion, because they believed they were better than the rest of I AM.  The believed DNA was destiny, and blood was thicker than the waters of the sea of consciousness.

Next time you wonder why terrorist seem to have precision information when they strike consider who funds them.   In age of ubiquitous surveillance programmed into the very chips of your cell phone and I/O chips of your computer, a world where the NSA and Chinese knows the color of my underwear, that some government agency somewhere doesn't know who funded whomever it was who struck journalists in Paris, while the politicians do their dance of separation while calling for unity. Could a group of people been more precisely killed for the anger it would produce?  Some truly devious thinking at work that is not the work of lone wolfs in Paris' muslim slum neighborhoods that's inside information and coordination.

There's a blogger named Valiant. Brilliant man and artist. He's been struggling with the question of why ETs didn't do as the Australian's might phrase it "bugger-all" for humanity, save keeping the the controllers from nuking the place on the way out as that' would affect them too.  Many of his blog posts contain the phrase "Dear Mr Spaceman". He asks questions many don't.  And while he doesn't much look to ETs to save him he wonders if the Tuatha De Danann might.  To others it might be the Mayan who also disappeared of the planet like the Tuatha De Dannan or the Anasazi.  But Valiant is also Mr Spaceman and the Tuatha De Danann,  fractals of his multidimensional self is out there looking back at him, and cheering on his remembering of who He BE.   Like many of us he's sorting out issues like this, and come into contacts like we have of those who have been around a long time, some in secret societies, some in aboriginal societies who kept alive ancient traditions and knowledge.  Valiant is going thru a phase of sorting out for himself why the ETs with all their tech didn't do much to get us out of enslavement other than make sure the slave masters didn't nuke the planet on their way out. It's a question I struggled with for a couple of years until I realized late last year we are the ETs and decided that we'd clean up our own mess by remembering who we are.  

We are all multi-dimensional beings.  But the veil on this planet makes our connection to that being-ness hazy at best.  And connecting to it a challenge. My co-blogger Sophia Love calls it "the common roots of the Aspen Tree Grove" of existence.   A Creation of God powered by God experience God.  Source. Allah... Universal Consciousness. Call it what you will. Words don't matter because none of them can describe the ineffable Source of all Being. Only Pure Love can.

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