Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Black poker chip of endless debt...

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Is it bad that I'm more excited for Monday Markets than I am or ever will be for NFL games tomorrow?

I had a dream once about a poker game. The game was being played by who appeared to be very important people. There were 8 or 10 people max. But the number of folks playing wasnt the focal point, that was the silver tray being held by the dealers bank. 

You see, on this tray each player could take a "chip" from this tiny black dot in the center of the tray. At first everyone went hog wild taking from the silver platter, filling their coffers and increasing their bets. 

Eventually I noticed that the black dot on the silver tray was increasing in size. Eventually it came to be a giant void of 3 dimensional debt. 

However it came to be that no one who was playing poker could help themselves from it, everyone needed more, always. The void of solid absence gave endlessly to the greedy, self absorbed gamblers, entirely oblivious to oblivion.

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