Monday, January 19, 2015


Much is going on in the financial world.  And much groaning about the required protocols... as being mere "influence".   See:   I will release details when I get them and get the okay to publish.   They know what to do and who to contact.   All the pushing on the door does no good if they don't put in the key.   People who live behind vault doors should know that better than anyone.

Ran out of Internet sticks, Maroc Telecom's new tariff structure makes them last 5 days at best. Effectively charging the same price for 1/6 the monthly bandwidth.  Will post from the cafe hotspot if I have too, just want won't be as pretty a blog.   Paypal assistance would be helpful at this time.  So much is happening.  Running thru my phone hotspot now.

Love you all so much, the waiting is nearly over.  Much joy and surprises ahead! :)

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