Monday, February 23, 2015

A man in Vermont needs help

UPDATED 2/25/14: Thank you everyone! Fanastic news! We raised $300 for "Challenger".... I love you all!

There is a man in Vermont that has been fighting a long battle with the banksters and corporations posing as the people's governments.   He needs $300 to pay for heating his place in Vermont.  He's still about $200 short.  He needs to stay in that house to keep the property. Unfortunately he also does not have a PayPal account so a friend of mine named Reuben who also lives in Vermont has volunteered to hand deliver the money to Glen.

If you can help do not send the money to me but rather send it to Reuben with the message "for Challenger" in the PayPal message.  Reuben's PayPal address is:

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