Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Trouble with being fat.

I can so relate to this video.  America is so full of fat people, and I was one of them until I came to Morocco.  I lost 14 inches in 14 months. And the English are rapidly catching up with us Yanks. Same corporations.  Food laced with high fructose corn syrups, food plastic containers laced with estrogenic chemicals, GMO wheat with high glycemic starches added to them, and couple that to a life style of very little walking... its not a great health combo, but neither is it all their fault.  

Look at your parents old photos, people ate a lot more meat and potatoes back then and a lot more fat in their deits and they were a lot skinnier.  The food has changed.  Its time we face that simple fact. And then change it.

But even worse than breaking plastic chairs in cold weather, and having to ask the airline flight attendant for a seat belt extender, is the jokes and the outright hatred people show, because being fat is a politically correct sanctioned person to hate and ridicule because people think somehow that will make you get thin...if only you got enough ridicule you'd get thin.  If you want someone ridicule, ridicule the polticians who allow what is being done to our food and endorcine systems to continue...for the greedy fools they are.. or better yet DEMAND GMO labeling and REFUSE TO BUY IT!  CORPORATIONS DO PAY ATTENTION TO SALES NUMBERS!

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