Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Monkey Business at SCRIBD...

Looks like I am not the only one to be suffering abuses at SCRIBD.... although mine was temporary take downs via bogus DMCA copyright harassment on public domain documents created by Scott Bartle. His brilliant and effective  Courtesy Notice creation (and its instructions) was briefly offline.  

Also the German version of the Paradigm Report of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf's investigation into the corruption of banking, government and the judiciary...  was removed from Scribd in Germany. I am uploading the German copy to my Scribd from the German translator so it will also be available from American Scribd servers. The translator is contesting the bogus takedown with Scribd in Germany.

This was on KP's blog about GERMANWINGS crash from Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today:

Sure, “they” crashed Scribd today when Gordon was posting the Germanwings 320 Airbus operating manual for its cockpit security door system that showed a keypad entry option in case of an emergency. They did it very quickly, which means there was some monitoring going on. And then there is still the unaddressed issue of why the “fly by wire” override system was not triggered to take over the plane.
But by crashing Scribd, “they” also blew their hand that they are hiding something major by doing that, so now more effort will go into finding out what that is and who was making the decision to suppress it. And no, we are not leakers, we are pursuing our own parallel investigation without the filters and blinders that official investigators are so often required to wear.

Read more at KP's blog:

No doubt desperate moves to stop the flow of information, but a little too late...  The war of perceptions is over...

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