Saturday, April 4, 2015



The next world is unbroken and open...
The next unity is a love that brings 2 creations closer...
The next time is imminent and shining...
It is just as 7 colors dancing beyond the horizon...
The tonal spheres are spiraling in from a center trace
--- where a little child appears from within the light...

This one image has 4 figures:
And the array of semblance appears through them
-- the others are but a silhouette in form...

Be not afraid -- the trustworthy and pure is all that is left...
Our messengers have come to teach you about what is,
what was, and what will be:
-- in order for you to understand the invisible world
-- and the world that is visible...
There is a pulse that stirs now.
It is an unwavering union within the hearts of the confessing.
Raise your eyes to the needs of tomorrow.
Understand the lessons retrieved through the density of desire.
Share the miracle of life with them that are in stillness
and cannot perceive.
Declare to the creation itself,
and any others who have received the spirit of divine love.

This is the time to see...
The kingdom is in the sky and the birds await.
Even so, the kingdom is in the sea, and their the deep awaits...
A greater kingdom yet awaits inside
once peace is made outside of you!

When you come to know yourselves, 
then you will become known.
When there are two that become one;
-- when the inside becomes like the outside;
-- when the below likens the above;
and when you make the male and the female into one being,
together as one life --- then there is heaven...

When you fashion an eye in the place of the eyes;
When the hands hold together as one hand;
When a likeness bonds with a likeness
--- then will you enter the paradise of love everlasting...

We came from the radiant,
the place where the glowing came into being on its own accord.

Our inception rooted itself and became revealed
through the likeness of an angel...
We are these very children. 

We are movement and repose.
We are the 4th light 

- We are the 4th coordinate.
Light produces light 

---- and life produces life......

The Four Lights arising from the divine:
(Understanding, Grace, Perception, and Consideration)
The 1st light: --- Harmozel -- (Grace exists In Truth and Form)
The 2nd light: --- Oriel -- (Conceptualization, Perception, Memory)
The 3rd light: --- Daveithai -- (Understanding, Love, Ideas)
The 4th light: - Eleleth/Eleven - (Perfection, Peace, Wisdom) 


Everything has come into being from you;

 Everything will return to you...

1st Coordinate:
Her movements are a tapestry of art,
Surrounded by Nymphs of earth and ocean;
The sky her robes that fit the wearer --
Those soft limbs of time are graceful in motion,
Even water falls are shifts and glances,
As the life within her forever dances.

2nd Coordinate:
Her deep eyes are a double Planet,
When gazes undo the seeming madness
With soft clear fire -- are the winds that fan it
They are those thoughts of tender gladness
Alike zephyrs on the billow,
A gentle soul their pillow.

3rd Coordinate:
It is whatever face thou paintest
That makes those eyes grow pale with pleasure,
It is not the fainting soul that is faintest
When it hears the harp's wild triumphant measure,
It is announced in wonder when thou finally speakest
Of the meekness her heart has opened.

4th Coordinate:
As the dew resides beneath the wind of morning,
It is as the sea which whirlwinds awaken,
Like the birds at thunder's warning,
Are as yet deeply shaken,
We are those who feel an unseen spirit
Beating at the heart when Sophia is near it.

Coordinate soundings by: Percy Bys-she Shelley ---

To Sophia --- [Stacey]

Sophia Reminds:
“I am the Providence of pure light”
“I am the thought of the blossoming Spirit"
"Remember what you have heard --- Trace back your roots"
"Awaken -- Stay awake"
"Rise out of the depths of the ceaseless density"
"You are sealed with the (light/water) of the 4th Coordinate"

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