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Encryption is not the refuge of scoundrels, as Obama administration law-enforcement officials loudly proclaim – it is an essential tool needed to protect the right of freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age, a new United Nations report concludes.
Encryption that makes a communication unintelligible to anyone but the intended recipient creates “a zone of privacy to protect opinion and belief,” says the report from David Kaye, who as Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression is essentially the U.N.’s free speech watchdog.

The significance of encryption extends well beyond political speech, Kaye writes. “The ability to search the web, develop ideas and communicate securely may be the only way in which many can explore basic aspects of identity, such as one’s gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin or sexuality.”

Encryption, like anonymity, is essential to artists, journalists, whistleblowers, and many other classes of people, the report says.

And far from banning or weakening encryption, governments should embrace and strengthen it, Kaye writes. He specifically urges the U.S. Congress to “prohibit the Government from requiring companies to weaken product security or insert back-door access measures.”

Obama administration officials have been advocating for encryption with some sort of built-in measure that law enforcement could circumvent, either an intentional weakness that creates a “back door,” or some sort of split “master key”.

Newly-installed Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday became the latest to engage in fear-mongering, saying she had “grave concerns” about encryption’s use by “people whose sworn duty is to harm Americans here and abroad.”

National Security Agency director Mike Rogers took a slightly more nuanced view on Wednesday, ZDNet reported. “You’re not going to hear me say that encryption is a bad thing. I don’t think it is a bad thing. Encryption is not bad. Encryption is a fundamental part of the future; I think it would be ridiculous to pretend otherwise,” Rogers told a cyberwarfare conference in Estonia.



(updated below)

Several of the most extremist provisions of the 2001 Patriot Act are going to expire on June 1 unless Congress reauthorizes them in some form. Obama officials such as Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and new Attorney General Loretta Lynch have been engaged in rank fear-mongering to coerce renewal, warning that we’ll all be “less safe” if these provisions are allowed to “sunset” as originally intended, while invoking classic Cheneyite rhetoric by saying Patriot Act opponents will bear the blame for the next attack. In an interview yesterday with the Intercept, ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer explained why those scare tactics are outright frivolous.

Enter the New York Times. An article this morning by Julie Hirschfeld Davis, in the first paragraph, cites anonymous Obama officials warning that “failing to [strike a deal by the deadline] would suspend crucial domestic surveillance authority at a time of mounting terrorism threats.” Behold the next two paragraphs:

“What you’re doing, essentially, is you’re playing national security Russian roulette,” one senior administration official said of allowing the powers to lapse. That prospect appears increasingly likely with the measure, the USA Freedom Act, stalled and lawmakers in their home states and districts during a congressional recess.

“We’re in uncharted waters,” another senior member of the administration said at a briefing organized by the White House, where three officials spoke with reporters about the consequences of inaction by Congress. “We have not had to confront addressing theterrorist threat without these authorities, and it’s going to befraught with unnecessary risk.”

Those two paragraphs, courtesy of the Obama White House and the Paper of Record, have it all: the principal weapons that have poisoned post-9/11 political discourse in the U.S.

We have the invocation of wholly vague but Extremely Scary and Always Intensifying Terrorism Dangers (“at a time of mounting terrorism threats”). We have the actual terror threat that failure to accede to the government’s demands for power will result in your death (“you’re playing national security Russian roulette”); compare what Bush officials spewed in 2005 about the few members of Congress who tried to enact some mild Patriot Act reforms back then (White House press secretary Scott McClellan: “In the war on terror, we cannot afford to be without these vital tools for a single moment … The time for Democrats to stop standing in the way has come”).

And we have the New York Times – in the name of reporting on White House efforts to pressure Congress to act – granting anonymity to “senior administration officials” to spew their official fear-mongering script. This isn’t even an instance where some administration “source” called the paper pretending to leak information that was really just official narrative; this was a White House-arranged call where anonymity was demanded as a condition for the honor of stenographically disseminating their words.

Worst of all, it’s all published uncritically. There’s not a syllable challenging or questioning any of these dire warnings. No Patriot Act opponent is heard from. None of the multiple facts exposing these scare tactics as manipulative and false are referenced.

It’s just government propaganda masquerading as a news article, where anonymous officials warn the country that they will die if the Patriot Act isn’t renewed immediately, while decreeing that Congressional critics of the law will have blood on their hands due to their refusal to obey. In other words, it’s a perfect museum exhibit for how government officials in both parties and American media outlets have collaborated for 15 years to enact one radical measure after the next and destroy any chance for rational discourse about it.

* * * * *

Are terror threats ever not mounting”? It’s now embedded in the journalistic slogan: Mounting Terrorism Threats.

UPDATE: Commenter Kitt argues, quite reasonably, that I omitted what may be the most darkly hilarious White House claim as helpfully laundered by the NYT, found in the last paragraph:

With the power set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, a senior administration official said, the N.S.A. has a team on "hot standby" and has contacted telecommunications companies with an action plan. Eight hours before the deadline, at 3:59 p.m., the agency would begin shutting off the servers that run the program and revoking access to its databases.  Rebooting would take about a day, the official said, and would entail going back to the telecommunications providers and obtaining a court order.

“Hot standby“: how they must have congratulated themselves when they coined that. Note, too, that the last thing the White House and NYT tells you to make you scared is that if the Patriot Act provisions lapse, it’d mean they’d have to “obtain a court order” before getting the records they want:frightening.  [LOL!!! Its what they should have been doing all along! -AK]

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BY GLENN GREENWALD @ggreenwald 07/14/2014

Featured photo - Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet
The secretive British spy agency GCHQ has developed covert tools to seed the internet with false information, including the ability to manipulate the results of online polls, artificially inflate pageview counts on web sites, “amplif[y]” sanctioned messages on YouTube, and censor video content judged to be “extremist.” The capabilities, detailed in documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, even include an old standby for pre-adolescent prank callers everywhere: A way to connect two unsuspecting phone users together in a call.

The tools were created by GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), and constitute some of the most startling methods of propaganda and internet deception contained within the Snowden archive. Previously disclosed documents have detailed JTRIG’s use of “fake victim blog posts,” “false flag operations,” “honey traps” and psychological manipulation to target online activists, monitor visitors to WikiLeaks, and spy on YouTube and Facebook users.

But as the U.K. Parliament today debates a fast-tracked bill to provide the government with greater surveillance powers, one which Prime Minister David Cameron has justified as an “emergency” to “help keep us safe,” a newly released top-secret GCHQ document called “JTRIG Tools and Techniques” provides a comprehensive, birds-eye view of just how underhanded and invasive this unit’s operations are. The documentavailable in full hereis designed to notify other GCHQ units of JTRIG’s “weaponised capability” when it comes to the dark internet arts, and serves as a sort of hacker’s buffet for wreaking online havoc.


The “tools” have been assigned boastful code names. They include invasive methods for online surveillance, as well as some of the very techniques that the U.S. and U.K. have harshly prosecuted young online activists for employing, including “distributed denial of service” attacks and “call bombing.” But they also describe previously unknown tactics for manipulating and distorting online political discourse and disseminating state propaganda, as well as the apparent ability to actively monitor Skype users in real-time—raising further questions about the extent of Microsoft’s cooperation with spy agencies or potential vulnerabilities in its Skype’s encryption. Here’s a list of how JTRIG describes its capabilities:

• “Change outcome of online polls” (UNDERPASS)
• “Mass delivery of email messaging to support an Information Operations campaign” (BADGER) and “mass delivery of SMS messages to support an Information Operations campaign” (WARPARTH) 
• “Disruption of video-based websites hosting extremist content through concerted target discovery and content removal.” (SILVERLORD)
• “Active skype capability. Provision of real time call records (SkypeOut and SkypetoSkype) and bidirectional instant messaging. Also contact lists.” (MINIATURE HERO)
• “Find private photographs of targets on Facebook” (SPRING BISHOP)
• “A tool that will permanently disable a target’s account on their computer” (ANGRY PIRATE)
• “Ability to artificially increase traffic to a website” (GATEWAY) and “ability to inflate page views on websites” (SLIPSTREAM)
• “Amplification of a given message, normally video, on popular multimedia websites (Youtube)” (GESTATOR)
• “Targeted Denial Of Service against Web Servers” (PREDATORS FACE) and “Distributed denial of service using P2P. Built by ICTR, deployed by JTRIG” (ROLLING THUNDER) 
• “A suite of tools for monitoring target use of the UK auction site eBay (” (ELATE)
• “Ability to spoof any email address and send email under that identity” (CHANGELING)
• “For connecting two target phone together in a call” (IMPERIAL BARGE)

While some of the tactics are described as “in development,” JTRIG touts “most” of them as “fully operational, tested and reliable.” It adds: “We only advertise tools here that are either ready to fire or very close to being ready.”

And JTRIG urges its GCHQ colleagues to think big when it comes to internet deception: “Don’t treat this like a catalogue. If you don’t see it here, it doesn’t mean we can’t build it.”

The document appears in a massive Wikipedia-style archive used by GCHQ to internally discuss its surveillance and online deception activities. The page indicates that it was last modified in July 2012, and had been accessed almost 20,000 times.

GCHQ refused to provide any comment on the record beyond its standard boilerplate, in which it claims that it acts “in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework” and is subject to “rigorous oversight.” But both claims are questionable.

British watchdog Privacy International has filed pending legal action against GCHQ over the agency’s use of malware to spy on internet and mobile phone users. Several GCHQ memos published last fall by The Guardian revealed that the agency was eager to keep its activities secret not to protect national security, but because “our main concern is that references to agency practices (ie, the scale of interception and deletion) could lead to damaging public debate which might lead to legal challenges against the current regime.” And an EU parliamentary inquiry earlier this year concluded that GCHQ activities were likely illegal.

As for oversight, serious questions have been raised about whether top national security officials even know what GCHQ is doing. Chris Huhne, a former cabinet minister and member of the national security council until 2012, insisted that ministers were in “utter ignorance” about even the largest GCHQ spying program, known as Tempora—not to mention “their extraordinary capability to hoover up and store personal emails, voice contact, social networking activity and even internet searches.” In an October Guardian op-ed, Huhne wrote that “when it comes to the secret world of GCHQ and the [NSA], the depth of my ‘privileged information’ has been dwarfed by the information provided by Edward Snowden to The Guardian.”

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U.S. Approves SunOpta System for Detecting Genetically Modified Crops

Lets hope this is better self-policing than the banks do... I am quite familiar with the logistic supply chain thoroughness of companies like Cargill, Pillsbury and other agriculture commodity companies in Minnesota, yet the supply chain is only as good as its weakest link.  I worked for 3 years in supply chain software systems and have many friends in these companies.  -AK
U.S. Approves SunOpta System for Detecting Genetically Modified Crops


A little-known but publicly traded organic food processing company, SunOpta, has persuaded the federal government that its system for detecting genetically modified crops is so effective that the company should be permitted to label ingredients from one of its plants in Minnesota as free of such alterations.

“Consumers are looking for transparency, and we have a process in place that we’ve used for years,” Steven R. Bromley, chief executive of SunOpta, said in an interview on Friday. The company, which is based in Toronto but has most of its facilities in the United States, specializes in sourcing, processing and packaging of natural and certified organic food products that are sold in stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s.

The labeling of foods to indicate the presence or absence of ingredients from genetically modified crops like corn, soy and sugar beets is one of the most contentious issues in the food business. Over the last few years, consumers, fearing that the manipulation of genes in the crops they eat could be harmful, have been putting increasing pressure on food producers to label products containing ingredients from so-called G.M.O.s (genetically modified organisms). Studies have not found any harmful effects from eating G.M.O.s.

The United States Department of Agriculture is not certifying that SunOpta’s ingredients are G.M.O.-free. Rather, it is certifying that the SunOpta process does ensure that the corn and soy it plans to process in its plant in Hope, Minn., are not genetically altered varieties.

That longstanding U.S.D.A. program, called “process verification,” typically allows companies that have passed the agency’s muster to use a red, white and blue shield on packaging. Some meat products from animals raised humanely, for example, sport the shield on their wrappers.

But the U.S.D.A. has given SunOpta permission to use a new navy-and-green label that reads “Non-G.M.O./G.E. process verified.”

The decision was noted in a monthly email that Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack sends to employees. That email was obtained by The Associated Press, which reported on Thursday that the U.S.D.A. would soon disclose a new labeling program.

A Proposal to Modify Plants Gives G.M.O. Debate New Life

A rice farmer in Indonesia. In Southeast Asia, millions of farmers use flood-resistant rice produced through crossbreeding, a process researchers seek to speed up with a technique they call "rewilding." Credit John Seaton Callahan/Getty Images 

A Proposal to Modify Plants Gives G.M.O. Debate New Life


What’s in a name?

A lot, if the name is genetically modified organism, or G.M.O., which many people are dead set against. But what if scientists used the precise techniques of today’s molecular biology to give back to plants genes that had long ago been bred out of them? And what if that process were called “rewilding?”

That is the idea being floated by a group at the University of Copenhagen, which is proposing the name for the process that would result if scientists took a gene or two from an ancient plant variety and melded it with more modern species to promote greater resistant to drought, for example.

“I consider this something worth discussing,” said Michael B. Palmgren, a plant biologist at the Danish university who headed a group, including scientists, ethicists and lawyers, that is funded by the university and the Danish National Research Foundation.
RELATED: U.S. Approves SunOpta System for Detecting Genetically Modified Crops MAY 15, 2015

They pondered the problem of fragile plants in organic farming, came up with the rewilding idea, and published their proposal Thursday in the journal Trends in Plant Science.

"Rewilded" bread wheat plants that scientists designed to be rust resistant, left, next to common bread wheat plants. Credit International Center for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat 
The best way to improve plants, they say, is with “precision breeding,” using well-known modern methods for inserting and deleting genes in cells.

The researchers wrote that in the United States and Canada, non-G.M.O. foods are prohibited from having genes that could not have occurred in nature in that plant. So adding a fish gene to a plant, for example, is forbidden if the food is to be labeled non-G.M.O. But adding a gene from an ancient variety of the same plant using precision breeding would be allowed, Dr. Palmgren said.

In Europe, the rules are different, they report. There, G.M.O. is defined by the process, not the product. The methods of genetic engineering are forbidden, even if the gene that is added is from the same plant. That means “rewilded” foods created with precision breeding could be labeled non-G.M.O. in the United States, but not in Europe, they conclude.

Rebecca M. Bratspies, a law professor at the City University of New York who has no public position on the G.M.O. or organics debate, said the issue is not the definition of G.M.O. in the United States — there is no legal definition of G.M.O., she noted. Instead, it is the definition of “organic” that matters.

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Everyone Is Fleeing Oil's Biggest Fund

"Smart money" is leaving crude oil... zero point energy on the horizon? -AK

Everyone Is Fleeing Oil's Biggest Fund

by Moming Zhou
1:01 AM CEST
May 29, 2015

The biggest U.S. exchange-traded fund that tracks oil is heading for the largest two-month outflow in six years, raising concern that crude’s 30 percent rally may stall.

Holders of the United States Oil Fund, known as USO, have withdrawn almost $1 billion so far in April and May, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Crude dropped about $12 a barrel after a $1.4 billion exodus from the fund in the two months ended June 2009.

Oil has rebounded from a six-year low in mid-March on speculation that the falling number of drilling rigs will reduce output. U.S. crude stockpiles near the highest level in 85 years and OPEC’s refusal to cut production will continue to weigh on prices, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Deutsche Bank AG and Citigroup Inc.

“The oil rebound has run out of gas and now you are seeing nervous investors with itchy trigger fingers bailing out of USO,” Eric Balchunas, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, said May 27. “They don’t want to get burned by another drop in oil.”

West Texas Intermediate crude for July delivery added 69 cents to $58.37 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 11:41 a.m. London time, up from a closing price of $43.46 on March 17. Futures rallied 25 percent in April, the biggest monthly gain since May 2009, and have fallen 2.1 percent so far in May.


THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015
An Unexpected Conversation with the Arcturians


Dearest Suzille,
Your resonance has expanded into a higher frequency, but your conscious awareness has not yet flowed into that portal of your SELF because your consciousness has not yet fully occupied that resonance.

You higher consciousness flowing into your earth vessel and the consciousness that now resonates to your earth vessel do not YET intermingle. Therefore, what is occurring is that you feel a bit of disconnection from Source.

This disconnection is just your 3D brain trying to figure out what is occurring. The solution for this issue is that you pull in the protection that you have via your connection to us, your Arcturian SELF.

You have always experienced us as above you. We ask now that you experience us as within you. You could begin with your Pleiadian expressions of SELF, but your primary alignment within this NOW is with us, the Arcturians.

It is difficult to explain in human language what we are saying, so we will speak symbolically .Do you see the picture of your Pleiadian and Antarian Selves on your right and left?


Now see that we are directly above your head, above your pineal gland. Do you see how the Pleiadians and Antarians are protecting you?


Now see how we are directly above your Crown Chakra, protecting and communing with you.


Can you now feel our protection and information entering through your crown and flowing through you and into the core of Gaia?


Around us you also see the Angels and Ascended Masters, Correct?


Good, you just figured out in your own mind—by reading the light language of your life—to look at that which you desire to perceive and ignore that which upsets, distracts, or s you from your purpose.

NOW, this is very important, focus on that which expands your consciousness and release/look through that which lowers your consciousness.

We say, “look through” for we want you to be aware of any potential danger about where you are walking or a darker energy field. However, you must learn to NOT be distracted by the dark.

You have been trained by your life to recognize any danger of darkness, but now you need to acknowledge it exists without any interaction besides a quick thought of unconditional love and violet fire.


That is true. But that “hard way” also taught you that miracles happen every day.

Cleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People After DOJ Exposed their Dangerous Habit


Cleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People After DOJ Exposed their Dangerous Habit

By John Vibes on May 27, 2015

Cleveland, Ohio – The Cleveland Police Department has recently been under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department after a number of high-profile police murders have taken place in the city in a short period of time.

One disturbing police practice in Cleveland that the investigation exposed was the fact that officers with the department regularly use their guns to hit people on the head. The 21-month investigation revealed that pistol-whipping is a regular practice for Cleveland police. This practice often results in accidently discharging their guns while hitting people over their heads, putting innocent lives in danger.

One of the outcomes of the investigation was the Cleveland Police Department promising to stop the practice, and will be legally bound to do so according to the Justice Department report.

“[Cleveland Division of Police’s] policy will expressly provide that using a firearm as an impact weapon is never an authorized tactic. Officers will be trained that use of a firearm as an impact weapon could result in death to suspects, bystanders and themselves,“ the report said.

The report also said, “It is also unclear why CDP appears to be categorizing hitting someone with a gun as a conventional response when force is needed. This is uniformly understood to be a dangerous practice that should never be permitted except in very unusual and exigent circumstances in which the use of deadly force is authorized; yet, it was a practice we saw CDP officers engaging in too frequently.”

The report also says police will not be allowed to display their weapons unless they truly believe that lethal force is necessary to use. However, many police officers feel that running away from an officer for a small non-violent offense is reason enough to use lethal force, so these guidelines leave much room for improvement.

However, de-escalation techniques are highlighted in the report, and officers will now allegedly be trained to prevent encounters from ending in violence.

“Many of the things are the long-standing policies in these good departments. Like hitting people with their guns, like a baton. The good departments banned that decades ago,” said Sam Walker, a retired criminology professor at the University of Nebraska.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at


Solar Sisters: How This "Avon Lady" Model Of Solar Distribution Has Taken Off

Solar Sisters: How This "Avon Lady" Model Of Solar Distribution Has Taken Off

Women are earning side income from the project and spreading solar products in areas where power is lacking, but Solar Sister as an organization still relies mostly on philanthropic support.

Solar Sister is a social business that uses an "Avon Lady"-type model to distribute solar equipment in Africa. It's been operating for more than five years and now works with about 1,500 women entrepreneurs in three countries. The women buy solar lamps, solar phone chargers, and solar panels at cost, then mark up the items at retail, pocketing the difference. Solar Sister provides training and support, helping the saleswomen reach their goals.

As part of our new series checking in on projects we've written about in the past, we spoke with CEO Katherine Lucey. She talked about the challenges the company has faced in that time and how Solar Sister hopes to continue to grow.

Lucey founded the business on the premise that women are the family members most likely to use solar equipment. In Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria, they're the ones who currently buy kerosene for lighting and see that their kids have enough light at night to do homework. After that, it also seemed logical that the best people to sell to women would be other women.

"We thought the way to reach women was for one woman to tell another woman 'I use this at home,'" Lucey says. "She can talk to her cousin, her friend, her sister with real authentic understanding of the benefits. There is a trust there, and a network."

Clear as mud

From a Twitter post by Dylan Ratigan

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A Pleiades Welcome

So this is a sharing.  The whole of it, well, you’d have to be here.  Maybe you’d have to be me.  I shared it with my partner and he cried (with joy) from the telling of it.  Most of it is not in my words, so for today, I will not be the author of this blog post.  It was given to me.  Now, it is given to you.

This song is part of the story.   You’ll see.  It’s explained at the end.

This is a blog (not a newsletter) because it is meant for us all.  Please share it if you are so moved.  It is for everyone. It is a message of hope.  A confirmation of us, an incredible piece of what we have been only imagining. There is no longer any doubt.

Yesterday, May 27th, 2015 I sat down and said…
I feel someone, who is this?

You will need to release expectings and ideas of both reasons for and methods of contact, if we are to chat.

What do you mean by methods?

Methods are ways of producing desired effects.  These must be open to alteration as my energy is not one you’ve known.

Yet I hear and feel you.

You do.  This is by way of introduction.  I would like to diverge from word communication to event/idea/subject communication.  This coincides with what happens in the spaces you have labeled “higher realms” or faster frequencies or different densities
Okay.  I’m open.

This will require a non-judgmental allowing of an idea, a thought – merely looking at it.
In this way it is hoped that a clearer picture can be given of this other way of life.  Life in 5D+.  Until now you’ve been speaking to others.  Each with valid information and told word by word. In truth you had no real picture of what was said until after the conversation completed itself.
In contrast, in densities/realms other than earth – communication is in complete thoughts.  In actuality you can do that now, and do, yet the use of words interprets and gets in the way.
This is because you alter your focus from what you are communicating or receiving to what you are saying or the words you are hearing.  You step away from the art of telepathy to speak and listen to words.  When in fact it is all telepathy to a greater or lesser degree.

So, who are you?

I am a being from the Pleiades and we have watched eagerly your discussions, waiting to move into your field and show you what your own day to day communication will be like once you complete your shift.

Do you have a name that could be used as reference?

I am known as Helna.


More like H-E-L-L-E-N-A-T
Is the final letter silent?

It is soft, not hard.

Okay, what do we do to proceed with this new type of communicating?

You remain open and listening.  I will send the idea and we’ll see what gets heard by you.

(I waited and received for a bit, allowing an immersion into what I was feeling and seeing)

I would like to tell you about what I see/sense/feel and how I interpret it all.

Yes, please.

I see first swirling dresses, dancing, a rambunctious and joyful dance – a performance – reds, white, colors – clapping.  This is indoors, though not on earth.  Not a planet of any type but a ship.  This is a celebration due to a homecoming.  Those who are dancing are demonstrating overwhelming joy.  Deep satisfaction in those watching at this juncture – long awaited. 

It feels as if you are sending these to me with a feeling of coming home.  At how many beings eagerly anticipate the homecoming of those of us who have been human for so long.  Those of us who will be returning home.

(Note *these images were coupled with waves of love, of joy, of immense feelings of “welcome home”… It is a challenge to find words to describe the intensity of this gathering and its effect on me…)

You are seeing it Sophia.  If you allow without so much associative input you will see more detail; remember more detail of this home that I am sensing.  The challenge with the human brain is it likes to categorize.  Your memories of this place have no category you are familiar with in your current life.

Yes.  The dresses threw me.

The dresses are your only visual context for a mesmerizing, welcoming dance that draws you into it.  You are putting in a sort of square dance type costuming.  This is not a square dance.  It is a deeply sacred series of movements that are practiced and then handed from dancer to dancer.  I was hoping you would remember/feel the solemnity of the dance itself.  It has been practiced and perfected over eons for a very specific homecoming.  Yours.

You are speaking the empirical “you”?

Yes.  As those humans who volunteered for this work return home, each will be welcomed in the manner significant for that specific origin.  Our race holds the movement, dancelike, as both beautiful and unique.  It is a gift by every measure, and requires the entire community’s participation.  Not only the dancers, but the musicians, choreographers, costumers, attendants and logistics personnel.  It is a deep honor.  We are eagerly awaiting your return.  We will learn so much and we have missed you all.

Okay, I would like to try this again.  I must go.

I am aware.  Until then.

(Note* after this, there was an overwhelming feeling of joy and I was sort of awestruck.  I wandered into the room where I work, turned on my computer and kindle and this song was playing.  

I began to cry and to sway with the visuals and feelings I was still getting.  The sense of it is so difficult to describe, it is not like the family we know here, but sort of. It is perhaps so overwhelmingly loving because it has been so very long since a reunion has actually happened. 

There is a sense of being with others who “get” you completely, that is experienced at every level of being; a deep validation.  The only word I have in my heart is “home”; yet even that does not do it justice.  Perhaps a better word is “agape”; unconditional acceptance.

The sense I have is that this is waiting for each of us, in some method of expression.  This is one family reunion you won’t want to miss! 

We are the ones they are waiting for.

Sign up for my newsletter here, I am talking to lots of beings these days!  They are sent every 5 – 7 days.  Look in your spam or promotions folder as they seem to be ending up there.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted

Posted: 05/28/2015 5:21 pm EDT Updated: 9 minutes ago

CHICAGO (AP) — Federal prosecutors have indicted former U.S. House Speaker House Dennis Hastert on bank-related charges.

A statement from the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago says the 73-year-old Illinois Republican is accused of structuring the withdrawal of $952,000 in cash in order to evade the requirement that banks report cash transactions over $10,000. He's also accused of lying to the FBI.

NSA director wants ‘maritime’ law for internet

National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers (Mark Wilson / Getty Images / AFP)

NSA director wants ‘maritime’ law for internet
Published time: May 27, 2015 17:41

International partners should embrace a sort of “Law of the Sea” for the internet, the head of the United States National Security Agency now says, in order to keep the web open and safe from bad actors, state-sponsored or otherwise.

Speaking at a cyberwar conference in Estonia on Wednesday, NSA Director Mike Rogers told attendees that continuing management of an "open, reliable and safe" internet may be best achieved if global stakeholders look towards other areas, where widespread cooperation is required to keep operations afloat.

“I hope we do not find a world in which the internet becomes something that fractures and where the ability to move information freely is controlled,” Rogers said at the seventh Conference on Cyber Conflict, an annual event hosted by NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence.

“The seas around the world are, much like the cyber domain, not governed by one single nation. We have created maritime norms and have to do the same in the cyber space to ensure a flow of information and ideas,” Rogers said, adding, "I'd like to see if we can create something equivalent to the maritime world in the cyber world that enables us to keep moving information, keep moving commerce, keep moving ideas on a global basis.”

"Can we create a 'global commons', so to speak, that enables open, reliable, safe and resilient communications, a flow of information and ideas?" the spy chief added. "(This should be) in a framework that maximizes its use for all of us."

Rogers’ remarks came just shy of the two-year anniversary concerning the publication of the first news articles to make use of leaked NSA documents to expose aspects of the agency’s previously secret surveillance operations. Since June 2013, classified files provided to the media by Edward Snowden, a former US government contractor, have detailed the NSA’s global eavesdropping efforts, including programs that opponents say have compromised core aspects of the internet.

Read more:  New NSA chief contradicts predecessor over Snowden revelations

"The issue is not that the NSA is spying on whoever the bad guy is who they want to spy on," acclaimed cryptologist Bruce Schneier said previously of the agency’s effort. "The issue is that they are deliberately weakening the security of everyone else in the world in order to make that spying easier."

Notwithstanding nearly two years of condemnation from international critics, Rogers reportedly urged attendees at this week’s event to work together with the US to adopt a system of governance that would keep the web as open as possible. Given revelations made possible by the Snowden trove, however, Rogers could encounter an uphill battle when trying to get international partners on the same page.

NSA disclosures have already led Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to call for a country-specific internet to avoid US surveillance, and some of America’s biggest tech companies, including Google and Apple, have announced plans to open new data centers abroad to ease foreign customers, who fear their information is falling into the hands of Uncle Sam.

Commenting to Reuters, Richard Hill, a former staff member of the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union, said the NSA chief’s remarks were "exactly contrary" to current US policy that puts America’s intentions above those of others.

On June 5, 2013, the Washington Post and the Guardian first reported that the NSA collects millions of telephone records in bulk on a regular basis, regardless of whether that data pertains to individuals suspected of any criminal activity. After nearly two years of debate, the Patriot Act provision that supposedly authorized the NSA to collect call records, Section 215, is set to expire at the end of this month.

GAIA PORTAL: Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery

Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery
by ÉirePort

Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery.

Inner Freedoms are embraced within humanity and Hue-manity.

Distinctions differences between humanity and Hue-manity decrease rapidly at this moment.

Forward movements via the Stillness are primary.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

SWITCHFOOT: New Way to Be Human

When the weird comes out

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
John Lennon

It’s like there are two versions of life.  One – (this blog and newsletter) - is filled with people I talk to and love… The other – (my home, family and jobs) – is also filled with people I talk to and love.  Both exist simultaneously.  Perhaps this is the start of “getting” multi-dimensional life.  One has no knowledge of the other, yet I exist in both each day.  We are stepping into true unity.  It is time to own who we are; all of who we are.

This on-line dimension is morphing and growing, just as the physical version changes.  The entire process becomes one expanding human life.  The John Lennon quote above sort of describes where this post is heading.  If we pay attention we’ll notice.  “Ascension, the Shift, Evolution” (or whatever we are calling it today) is happening, while we all make other plans.

As we notice, talk about, listen to, read and share – we make it real.  It becomes current.  It is no longer possible for me to say this blog and newsletter are non-essential parts of my days.  This is part of who I AM.  I am a telepathic empath.  The myriad of beings I talk to, on and off planet, are equally fascinating and important.  We don’t all agree yet we are each participating in a tremendous transformation.

The evolution of the human is still the best show in town.  As confusing and exciting and a bit worrisome it may be for us – it is fascinating to anyone in the audience.  The conversations taking place telepathically display something clearly; something important.

These are beings, just like you and me.  Some are serious, some sort of giddy, some rather unusual and some like your next door neighbor.  Some of these beings we’ve labeled “alien” and with that label comes a host of Hollywood imprinting or super powers.  These are neither true nor constructive, but divisive. It is time to retire the words “foreign” and “enemy” and even “alien”.  We are each alien in the right context; the name says nothing.

The name “telepathic empath” describes what I do. The conversations being shared in the newsletter are not channeled, but spoken to me.  Telepathy with another human on earth is only slightly different.  The one reaching out must have clarity of intent.  I am like a party line. I only need to pick up the receiver; there is always someone there.

I’m beginning to think the purpose of these conversations and cast of characters is a sort of gentle disclosure. With their words I feel definite personalities.  They are as diverse in looks and agendas and methods of speaking as we are.  As I meet them, my associative brain kicks in and I can’t help but categorize them.  There’s a “Chew-Baca”, a smallish leprechaun like being, a cowboy… 

It may sound weird, (there are definitely circles I don’t discuss this in), yet I’ll submit here that even that label is separatist.  It’s not weird.  It’s simply more life.

Our life seems to be set on a path that takes us to new and untested places with new and unknown beings.  We won’t like all of them or trust all of them.  Yet each is worthy.  Just because they reach us telepathically doesn’t mean they know all the answers or hold any specific agenda (“good” or “bad”).  It just means that’s how they communicate.  

If we can relax and go gently and seamlessly into our own evolution, we’ll begin to recognize the enormous power we hold.  It is time we become as fascinated with ourselves as everyone else seems to be.  Trust.  

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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Hilarion's Weekly Message - May 24, 2015

Hilarion's Weekly Message
from Marlene Swetlishoff ~ May 24-31, 2015

Beloved Ones,

There is a deep alignment taking place within your inner self. Many of you are feeling as though you are back to square one, having to start the process of purging and cleansing all over again. This is not so and if you can observe the thoughts that come through you, you will see that this particular strain of thought process comes from an earlier time in your lives. Once you make that distinction, you will observe and release these much more easily. Some of these are your core wounds, deeply held in this lifetime and which you brought with you from previous lifetimes to be addressed and resolved in your current lifetime. It may not feel pleasant as you go through this process but be assured it is bringing the final resolution and you will soon pass through this difficult portal. Try to keep a positive focus during this time as it truly means a great accomplishment for you when it is seen from your soul’s higher perspective.

Be extra kind and forgiving of yourselves during this final cleansing. Ask us to help keep you uplifted and focused on higher thoughts as you feel the density within you. By now, you know what you can personally do to help yourselves get through this time as you take stock of the methods you carry in your personal toolbox. You have been here and done this before – remember what worked for you before and revisit those methods once again. Be assured that there is a greater Light than ever felt before at the end of this tunnel. You are loved unconditionally and with no judgement from your Family of Light; it remains for each of you to incorporate this same love into your own understanding of self. Sometimes, each human can be their own worst enemy and harshest taskmaster. Growth is taking place, Dear Ones, and a shift to a greater awareness is happening. It is all good in the end result. Keep this knowledge in your hearts.

Let your spirit be sustained by the knowledge that the spiral of life moves ever closer to a higher outcome than you at first believed was possible. You are creating miracles as you allow this experience. On deeper levels of your multi-dimensional nature, you are the teachers who impart your hard won knowledge, wisdom and experience to others throughout the universe. Each person who is undergoing the rigors of life on the planet is looked upon as hero and heroine throughout all timelines and dimensions. As you focus on the here and now, you are further aligning to your true divine essence and more of the gifts you bring to this world are unfolding and ripening in their potential. Even though it seems that you have been standing still, on the inner levels, much progress is being made as further healing takes place within you.

Finding your way through this maze is easier than ever before, for now you honor yourselves for the efforts you have made in this game called life upon a physical planet. Much has changed within your perspective and the wisdom you have gained in this and former lifetimes is blossoming forth from within you now. You know now that you are the creator of your reality and that you can intend a different and better reality than you’ve lived and experienced before. It is all up to you to decide and determine how your life should go. Your higher soul aspects are eager to merge with you and there is a great excitement in the anticipation of this event. As you surrender to this metamorphosis that is taking place within you, life on Earth becomes much easier to endure and experience.

You are slowly beginning to realize that your life can be more beautiful than you have ever dreamt it could be. As you reconnect with your divine inner child abiding within your sacred heart space, you are creating the life of your dreams. It is a life filled with joy, peace, healing, accomplishment, success and achievement. It is up to you how quickly or slowly you bring this into your experience. You are in the driver’s seat and all of life is working with you and for you!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and websites are included.

Breakthrough bionic leg prosthesis controlled by subconscious thoughts

I hope every War Veteran amputee from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars gets one of these and the bill is sent directly to the Bush family! -AK

Breakthrough bionic leg prosthesis controlled by subconscious thoughts

May 24, 2015 

The Ossur system uses implanted sensors sending wireless signals to the artificial limb's built-in computer

Biomedical engineering company Össur has announced the successful development of a thought controlled bionic prosthetic leg. The new technology uses implanted sensors sending wireless signals to the artificial limb's built-in computer, enabling subconscious, real-time control and faster, more natural responses and movements. 

Prosthetics controlled by muscle impulses have been around since the late 1960s, but the technology has severe limitations. It works by laying sensors on the skin of the vestigial limb, which picks up electrical impulses that control, for example, an artificial arm. The trouble is, these sensors pick up electric impulses from more than one muscle. This degrades performance, requires a lot of practice to operate properly, and makes the prosthesis slow, Imprecise, and frustrating to use.

One answer to this is to use more precise sensor arrangements that make the limb, for all practical purposes, mind-controlled. The method is already used with great success on upper limbs and even artificial hands, but, paradoxically, it's been less successful with lower limbs.

The problem is that upper limbs use more conscious control than the lower ones. We use arms and hands for actually doing things like picking up a cup or working a screwdriver so we do a lot of the heavy work of coordination. By contrast, we use legs for getting around and our control is much less conscious. Essentially, the legs need to control themselves by means of reflexes triggered by the spinal cord rather than direct commands from the brain.

For example, we can put on a pair of socks without being aware of what a complex series of movements we execute with the foot and ankle without any awareness. The leg and foot just do what they’re supposed to do. But without this automatic adjustment by our neuromuscular system, clearing a doorstep without stumbling becomes a major accomplishment.

Össur's new mind-controlled technology for lower-limb prosthetics is designed to be compatible with its line of bionic feet, knees, and legs. These bionic prostheses are computerized smart limbs capable of real-time learning with the ability to adjust themselves to the wearer's gait as well as the walking speed and terrain.

The control system works by means of Implanted MyoElectric Sensors (IMES) developed by the Alfred Mann Foundation. The size of a matchstick, these are implanted into specific remnant muscles in the limb stump. Meanwhile, a coiled-wire receiver inside the prosthesis' cup picks up the impulses and transmits them wirelessly to the robotic limb's computer. Together, the IMES and robotic limb act as a sort cybernetic spinal cord. Instead of the wearer consciously controlling the limb's movements, the wearer sends an unconscious command to the prosthesis, which controls the movement.

"The technology allows the user’s experience with their prosthesis to become more intuitive and integrative," says Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, leader of the mind-controlled prosthetics project. "The result is the instantaneous physical movement of the prosthesis however the amputee intended. They no longer need to think about their movements because their unconscious reflexes are automatically converted into myoelectric impulses that control their Bionic prosthesis."

Two volunteers have had the technology implanted for a year as part of the First-in-Man research project. Both participating amputees were positive about the new technology and clinical trials are continuing.

The announcement was made today by Jon Sigurdsson, President & CEO of Össur, the global innovator credited with creating the world’s first Bionic prostheses for amputees.

"Mind-controlled Bionic prosthetic legs are a remarkable clinical breakthrough in next-generation Bionic technology," said Jon Sigurdsson, President & CEO of Össur. "By adapting not only to the individual’s intentional movements but to intuitive actions, we are closer than ever to creating prosthetics that are truly integrated with their user."

Source: Össur via Popular Science
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