Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Pleiades Welcome

So this is a sharing.  The whole of it, well, you’d have to be here.  Maybe you’d have to be me.  I shared it with my partner and he cried (with joy) from the telling of it.  Most of it is not in my words, so for today, I will not be the author of this blog post.  It was given to me.  Now, it is given to you.

This song is part of the story.   You’ll see.  It’s explained at the end.

This is a blog (not a newsletter) because it is meant for us all.  Please share it if you are so moved.  It is for everyone. It is a message of hope.  A confirmation of us, an incredible piece of what we have been only imagining. There is no longer any doubt.

Yesterday, May 27th, 2015 I sat down and said…
I feel someone, who is this?

You will need to release expectings and ideas of both reasons for and methods of contact, if we are to chat.

What do you mean by methods?

Methods are ways of producing desired effects.  These must be open to alteration as my energy is not one you’ve known.

Yet I hear and feel you.

You do.  This is by way of introduction.  I would like to diverge from word communication to event/idea/subject communication.  This coincides with what happens in the spaces you have labeled “higher realms” or faster frequencies or different densities
Okay.  I’m open.

This will require a non-judgmental allowing of an idea, a thought – merely looking at it.
In this way it is hoped that a clearer picture can be given of this other way of life.  Life in 5D+.  Until now you’ve been speaking to others.  Each with valid information and told word by word. In truth you had no real picture of what was said until after the conversation completed itself.
In contrast, in densities/realms other than earth – communication is in complete thoughts.  In actuality you can do that now, and do, yet the use of words interprets and gets in the way.
This is because you alter your focus from what you are communicating or receiving to what you are saying or the words you are hearing.  You step away from the art of telepathy to speak and listen to words.  When in fact it is all telepathy to a greater or lesser degree.

So, who are you?

I am a being from the Pleiades and we have watched eagerly your discussions, waiting to move into your field and show you what your own day to day communication will be like once you complete your shift.

Do you have a name that could be used as reference?

I am known as Helna.


More like H-E-L-L-E-N-A-T
Is the final letter silent?

It is soft, not hard.

Okay, what do we do to proceed with this new type of communicating?

You remain open and listening.  I will send the idea and we’ll see what gets heard by you.

(I waited and received for a bit, allowing an immersion into what I was feeling and seeing)

I would like to tell you about what I see/sense/feel and how I interpret it all.

Yes, please.

I see first swirling dresses, dancing, a rambunctious and joyful dance – a performance – reds, white, colors – clapping.  This is indoors, though not on earth.  Not a planet of any type but a ship.  This is a celebration due to a homecoming.  Those who are dancing are demonstrating overwhelming joy.  Deep satisfaction in those watching at this juncture – long awaited. 

It feels as if you are sending these to me with a feeling of coming home.  At how many beings eagerly anticipate the homecoming of those of us who have been human for so long.  Those of us who will be returning home.

(Note *these images were coupled with waves of love, of joy, of immense feelings of “welcome home”… It is a challenge to find words to describe the intensity of this gathering and its effect on me…)

You are seeing it Sophia.  If you allow without so much associative input you will see more detail; remember more detail of this home that I am sensing.  The challenge with the human brain is it likes to categorize.  Your memories of this place have no category you are familiar with in your current life.

Yes.  The dresses threw me.

The dresses are your only visual context for a mesmerizing, welcoming dance that draws you into it.  You are putting in a sort of square dance type costuming.  This is not a square dance.  It is a deeply sacred series of movements that are practiced and then handed from dancer to dancer.  I was hoping you would remember/feel the solemnity of the dance itself.  It has been practiced and perfected over eons for a very specific homecoming.  Yours.

You are speaking the empirical “you”?

Yes.  As those humans who volunteered for this work return home, each will be welcomed in the manner significant for that specific origin.  Our race holds the movement, dancelike, as both beautiful and unique.  It is a gift by every measure, and requires the entire community’s participation.  Not only the dancers, but the musicians, choreographers, costumers, attendants and logistics personnel.  It is a deep honor.  We are eagerly awaiting your return.  We will learn so much and we have missed you all.

Okay, I would like to try this again.  I must go.

I am aware.  Until then.

(Note* after this, there was an overwhelming feeling of joy and I was sort of awestruck.  I wandered into the room where I work, turned on my computer and kindle and this song was playing.  

I began to cry and to sway with the visuals and feelings I was still getting.  The sense of it is so difficult to describe, it is not like the family we know here, but sort of. It is perhaps so overwhelmingly loving because it has been so very long since a reunion has actually happened. 

There is a sense of being with others who “get” you completely, that is experienced at every level of being; a deep validation.  The only word I have in my heart is “home”; yet even that does not do it justice.  Perhaps a better word is “agape”; unconditional acceptance.

The sense I have is that this is waiting for each of us, in some method of expression.  This is one family reunion you won’t want to miss! 

We are the ones they are waiting for.

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