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Updated 5/25/15: Abraham Hicks: You are so much more than you know

Updated May 25, 2015 with full transcript (Thanks Denise!) -AK

Abraham Hicks: You are so much more than you know
November 14, 2014

Good morning.  We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating. Do you agree? You are knowing what you are wanting. Sort of. (laughter) it really is co-creation at its best. You are so much more than you know. You see yourselves in these individual clumps, sitting on chairs, but you are extensions of so much more and the whole of you is present everywhere you go.

You were source energy before you came into these physical bodies and the larger part of you still is. You are an extension of that. A representation of that. A very important representation of that. Sometimes you are so blended that the whole of you is present in a conversation, in a moment, in a thought in an idea.

Sometimes, in fact, more often than not, in your human form you do without meaning to, a fairly extensive job of “pinching yourself off “from who you really are.  Anytime you are feeling any negative emotion no matter how mild or extreme it is, that negative emotion is the indication of the “pinching offedness”.  Spell-check does not like Abraham very much.  (Laughter)

So when you realize that you are an extension of Source Energy and the better you feel the more you are allowing the whole of you in the moment.  After a little while, that could be a very easy to recognize and easier than you may know right now, goal to accomplish, as it is not a difficult thing.  To be fully present.  Scientists are talking a lot these days about how much consciousness (they call it brain) you are using; they’ve determined that it’s not that much.  And we want you to understand your brain is not a storage cabinet, it’s not where your experiences have been stored. You are a transmitting and receiving mechanism. You are a vibrational interpreter and your consciousness is about vibration.

So when you focus yourself on some subject, on some condition, on some reality, on something that is important to you, as you give your attention to it.  You offer it a vibration, whether you call it thought, energy, or belief, it’s all vibration, it’s all what you are doing with your focusing mechanism here and now.  The only thing that you ever need to hear of understand or practice, the only thing that matters in order for you to fulfill your reason for being and live happily ever after, you’ve got to understand the relationship between the nonphysical vibration that is you, that is always vibrating and you in your physical form.  In other words, it’s the matching or the mismatching of these vibrational frequencies of these two important perspectives that equal you.

If you were really tuned in to who you are there would be one frequency, it’s the frequency of who you are not a frequency of wanted and belief.  When you want something that you doubt, you’ve got two frequencies going on, and the reason that you have two frequencies going on is because in the moment you identify something as a desire, the larger part of you becomes fixated on that desire. 
So when the larger part of you is focused upon what you want, but you are in any moment of time focused upon its absence,  or its unlikelihood – ness (laughter) Playing with Esther because she was editing something yesterday and she said to us on more than one occasion, ”Abraham, you’ve got to stop making up words.”  And we said to her, “you’re the one drawing the dirty pictures” (Laughter) 

That’s an old joke that Esther and Jerry told each other almost every day.  Esther is the one who finds the words and she’s reaching for the words that really mean what we mean and sometimes it is necessary to add extra syllables on the words to really make a point.

So when you get it that you are an extension of Source and you have a relationship with that Source, than life becomes easier, guidance becomes clearer and when your guidance is clearer, we want to be very clear about what that guidance is about.  It’s not about someone thinking you should do something different, or you should be something different, it’s about you having to find  who you want to be and the guidance within you helping you feel the path of most allowance, which is the same thing as the path of least resistance to that.  You are sort of following what we are getting at?

You are the one who has sifted through life, who has defined who you really are and what you really want and then the Source within you is just holding that frequency steady so that you can feel the way to it.

Esther remembers playing a game as a child and then later with her own grandchildren, the hot and cold game where someone hides something and then they tell you whether you are warmer or colder in relationship to it and if the person who hid it knows where it is, usually they remember (laughter) and is letting you know what your physical proximity to it is by the simple, “warmer, colder, warmer colder” with very little trouble,  you can find your way right to it Your own guidance system functions in precisely the same way.  The Source within you knows who you have become and knows everything that you desire and also knows your physical proximity to it.  But even more importantly than your physical proximity  to it, we want you to focus upon your vibrational proximity to it.  Because, until you get your vibrational proximity sorted out, you cannot physically realize the things that you want.  If you want something that you doubt, your vibrational proximity is all out of whack because you are emitting a signal that keeps you from realizing where what you want is, or how to go about it. 

So, for a while, we were calling this gathering, “The Science of Deliberate Creation” Science because it is ongoing and you get better and better at the discovery of it.  Because once you discover something and you establish that solid basis within you, it provides the next jumping off place for more and more and more and more and more. Deliberate, because you want to be deliberate about what you are thinking about. Creating by default is no fun at all.   If you are just talking to anyone who talks to you, and flowing your vibration all over the place,  and thinking about what you want and the presences of   it and the good and the bad, and the things that you want and the pros and the cons and the plusses and the minuses than you’ve got your vibration all jacked up! Esther’s new term. Not new to you, new to her! Laughter.

So when your vibration is all out of whack like that, then you have no reasonable control over how your life is unfolding. And you have a rough ride.  So we want you to understand that through your life,  you have defined, often, even without words, at every level of your being, improvements.  You were born to do this. 

You came into this physical time/space/reality with a very clear intention of sifting though in order to determine your personal preferences and improvements.   And you do that all day every day, whether you know that you are or not.  Whether someone is rude, you want a nicer world, when you are rude, you want a nicer world.  When you don’t have enough of something you want, you want more of it.  When you’ve got something you don’t want, you want an improvement in that situation, in other words,  all day, every day, you are defining your desires.  It’s why we like to begin, “Do you know what you are wanting?”

But that’s only a small part of the equation,  because defining it, and being a vibrational match to it are two different things.  Your words, no matter how much you say the words of what you want,  the universe is not hearing your words, the universe is responding to your vibration. 

An easy way to understand that is the universe is not responding to what you say you want, the universe is responding to your vibrational practice about it.  So if you really  want something, but you really doubt it,  and the dominant vibration within you says it’s not working, and I don’t know how to make it work and  the feeling within you is one of being lost about it, then the universe cannot deliver to you a path that is going to be an easy path to it, because you’ve got a frequency going on that  is making it not possible for you to realize the path. 

Seth, you know about seth” Seth  told Robin Jane, and Jerry and Esther, especially Jerry devoured those books later on. You create your own reality. Those were the words that Jane coined in response to what Seth was transmitting to her. You create your own reality. And today, we would like to say to you that yes indeed you create your own reality, but there’s a word we’d like to insert to make it easier for you to understand. You create your perception of reality.

You create your perspective of reality, you create your vibrational ability to see reality. You realize reality based up what you are doing vibrationally. Based upon what you are doing vibrationally. So have you ever watched a documentary or have you ever been in the experience yourself where you were an eyewitness to something that someone else was an eye witness to. And since you were an eye witness to it, you have a perspective of what happened. You explain your perspective, you are sure you are right. You saw what you saw, you perceived it. Then someone else explained what they saw and what they saw was something different that what you saw and  you are sure they are lying. Laughter.

What you saw is very valid and real to you. If there is anything we would like to present to you and find enough examples to help you get it. Something that would serve you better than all other things put together that you will ever hear from us or anyone else,  It would be that your perspective is uniquely yours. If you could give up your determination to explain yourself in ways to get other people to see it your way, oh life would begin to be sweet for you right now.

If you could just accept that everybody gets to create their version of reality, and you will waste your life trying to get them to accept your version because the life that they have lived and the vibration they are offering is the reason they see it as they see it.

You can live in the same community and have two very different lives and what most people say is “well of course we live different lives that guy lives in a mansion and I don’t. Of course his perspective is different than mine.  That guy inherited money from his daddy and I didn’t. Of course we have different perspectives. That person was born. Da, da, da, da ,da. . ."

As you try to explain why you are not all living the same, you miss the only point that matters.  You have different perceptions of reality, over which you have complete control.  But most humans do not exercise any control over your perception of reality because you are so busy dividing and pigeon holing reality into different piles of judgement, “oh that’s a bad thing, so let’s put all those bad things over there... and those bad things over there... they are different in their badness, but they still are bad things (laughter).

As you spend that natural time defining whether you want it or not, you also, without meaning to, practice the vibrational frequency of the very things that you put in the bad pile.  Then, because it is part of your vibration, it prevents you from discovering the good piles because your vibration is so wrapped up with what is in the bad piles.  And then, we love you so much,  you know what’s coming next after that statement (laughter)

You look to something outside of yourself to make the difference you look for someone to fix it. It started with your mother, or your father,  or someone close to you. “Please change this condition, there is a condition in my reality that  I see that I don’t like and when I look at that condition, I feel bad, and I don’t want to feel bad, “

That’s the first thing you knew about yourself. You don’t like feeling bad, so when you look at a condition, and you associate feeling bad with that condition, then of course, it’s logical, we get it why you want that condition to change, but you are not the boss of those conditions. 

You are not the creator of someone else’s reality.  You cannot control the conditions.  You are the creator of your own reality.

So in your physical format, have you run across the concept or the notion, of unconditional love? Been hearing it. A lot of people talk about it. Hardly anybody gets it. Most think that unconditional love means, look at a condition that is horrible and love it. (Laughter).

So you need a lot of practice at that. But you cant look at unwanted and be a vibrational match to want it, so  you are never able to accomplish that. That is what makes you want to define things and explain things. But we want you to understand that what unconditional love is – we are going to make it easier for you – unconditional love, unconditional clarity unconditional appreciation, unconditional alignment, because  love clarity, appreciation eagerness, and all of those words that describe that good feeling, they all mean alignment with source and that’s what love is, alignment, pure alignment, non resistance.

So unconditional love or clarity is about being lin love or clarity. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. (laughter)

The words unconditional love are not just a goal for you to accomplish, it is also the process by which to accomplish it all in the sentence.  Unconditional love means love. . .we’ve enjoyed this interaction immensely (laughter)

It means, do you know what it means? Can you feel what it means? It means withdrawing your attention from the condition that prevents the love.  Unconditional love means... there are conditions that you love and conditions that you don’t love... but when you train yourself to sift and sort for the right conditions, you are a conditional live-er. Looking at conditions.  If there are good conditions, you feel wonderful and if they are not good conditions, you feel terrible, but then you have no control because your reality is full of conditions.  

Have you noticed? There are conditions everywhere... don’t turn on the tv whatever you do... it will bring a myriad of conditions to you. The news networks, they scour the planet for things that they know will frighten you. They dramatize them and put them on 24-hour cycles and they put music behind them and they bring them right into your living room. And they say, practice unconditional love. And we say, “You just can’t look at that stuff without the opinion of your source about it. 

Rising in a vibrational frequency that will let you know where you are with in a vibrational frequency you see.

So unconditional love means first and foremost you have to decide wha you want to be in alignment and it requires withdrawing your attention from conditions that don’t allow your alignment, then so be it, that’s what unconditional love is. It’s about caring more about love than perusing the conditions. It’s about caring more about alignment, love, appreciation, clarity,  then being right.  (heavy breath & laughter) that’s hard to take, isn’t it?

When you decided to come forth into this physical body, you did not say, I’ll go forth, I’ll be born,  SPLAT! And I will find the right way of living, and  will convince others to come that way with me. You didn’t say anything like that, you said oh what a wonderful world this is.  The diversity of this time/space/reality will provide for me the most wonderful format for new ideas to be born within me that can be realized by me. Not new ideas that can be born within me that I will then take everyone else by the hand  and show them the error of their ways and the rightness of my ways. Not one of you said that, you were aligned with source then.

But then you get here and you don’t feel so good. And your assumption is that you don’t feel so good because that condition makes you feel bad, so then you set out to change the condition that you have no control over then you get defeated, then you become so judgemental about the way others live.  Those far from you,  those in masses, and those up close to you. “ You know I felt a lot better before you said that to me. . . laughter

You shouldn’t have said that to me. . . I was happy before you said that to me. . .but now that you said that to me I will never forget that you sad that to me. . .I am going to use the fact that you said that to me as the reason to be miserable for the rest of my life. . .laughter. . .oh don’t try to take it back now, it’s too late! You can’t take it back, my misery is my own. You are laughing, but you do it every day!”

You can’t take it back, my misery is my own. Laughter.  You are laughing but you do it every day. Felt a lot better before that happened. “If this condition were different than it is, then I would feel better.” Maybe so, but if your feeling better is contingent upon that condition changing right before your eyes, you are in deep doo-doo.

There is a momentum to all things. Things don’t just happen, there is a momentum about them. The law of attraction and momentum are the same word. The law of attraction says, “that which is like unto itself is drawn” So when you give your attention to something, you activate a vibration within yourself about it,  so things like that are then coming to you.  Once you’ve crossed the 17-second mark, you’ve got some momentum,  17, then 17, then 17 seconds. . . .you cross the 68-second mark, you’ve got enough momentum going, that without a conscious decision about it, it’s going to take off for a while until you sleep.  The nice thing about sleeping is, when you sleep, momentum stops.  You can pick it right up and you usually do the next day, but you don’t have to.

So as we are visiting with you about creating your own perception of reality.  It may feel to you that we are trying to teach you how to control the conditions of your life. That isn’t what we are wanting to teach you at all.  We want to teach you to control your alignment with your broader perspective because that’s where your happiness is.  The success that you are seeking is alignment.  Then we have to say to you, once you consistently find that alignment, the conditions of your life will meld and mold and become vibrational matches to the frequency which you are predominantly offering.  So you will change the conditions, but we want to say to you, you can’t let the conditions be the motive for the reason you are finding alignment, because  if the changing of conditions is the motive behind finding the vibrational alignment, then your attention is on the condition and you cannot get there from there. . .you cannot get there from there.

You step into what we call tolerance, you just put up with it.  You fool yourself, you kid yourself, you use words you put a smile on your face you use happy sounding things while emitting a vibration that is different from that.  That doesn’t work out very well does it?

So here is the basic statement that we want you to hold in your mind as you are moving forward forevermore. . .the universe does not hear what you say,  the universe hears what you mean.
What you mean is what you are offering vibrationally. You know what you mean by the way you feel.  So if you are feeling uncomfortable about something, you have some refocusing to do in order to bring the discomfort  into comfort. As you begin to discover that you have the ability to bring yourself into that comfortable alignment, oh then, so many things that you have been wanting will flow into your experience. You have been sifting and sorting and in the process, you  have been launching these rockets of desire. And in the process, you have created a vibrational version of the reality that you are seeking.

We want you to understand, that to you, it’s a future version of a reality that you are looking for but to us, it’s an existing reality you have already carved out that does exist. Can you hear the difference in that? When you want more money, you become vibrationally more prosperous, even though you doubt it, and don’t let it flow into your experience,  you have become a more vibrationally prosperous being. So we began talking to you about this vortex, it’s a vibrational reality that exists, that existed in part before you even came into this physical body and that you have been adding to vibrationally ever since. And so for a while, we talked about it for quite a while with you, we wrote a whole book about it. Getting into the vortex, being the vibrational match  to the vibrational reality that is you.  After a whle of listening to us, you are very kind, and nice and patient with us as you were watching Esther wave her arm around about this place that you cannot really see, while Abraham insisted that this is a vortex of creation and that everything that you want is in there and if you could just look more carefully you could see it (Laughter)

This is the vibration, this is the vortex, and you want to get in there, and you say, “ok” laughter. . .”I don’t actually see anything now that I am in there,” we said of course you don’t see, hear or smell it, taste it or touch it, because that’s all about the manifested version.

In other words, the vibrational reality is  hear this, we are only going to say it to you a million times,  the vibrational version of it is, oh we can’t wait to tell you, yet we want there to be enough suspense so you remember when we do tell you... the vibrational version is unconditional.

Now there should be a lot bigger gasp in the room. (laughter) Because what that means is, the conditions have not yet been realized yet by you.  You began saying things to us such as, “Abraham, I’ll accept your odd version of all of this, I can accept that I was something before I was this, I’ll even accept that the something still exists, there is some relativity to it and I can accept that my emotions speak to that relationship. I’ll play your silly game, ok there’s a vortex.

“There’s a vortex and everything I want is in it. So Abraham, how do I get my money out of the vortex?  Laughter, And in to the bank? That’s what I really want to know. And it’s really what we want you to know. There’s no satisfaction, you're physical beings, you came forth into this physical/time/space/reality. You are creators, you have come to manifest things.

It is never our intention to just get you to be happy with the vibrational version of things, we just want you to know the vibrational version of things exists and that it does have a frequency and you’ve got to feel yourself to the frequency before there is a match and before it can be realized by you. If you want money and you are complaining about not having enough, your money is not going to come out of the vortex into your bank account because there is too much vibrational discord going on with you.

So over time, we’ve been explaining lots of different ways, you’ve got to find the feeling of the money and you say to us and we understand: “how can I find the feeling of something that isn’t?”  And we say, see, you’ve trained yourself so conditionally, you have been such responders to conditions that you don’t realize that you could respond to a vibration and create a condition.  You did not come to face reality, you came to create reality.  But you cannot create a new reality, while you’ve got your undivided attention upon the reality that exists.  If you let what is be the reason that you offer the vibration that you offer, it’s just going to keep repeating itself, different places, different faces same scenarios over andover again, you don’t need our word for that, you know it, you have been living it, haven’t you? Different places, different faces, but not much shifting. If you just keep looking at what is and talking about what is, and joining groups  that are also agreeing about what is,  as you keep talking about what is and how much you don’t like what is and how long you’ve been living what is that you don’t want to live what is and how many others are living the same what is that you don’t want and how somebody else should do something about changing the condition about what is so that you could just observe what is and feel better.

We say,  “Give it up!” Laughter. Give it up. You are only going to continue to perpetuate what is and  a lot of what is is pretty sweet, isn’t it? There’s a lot of what is that you want to continue. There’s a lot of what is that is good as it is and is getting better all the time. There’s a lot of what is that is really the way you want things to be. But there is some of what is that is not really the way you want it to be. Those things, you’ve got to get your attention off of the what is-ness of them and onto the vibrational essence of what you are seeking.

So Esther’s been listening to us every time we get on a new rant about something. . .Esther believes us because she’s never found a shred of evidence to the contrary of anything we have ever said. So she digs into the process that we recommend and finds the manifestation results, so recently she’s been noticing conditions that are not pleasing.  Some conditions that are mildly annoying.  Some conditions that are enormously annoying,  some conditions that are unspeakably uncomfortable in the world.  There are things that you don’t want to be going on. So when she finds herself for whatever reason giving her attention to one of those conditions, and she takes the emotional hit of it, she can feel that the opinion of her inner being and the opinion of her, and the opinion of Abraham and the opinion of her are very different opinions because she can feel the discord, the negative emotion, the tug of war.

So she’s been sitting with her book and writing the unwanted condition, “this is what is going on and I sure would feel better if that condition did not exist.” And then she acknowledges, but it does exist, and it’s not my job or my capability, its not my work, its not for me to do to change the condition.
It just exists. It’s also not my work to accept the condition. It is a condition.  It’s a condition. And then she writes (this has been very helpful for her) if this condition could change to one I prefer, I would feel like this. . .and then she begins writing some of the emotions.  I will feel freer, she usually writes. Better, happier. Then she sits and writes  those emotional words, because after all,  isn’t everything you want, a material state of being,  a pile of money, isn’t everything you want, you want it because you think you would feel better if you had it?

So sometimes, she’ll write a page or two or three or four, emotional words.  She repeats herself over and over again.  She writes the word fun a lot.  It would be more fun. I’d feel more clear, more proud, more sure. I would feel love, I would feel better, I would feel so good, exhilarated lighthearted, I’d feel that being on vacation feeling.

I would feel ease, I would feel sure, I would feel loved.  I would feel love, I would feel loved. I would feel loved. I would feel blessed. So happy, glad. She just writes that and writes that and writes that and then before she knows it she feels those ways, because she has distracted herself from the condition and now she is experiencing unconditional alignment. Are you following?

It sounds so simple. It sounds silly. But if you want to feel happy, you have got to figure out how to withdraw your attention from conditions that you cannot change. And even before that, it would be very helpful if you would accept that you cannot change any condition, other than the way that you feel.

Esther’s been listening to us talking about this quite a bit and she’s determined because she so wants to feel good. So she was sitting in Texas, in a chair in her living room that looks out across the pool and she was in such a heightened state of  well-being as she looked out there and saw those crane statues, they are just magnificent, and there are beautiful oak trees that are right there on the other side of her pool. The pool itself with all of its engineering and beauty.  And then a red bird that stood on the point of a tip of a tree and just looked at her.

As Esther is looking at all this, she is feeling,  rapturous, elation, unspeakable well-being. Indefinable well being. All the well being of the world being experienced by her right now. It’s the feeling of feeling blessed and loved. As she sat there basking in this moment in time, loving the idea of it lasting forever, and ever, and ever... it started fading as she focused a little lackfully.

Then she said, “Aha!” Abraham, I’ve caught you in an inconsistency, here.  Because these are conditions that I am focused upon and I feel good. So don’t talk to me about unconditional love, cause these are conditions and I love them! Laughter

And we said here is the difference. You were in that state of love before you realized the depth of  the beauty of these conditions. You were not using these conditions to conjure the feeling of love – you were there and then you realized them. It’s the horse before the cart thing, isn’t it? It feels like nitpicking, like splitting hairs, it feels like something that we are making more simplistic that we want it to be. . .but it is that easy!

You just have to decide that you want to feel good and stop thinking about things that don’t make you feel good. You are like a cork that is bobbing on the surface. You like feeling good, and you can hold the cork under the water, but when you let go, it’s going to bob back up.

This is the thing that we want you to realize about yourselves and others and most of you don’t realize it.  Happiness is your natural state and would be your state if you weren’t thinking thoughts that are contradictory energy that keep you from being where the source within you is.  That is your natural state. If you are not happy in any moment, something is out of whack and it’s you!

And the reason that you are out of whack in the majority of cases is that you are looking at conditions you formerly believed that you need to be different that you cannot make different, not fast enough anyway. So you are standing in discord and giving the condition. . .alright, so you heard that clearly enough didn’t you?

We want to give you another piece of this. To integrate this. Do you accept (and don’t say  it if you don’t mean it – it won’t hurt our feelings) that you are more than this? That there was something that existed before you got here? Is it logical that the source energy still exists and is aware of you?  Well then, you’ve got everything that you need to know figured out.  Now all you have to do is understand that that source energy part of you is resistance-free.  When you are not, you don’t feel so good because you are depriving yourself of that alignment that is natural.  This is the next little piece of this.  If you follow along,  with this here, so many things are going to come together in your mind and everything is going to become easier and better feeling for you.

Do you accept that you came into this life experience with reason or purpose? And that expansion iis the reason or purpose? More-ness... more! Is is therefore logical to you that what exists now the bouncing off for what is coming? Isn’t that logical?

Now we just want to put a very simple question to you and we want you to ask it of yourself often. Everyday, several times per day.

Did you come to catalog, pigeonhole, document, justify, rationalize what is? Or did you come to bounce off of it?

We have led you along to this awareness.  Can you feel how really silly it is to be spending so much time defining what is? Explaining it, defending it? Justifying it? Cataloging it? Pigeon holing it? Comparing it?

Can you feel how it just all exists for you to “bounce” from? And can you feel that you want to give your attention to where you are bouncing to rather than what you are bouncing from? Do you realize if all of your attention is on what you are bouncing from, you aren’t bouncing to anything different. You just keep recreating what is. That really is the thing we want you to recognize and realize.
You are the creator of your own perception of reality. You are source energy in physical bodies. You came into this time/space/reality with very clear intentions of living joyfully ever after. You knew that there would be enough dynamics and enough variety and enough contrasts to help you make constant new decisions about what you want. You knew that you had the ability to move toward all of that.  But you also knew that it wasn’t about the arriving at the destination that you were about, it is the journey.  It is the continual finding of alignment.

And so one last bold statement that we want you to contemplate.  Once you contemplate it and come over time to accept it completely, it is our promise to you that you will then begin your happily ever after phase of your life experience.  Sometimes as your path is unfolding, the perfect thing along the path is a problem coming into greater clarity. Because at the same time that a problem is coming into greater clarity,  you are creating the solution in your vortex. Then all you have got to do, once you have sufficiently created the solution by poking around at the problem, you just have to decide to be a little more unconditional for a little while. The solution will reveal itself to you in very short order. You are going to reach the point that you are going to bless every problematic person in your experience. “Oh you were responsible for major growth within me!” I would not be the person I am today if it were not for the harassment that you have provided for me! I am so appreciative of everything that you have caused me to desire that you are not! Laughter.

And when I gained the wisdom to stop making your deficiencies be the basis of my vibration, then everything that you helped me to become, I began to realize. And then, you are going to love all of the components of  this magnificent world, because  we really are all in this together! And when you stop needing to demand that the conditions be a certain way for you at a certain time,  you will find the freedom that you have been looking for. You will find the joy that is natural to you and you will begin living the happier ever after phase of your life experience, which as far as we are concerned should be the only phase that you were ever in.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely.

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