Friday, May 1, 2015

Alpine explorations

By American Kabuki
May 1, 2015

Its been a awhile since I wrote.  Yes that's me with white hair.  Its been white for some time but I colored it for a few years, I went gray at a very early age, a genetic trait I think I inherited from my grandfather.   Whether I will leave it that way I don't know, for the time beings its certainly easier to take care of.

My time here has been a period of reflection for me and resting.  Learning a little bit of Yoga, while living in a very beautiful spot.  The snow has melted for the most part in the Alps, still some on the north slopes, but even that is getting thinner. The people here have been great and very loving people.  We have different views on some subjects but they are loving people, and nobody is every going to agree on everything.  We all come from different backgrounds and the people here have a back ground in Yoga and its philosophy.  We do agree on the important things they are very very kind people.  I love them a lot.   There have been no grand dramas here like I witnessed in Aouchtam.

The scenery here is absolutely spectacular. I wish I had a good quality digital camera and lenses to take some photos of it all.  About 2-3 times a week, depending on the weather, I take the Golden Retriever Bahkta to coffee bar in the village.  Bahkta loves walks!   I am now able to take the mountain trails as the snow has melted and all the beautiful grass is showing through.  First came the purple and white crocus flowers... they came out while the snow was still there... then the dandelions, or as they are know in Italy "dente di leone" (teeth of the lion)...and somewhere along the history of the English language the Italian "dente di" became "dande" - lion... or dandelion.

The walk to the village is about 3 km and I think 500 meters drop in Altitude.  After the coffee bar I decided to take a new way back, found myself winding up this road, which surprised me dead-ending into a rustic stone hotel.  Bahkta seemed to know the way through so I followed him... came to rapids and waterfalls, and there was a log bridge that I walked across and felt the strongest earth energies I have ever felt...presumably from the rushing water of melted alpine snow pack. The bottom of my feet vibrated with energy as I walked across that bridge. I wasn't sure where to go as the trail seemed to go off to the left so I sat down to take a heading of where to go next, a skill I learned from backpacking training in my youth.  Bahkta the dog started barking at me "this way!"   followed him back across the bridge and up a barely discernible trail... that lead across a terraced cow field.

This area is a celtic area, and the early celts terraced the steep slopes, like you might see in Bali, with the ample supply of stones that lie everwhere.  They  created narrow belts of land  on the steep slopes were they could grow grain to feed themselves, probably barley, oats and wheat.   Nobody farms those terraces anymore and the land and vegetation is filling them in so they are more like slopes with stone walls now.  The people here look very celtic, very similar to Scots or the people in Brittany.  They speak Italian and French, but more commonly Italian.

After I cross the field I headed up to a small cluster of homes, to few to really be called a village, and from there located the road back home.   I ended up being a 500 meters higher than where I live and had long walk back to the house but that was fortunately all down hill.   I passed a fairly good sized rustic tourist hotel which seemed to be closed for the season.  The view up there was absolutely amazing.

Steams of water flow nearly everywhere here, and after California and Morocco the abundance of water is amazing to see, and its so clean and pure.  The water shortage of Aouchtam last summer drove home the importance of a good source of water.

Italy is far more beautiful than I ever imagined. Its people are amazingly friendly.

There is an absence of fish in the streams here.  The hydroelectric power people have channelized even the smallest streams, into very artistically done concrete and boulder and there are siphons everywhere in the mountains (all cleverly hidden) extracting water and sending to yet larger pipes and channels for eventually use at the hydroelectric plants. I assume it all goes there, but who really knows?  I imagine all this was built to support the Olivetti and Fiat factories with a cheap source of Electrical power in the north of Italy.  But the lack of gravel, sand and soil in the river beds is not conducive to the organisms that fish need to feed on.   In the village is a sign saying "FISH RESERVE" but there's not a fish in there even if you had a pole to catch one.  The stream bed is very artistically done and looks natural.  Italy is astounding in talent of designers, artists and appreciation for good aesthetics.

There's a lot of stuff happening in the banking world, and everything is energetically shifting.  People are waking up at a breathtaking speed now.  I will be writing more about this in coming days and weeks.     I will be writing more original articles now.  I have been doing a lot of reflection and thought it best to do that in private/  I often do my best writing with angry but that is not conducive to showing love to people I do care about even if I had some disagreements with them late last year.  It also taught me a bit some lingering judgements I had towards them as they were busy judging others. I have decided to trash my judgement toolbox as it no longer serves I AM.    I was recently asked to participate in Sasha Stone's International Natural Justice Tribunal, but declined that offer.  I will love but I will not judge.

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