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It seems all of us are dealing with deep issues of self-definition.  Personally and collectively we are again and again asked to define just exactly who we are.

Baltimore.  Responses to the violence have been telling to say the least.  As we define ourselves, we allow and contribute to our collective declaration.  There are no easy answers.  Even the youngest beings are made aware, on some level, of the question before us as baseball fans are prohibited, for the first time ever, from attending the Baltimore Orioles game (click here for update on this)

With this very much on my mind, I was contacted again this week from a being calling itself ‘Ancient”.  Those of you receiving my newsletter will be familiar with this being.  I’ll share here this relevant conversation. (If you would like to receive the newsletter, sign up here.)

While this may not sound completely new, it feels expansive in scope.  We are deciding right now how this plays out.  We are always at choice, and are creating opportunities to demonstrate our decision with each “now” moment.

And now, the conversation, from April 29th, 2015)
(Emphasis and italics are my own…)

Is there anyone who wants to speak to me?
There is.

It is the one you have called “Ancient”.

Okay, what is it you’d like to say?
That your people have been thrust into a wave of energy they do not understand.  Correction is necessary in the care of the people.  This will become increasingly more apparent as this new energy serves all of the inhabitants of earth with its demands (the demands of the energy; in other words, this energy asks us to act differently).

In order to function there is necessary an acceptance of each being you encounter as equal in value.  This is not the value used on this planet, not monetary, and in fact a sharp contrast to the way a majority of humans judge worth.

It has been seen that an eruption of illusory traps is occurring; this, so that they can be exposed.

The human can, in a very real sense, pull itself out of this escalation of fear.  It will take the majority of those who are not generally valued to change the order.

The order of things must be upset for change to take place.  The country of focus now is one where freedom and opportunity have been promised and advertised.

What happened in the hands of the controlling faction is not new.  What is new is that the world now sees it.

What will the rest of humankind do with such blatant terrorizing of one of its own? This depends on whether or not the rest of humanity regards a typically “lower class” person as one of its own.  Is this of any consequence?

The response that I am aware of includes mostly a desire that it stop.  There seems no effort to insure (that) the inside cause no longer take place.

By “inside cause”, what do you mean?
I refer here to the violent treatment of the single man (Freddie Gray) – which happened as a result of fear and misplaced power.

(I was interrupted here and stopped)
Okay, I am back.  This does not sound exactly like the Ancient One I spoke to?  I am not receiving a clear stream of consciousness.
No, this is because you are filtering.

Perhaps I will just stop then.
As you wish, although I’d like to get some information to you.

Okay, let’s try again then. (I repeated the clearing and declarations I make for absolute truth, as well as “highest and best” for all concerned)
You have asked for details of humanity’s origin.

Others have, yes.  There is a lot of confusion. 
The story of the human is … (the conversation stopped abruptly)

Why don’t I hear you?
You are blocking.  Please listen to each word.

Okay. (I centered again, and waited)
Man is not what he imagines himself to be.  He sees a body that ages and dies, a brain that has a constant potential for learning and a spirit that is lesser than those of the “gods”.  At the same time, man imagines himself to be one of a kind in all the cosmos.
Rather than open, he looks to everything with judgment that defines as well as inhibits his ability to see at all.

This view of self is at its core nonsensical – unless you are accepting delusions and illusions as factual pieces of information.  It defies reason that man would be (italics here are mine, words are not) alone in all of creation and without massive power.

If man concedes the existence of massive power, he grants it to one or perhaps several supreme beings. This sets up a top-down hierarchy which rests at the core of man.  It colors everything.  It is not truth, yet so deeply held as such that it is deemed reverent.

With the segregating of this assumption into a place of honor, the domination of man becomes a simple task.

What will be part of mans rise to full capability is the correct placement of prior assumptions.
There are few truths.  There are numerous beliefs.  There are billions of versions of both, individually adopted by each human aspect of creation.

The core acceptance of man’s godhood is what will propel him forward towards enlightenment.  With that as a base for thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions; everything changes.

Man cannot see himself truly until and unless all other men are viewed through the same lens.  To view yourself truly is not arrogant or disrespectful, but humble acceptance.
An equal playing field, when finally understood, replaces all fear of mistaken assumptions or doubt as to self-worth. Man is special not because of any specific attribute other than his existence.

Man is the physical expression of creation – not the only aspect but a unique embodied creator god.  He has chosen to create within a limited field in order to learn and embody oneness.  Man feels everything he creates.

By allocating the power and exaltation to an unseen being other than himself – man has set the stage for polarity.

It is not truth and therefore will not continue.  Only truth is everlasting.

The de-construction of false assumptions is taking many forms.  The “time” lapse before truth takes hold is as yet undetermined.  Man’s nature is violent and united; powerful.  Expect eruptions of power as this constructed reality disintegrates.

This will be a temptation for man to continue judgment and opinion.  It would be more truthful to observe and witness; acknowledge the evidence of the Ascent of Unity and support the change.  It is what has always been seen and is inevitable.

This is all?
For now it is.

(And this conversation ended.)

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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

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