Thursday, May 14, 2015

Help Needed for May

I will need some assistance for May, the ad revenues are coming back and June will be 3 times what it is this month.. the slim times are ending but not quite just yet.... For every viewer of the blog I get some ad revenue, when people click on an ad they like the revenue is much higher.

If you can help this month,  there is a PayPal link on the right side of the page.  The goal is to raise $200-300 this month from donations.

I hope to be back on full ad revenue support the rest of the summer and the stats look like that is indeed happening, but there is always several weeks lag time in the payment for ads.  I will also be phasing in a new ad provider, as I want to move away from being dependent on Google.

I have deliberately stayed away from certain subjects like "Jade Helm" which there is so much fear porn out there designed to whip people into a frenzy.  I mean really ... look at the name... what country loves Jade? (hint:were are the Dragons?) And what does the term "helm" mean? (hint its where you steer)

Do you really think the cabal is going to name a military exercise that?  No...they'd call it "Horus R US" or something like that... and put lots of triangles with eyes everywhere... and have pop singers do stupid ritual routines.... at major sporting events.

We are in a war or perceptions right now... and they want you in your mind not your heart.  They want you attached to fear and survival.    I am going for the opposite of that, the heart, unconditional love.

American Kabuki

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