Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pre-Ascension Exercise #4
Erasing Chemtrails for fun....

By American Kabuki
May 9, 2015

This one is mostly for fun, and the confidence it builds that you are indeed a being of light.  You are a being of energy and part of the infinite intelligence of an infinite loving consciousness of this universe.

Vapor is one of the easiest things for you to manipulate with your energy field.  Its responds to very subtle energies, and physicists use cloud chambers to teach students about atomic particles because they respond to subtle energy. And we've got fleets of thousand of airplanes around the world turning our skies into cloud chambers for energy experiments.  Most likely they are plasma energy experiments.   It does not take an expert to do this exercise, only the understanding that consciousness affects matter, as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle proved in quantum physics.  This is no different than using your energy field to dowse for water.  This is a natural ability, not supernatural.

You have been programmed to believe you are a physical body, rather than infinite spirit residing in a human vehicle.   You have been taught to believe in limitations, and to look to hierarchy to fix things. The hierarchy on this planet is not here to help you, they are here to drain you of energy and limit you for their own purposes and enrichment.

The first time I saw this done was by Brian Kelly at his apartment in Encinitas California, but he used his mind and Reiki energy.  At that time I didn't think I could do it.  After all I was not a Reiki Master, or so I thought.  And well if you believe you can't you won't... that's how the mind works...and why they teach you are a material being and helpless.

This method was taught to me when I was Cabo Negro, Morocco. We were sitting outside drinking coffee on a bright winter morning and watching the waves roll in on the beach.  I looked up in the sky and here came the chemtrail plane laying a thick cocktail of chemtrails across Cabo Negro, Tetouan and out to the Atlas mountains.

Heather tired of me grumbling about them messing up a perfectly sunny day, said "just erase them with your hand, like chalk board! I do it all the time!"   So I did.  IT WORKED! It made me laugh! And I have been doing it every since as they come up in my awareness.  It works in daytime or night. You just have to understand one basic principle, the chemicals are Eternal Essence and so are you... but you are CONSCIOUS Eternal Essence..  with an energy field.

You may look like an idiot to everyone else standing in your yard waving at the sky, but once people catch on...who knows... might become the in thing to do.  But if you are really self-conscious you can always pretend you are waving to an old friend! ;)

You can erase these things and they fade away into nothing simply by holding your palm up, and moving your hand over the chemtrail rubbing it like it was a chalkboard eraser.  It works best as the trail is just leaving the plane but even the older trails can be erased and they fade into nothing.  And its kind of satisfying to see an airplane load of that stuff that I estimate must cost them between $50,000 to $100,000 a load to spray, just vanish....  You don't have to be a victim of something you don't like especially as something as innane as chemtrails.

And its kind of fun to see the partners in contrast waste their money and jet fuel.  Just think what thousands of people doing this could do to chemtrails on the planet?  What no cloud to generate that plasma to bounce the HAARP weather modfication beams?  Ahhh think of the possiblities!  And its all in the palm of your hand!

Have fun!  Happy Erasing!  You are not a victim.

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