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The Arcturians: What the future holds for you and what life is for those who are ready to hear

I incorrectly attributed this channeling to Shaani, he informed me it was by Nout.  Shaani just shared the channeling...hence my confusion.  My apologies to both Shaani and Nout. -AK

(translated from French)

The Arcturians: What the future holds for you and what life is for those who are ready to hear
as Channeled by Shaani Nout

Pipe No. 1

May 16, 2015

Greetings to all of you.

We have been requested by our channel for gathering information that suit you at all, and corresponding to the energy of your place of all others; It is a sign of the times: information adapted to the reception of it a practical aspect and extreme ... we honor that idea and admit we whispered in her ear ...

We are Arcturians and have much to tell you about what the future holds for you and what life is for those who are ready to hear.

We came to your planet several times, with the intention to help you negotiate this turning point in linear time, linear time does not exist, but from our point of view that is used as reference for our needs.

We did a lot of research in our memories to find your rhythm, because we have been where you are today, and we have escaped the wheel of Karma.

You're currently on this planet, whether you want to maintain your 3D experience or transition to higher dimensions. You are in a process of self discovery as you really are, or, as you really could have, if that were your desire.

What your heart is really waiting on what will be your destiny, in this respect, whatever you choose, it will be a master of choice, the choice of a Master.

But you can become a conscious or unconscious remains a master, that is what is offered to you all, now, thanks to the contribution of energy that floods the planet with higher vibration yet.

The Mayan calendar, like many other prophecies, talked about what happens now, about this change and its consequences, that's what we want to attract your attention. It is what it is: you enter a conscious power, and make your life a result of your conscious choices, or you choose to believe a little longer that life is a thing happens to you.

Should we choose to do so, you must find a quality of being that has long been forgotten in your societies, but your heart remembers very well, all your experiences sleeping in your cells waiting to be awakened and they await your awakening.

  1. First step to make things happen is to learn and understand with your mind that it is possible, most of you already know.
  2. The second is to desire with all your being. Most of you have not invested their whole being currently.
  3. The third is to know your courage that you are already IT (Him / It / what-East).

Masters (Master) to the conscious experience of the Masters (Master).
Many of you have been thinking of something without knowing exactly what it was, and feel incomplete, many of you have looked around, desperately searching for years... read books, did workshops, listened to teachers and channelings...

Many of you have been looking for something that is already within you.  Just behind the veil that was placed this subject and it would not go away.

But today, things have changed, the rules have changed.

This does not mean that the veil will disappear unexpectedly, it means your efforts are bearing fruit as you can not design and which may not be under the old energy. You will be "aired" in time all the lines in your own multidimensional and power to the extent of your will.

Your superior beings now feel closer than ever and you are able to use them as "amplifiers" of your will.

The key factor is your will.

Your awareness of who you are, it's what you do make choices; to make the highest choices, we talk about not about size, not on morality or the following decision - we want to stick to the idea of ​​higher than you can resonate with.

It is your idea of ​​who you are, not what others tell you that you are or could be; And it has to mean something to you, to vibrate, resonate deeply with you, so it can move you just have to be able to act on it.

It takes a true conviction, not an idea or a concept. A conviction dips into every cell and becomes real, a concept of floats into your mind and it smoothly.

For the more times you've all been in need of teachers and gurus, you needed to be told what to do, and especially how. Please, note that now it is no longer necessary at all. You do not need more teachers, you do not need no instructions, no method, no rules, no rituals, no forms of any kind!

You must DESIRE and keep your intention on what you want.

The PLACE of your power is the heart because it is the one with the passion and longing, passion and commitment are the key to manifesting what you want in life. The average is your intention to concentrate.

Whatever you want will be the right thing for you and happen according to your interest, nobody can tell you what you want, or how like, you have your own inner wisdom that unfolds inside , stirred by what you have heard, read, experience, or deemed advisable for you all along. All these external stimuli were here, in your life to help you remember what you knew inside and needs to be used again by you. The more you trust your inner wisdom or intuition more powerful it will become, until it brings you to this place where Masters are from: Inside God, the Source.

Please remember that now you are a machine of your own design, who threw himself into the game with blinders to make it more enjoyable, until it is time, depending on your plan, to wake up and make the seat of the returning director.

Now is the time to be in charge again. Your time as a conscious being, is come, then that is what a Master is all about: knowing that you are a master. And the choice of reality that you create for yourself.

When we were young, we were for young people like you.  Our journey was helped by others, already more advanced in this regard than us. They were caring towards us,showing us our "Galactic Family". We discovered that these beautiful beings who were willing to help us expres ourselves, acting from a higher dimension than our own.  We discovered that our level of consciousness was separating us from them and make us believe that we were different [and somehow less than them].

We also discovered that our interaction is the result of our intention and level of development, none of these "beings" was interfering with us.  They responded and reacted to our collective awareness of ourselves.

We were ready, at some point, to honor another expression of ourselves and shoot "them" our "reality" we used as tools for change. We realized that we used ourselves, only more of ourselves.

Our story is not different from yours. Your story is not different from ours. We are the "higher" beings of your story, we are a bigger part of you, one that you could see if you were to see a larger image. And there is always a bigger picture than one sees.

In your reality, YOU, such as before-you, life know that [Universal] YOU, as the master creator,
designed for you and for the game is designed in a higher dimension.

Now some of you remember to be the creator of everything, however, that you are. And you can be consciously now.

None of this is new to you, to your memories are ingrained in your cells and carry the bigger picture within, you just have to tap into that wisdom, that will carry you home, in decision aware of the "ISNESS".

Channeled by Nout.


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