Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Only Thing

It’s been an interesting few days (since the full moon?)… This week the energy again is “ramped up”… there are no issues or struggles while dropping into a meditative state or even just a state of calm.  Our house is teeming with “energies”… it is/ (they are) different than before… faster moving and easier, stronger perhaps.  Our way of life is changing… many of my family members are again switching gears and moving into previously unplanned places, myself included.  We are choosing; deciding which roads we will climb and with whom and for what purpose.  Just as we planned. 
It seems that after years of holding Love Quests and discussing Agape, that there is really no end to its relevance.  We begin and end with love.  Everything is easier if it sits at the core of your decision.  It refuses to be ignored and cannot be diminished. 

We are settling our internal struggles, struggles that are the primary stumbling blocks for each of us.  In many cases, it amounts to self-love.  The lack of self-love is the thing that puts a stop to any true forward advancement.  What it takes to love yourself must come from a place inside that you may not have accessed – it is this place that unites all of us.

The divine spark of eternity that keeps you alive is the reason for love.  It is not external trappings or personality – it is the central spark of creation – that piece of “source” found in all of life.

We have attributed “holiness” to objects and places.  There are no unholy places.  The benefit of attributing a sacred thing or destination is one of focus.  It allows us to all at once and in the same locale bring all of our emotion and/or attention to a fine point and create.

Emotion is the “magic” that we have.  It is the key. It is what has been manipulated through fear.

Once we love ourselves, once you love yourself, with the same intensity you fear your government, police force, abandonment, death or any loss – you are unstoppable.

Like “Merlin” there is nothing you can’t make happen or any place you cannot go.  You are limited only by your own imagining.

Self-love is so misunderstood. Its true impact is often lost.  It goes over most heads.
It is a simple thing to love yourself.  To find no fault in any other, to harbor no insult or anger or grudge or fear – to love, easily, completely and joyfully – no matter what – is the most natural of acts.  Yet we see that in someone and label them childlike or mentally handicapped or simple minded – as if that is a bad or frivolous thing. It is not a bad thing. It is not frivolous. It is the only thing.  It is what you are here to figure out.  It is why you came.

A dear love of mine passed on ten years ago. She was a great deal older than I was.  She was a good natured and loving soul with not a mean bone in her 5 foot 1 inch body.  At her funeral, many of us in the family were sitting around; reminiscing.  We gradually realized that each of us had been touched so deeply with her love so as to take it for granted.  We loved her, yet didn’t really take her seriously.  She was just Ella, or Mom or Grandma – predictable and constant.  She thought we were all amazing.  We each thought we were her “favorite”.  We never understood, (while she lived), that her life demonstrated what we all were searching for.  One of us said just 3 words, “She got it.”  We all nodded.  There was nothing else to say.

As we race through these energetic twists and turns there is one thing that doesn’t change.  It is not a small thing.  It is the One thing.  It is the only thing. It is Self-Love.

Love yourself without restraint.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

I love you absolutely,

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