Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Time Has Come

Hand rephrased in English, original was in French and awkwardly machine translated on Facebook.  -AK

Shaani - in english


Message from a voice in another dimension

"You Can Be skeptical, but learn to listen." 
quotation of the Fifth Agreement Toltec

"Doubt everything and especially of what I am going to tell you." 
Word of the Buddha

"Open your arms to change, but do not let fly your values" 
quotation of the Dalai Lama

"Know How to listen to in a simple "pourquoi-pas ... who knows ... nothing to lose .... " 
Amusement-curious Shaani

The life comes as it comes no one can resist this. 

All this has a meaning. 
The set of worlds is the absolute coherence 
and the whole is accessible by each Be at a precise point. 
A time coordinates for and with the whole in order to give and to offer has each a vision of everything it contains. …

In the ONE nothing has a real shape, nor step of evolution. 
But in the worlds of the form such that is this world that you live on earth, each form has a prism, intended to be read and heard. 
The appearance if it seems so real, it has a high importance, to bring you a full consciousness of things.

The body is the Temple for the conscience.

This is not the Temple of the BE in all its multidimensional depths, but nevertheless it is the temple of the knowledge needed by consciousness to assume its growth. 
And the temple-body has need of movement, and for this, space was created by the needs of all consciousness. 
A consciousness may seem to be alone, but if it learns to see, she will find the immensity and the attendance of everything that supports it.

The sensations, perceptions, the energy level of the body, form a frequency band that does not have borders. Not the simple borders of the 5 phyiscal senses.

Judgments and beliefs  close or limit access to the superior KNOWING, which the body already knows. 
Because the body, from the other body the so-called "invisible" realms [SELF], knows.

But the Will Be known to most humans is only the reflection of beliefs. 

If you are able to be a "NO LIMIT" person, such as Shaani and others, your story is without walls, then you can imagine that the layers of the will has no limit.

They encompass everything, not only the universe but an infinite number of dimensions in which all potential, the desires, and the non-choice that each conscience operates at each second coexist already simultaneously in overlay, to what you think-believe live in this moment.

And all the dimensions all communicate. In your feelings and in your relational games play the formations of the nodes and the endings of all the dimensions of your being.

Your lives are a succession of relationships with Russian dolls, that you BE, these are the beings with which you play these the cat-and-mouse games.

External causes educe you constantly, until you decide to go into you.  The truth that supports what you BE, is deep and awaits the Universal YOU, to fill the sails before your eyes of every conscious and unconscious desire.

................. THE TIME HAS COME ................. 

The frequency rises to a level at the collective level and therefore individually. All of your personal resistance dating back to the great epochs on earth, will not stop this or  put it to one side.

The shadow of your non-consciousness goes back to the inside of you, so that you put the light above, because this shadow is pure light in truth. And in your world that is manifest in the same way. 
You think you see shadows that make you afraid, so that you discover the truth about the shadow. 
And this truth comes from the more profound age of the creation of the human man and woman. (Your science modern official talk of "link-missing" and it is in the knowledge-informal perceptions of this "link-missing" that one of the piece of the puzzle can also be found, even if they are other and that this part is not the complete puzzle..) A specially created experience of being  "human" which served to help you grow up and discover the immense potential that is contained in your DNA.

... In the DNA, in the few strands which you do not know very much but also, and especially, in the other strands which are in semi-dormancy and invisible to most of your devices called "sophisticated" of your time. In semi-dormancy, because you let them play the games of the subject and the submitters. By putting the light on the shadows of the “I” of submitted and submitters you go at the same time reclaim your dual polarity of inner Teacher and disciple of itself.

You have the right and the sight of consciousness to ask for help and support to reactivate in consciousness in the whole of your DNA that you want  access to.  Nothing will be done or is done without your requests volunteers.

Each has consciousness, your body will ask you of rest so that your mental and its habits-reflexes left him field-free and that he is able to find adaptation for its regeneration through the strengthening of the nervous system.  It receives the frequencies of more and more comprehensive to assume the steps that give you to life in all the dimensions, but also in the collective world that [has] inter-penetrated the body. The body in which you believe you [live] may be here and now and through which everyone is given the opportunity to live in awareness.

Take care of you. 
And go inside you as often as possible. 

The mind does knows how to interpret that little things and that is almost as to knowledge of yesterday,  therefore,  [go inside], [let go] of the rigor of the mind and ask to receive from the interior the unknown... Which is already inside of you and let go without judging. 

But in simple feeling is home of that which this that is being played and you exceeded and you always exceed because life has a magnitude greater than what you believe be to each moment, because you always have a finite belief of things, whereas the life does not think and it is everywhere, all the time and out of time since Eternal and without limit and without condition.

Then live and ask to know without second-guessing in advance what you will be served, you will always have the eve what you need for the next day. 
What is being done through you is great. And this is done only through and in the grace of all ... no matter what you think. 
All supports you, because everything you [are is] love from the inside to the outside.

But it is in you that you will find everything, and then you will see everywhere. It is hourly....

Have fun without too take things seriously.
You are greater than your fears. Believe in you because each is unique and indispensable. 

The thoughts of the mind are only a tool, do not create limits, because thoughts have a primal need to survive, because of the pattern of the brain reptilian included in the body and contained in the DNA itself. In the DNA are other powerful influences are available to transcend the mere aspect of survival and thus be The Life.

And it is accessible from the inside. 
And using invisible or visible is given to all those who are domestic demand or even in whispers to the universe, which you will be heard.

[ Shaani ]

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