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Tolec of the Andromeda Council

Tolec for the Andromeda Council
By American Kabuki

This Tolec for the Andromeda Council video came in a YouTube email to me.  I was magnetically drawn to it, I have been working more and more that way.  I can't really define how I know something has useful information in it, but I sense it magnetically more and more.  I get a lot of email and material sent my way and I only post what I feel is relevant to the current direction of the blog. This has been an open exploration journey of my own multidimensional awakening, which I share with a few million of my best friends.

I don't claim to have all answers,  I KNOW I have a Pleiadian aspect of me that has his own ship/s, and an Andromedan aspect,  but unlike Tolec, I currently have little off-world info to carry forward to all of you.  I get glimpses of council meetings like Tolec speaks of but have little conscious memory of it in 3d life.  I have been told this is for my own safety, because if it where within this 3d vehicle, it could be read, but since its not here, its pointless for anyone to do anything to this vehicle because they'd gain nothing as far tactical information.  But that will change too and soon I will remember it all and it will be like I have always known it.

This is an interesting perspective and I quite agree with the multidimensional aspects of what he discusses.  I am less inclined to believe 50% of the souls here leave at the time of the "EVENT", that is a belief that was fostered by the Law of One channeling, and Urantia books series when it speaks of harvesting the planet.  Harvesting soul energies has been halted.  And the beings that depended on that parasitic source of energy are not looking so good.  They do have an alternative source of energy that which comes from Source Creator from their heart, but requires a change of heart and perception about themselves.  Ultimately it requires them to love themselves, and they don't.

The best explanation of "harvesting" that is easy to understand is simply to watch the movie Jupiter Ascending, as it is quite an accurate portrayal, plot-wise, of what has really been going on in the Solar System.  The beings in the movie that live on Jupiter in the city under the giant red spot.  Some of the acting in the movie is a bit stilted but the premise of the movie is close to the fact of the situation, especially in regards to energy harvesting and DNA harvesting.  DNA is the biggest export off this planet in terms of value.  I have seen the divines realm, in spirit, and it does not look like that of Jupiter Ascending, looks closer to movie depictions of Mount Olympus than anything, togas and white robes, Halls of Amenti and all that.  Perhaps that's where those Greek myths got started?

Keep in mind when listening to the video that the Andromedans count "density" levels differently than the Pleiadians and other groups do.  What is called "5d" by most ETs and humans is "4d" for Andromedans.  These "densitites" or what some have misnamed "dimensions"are are energetic octaves of life existence.  The universe is filled with life, and it fills the gamut of frequency ranges.

I suspectwhat we know as "4d" or the astral realm in regards to Earth and its inhabitants has been artificially placed for the purposes of keeping souls/eternal essences here on  the hamster wheel known as karmic reincarnation via the tool of self-judgement and shame and also as part of the veil of forgetfulness.  This isolated us from our multidimensional nature and made energy harvesting of humans possible for those beings who are self described as "divine" and their "divine plan".  Human enslavement has not all been because of the cabal and negative ETs, most of those are brokers who who were doing it for their own enrichment.  Remember the definition of divine is something that "god-like" or even "fearful", especially in the uncapitalized form and not the true Creator of All which is the ONE and within which all exists. For a clearer definition of divines and deities see here and here.  

The spirit within human body is energy very great creative power, but only if it knows what it truly is.   Belief creates limits and restrictions and a great deal of effort has been expended to shape the beliefs of humans on this planet that they are helpless and hapless.  

There is still precious little information on the net about the divines, its been one of the closest held secrets of the planet,  but that is perhaps not surprising as there was little knowledge of the Reptilian influence prior to the year 2000.  What David Wilcock describes as the disintegrating factions of the cabal is just a reflection of what is happening on a greater scale above it... as they say "as above so below"...

All the talk of "gods" and "goddesses" is your first clue of those who have no clue about the divines, because in truth, Source is ONE, and sees no hierarchy or lower than or greater than.  Source sees things only from the stand point of love and choice of experience.  There are beings who have great creative power, some of these have historically been referred to as "Creator Sons", but that does not make them "God" as the concept in modern time knows it.  Some would like you to believe that they are for purposes of claiming title to your energy.  It's a contractual universe out there, or at least it was... that is changing fast...

The pattern of separation has existed from top to bottom in this universe, and it included those who thought they were not part of the experience because they were "divine" and "immortal".   And even among the divines, as in the movie Jupiter Ascending,  there are those who aid humanity and those who use it for their own purposes.  And like on earth some of those embodiments are being "retired" as they are not adapting to the changing energies that is moving within all creation. All unique energy signature instances of Eternal Essence are eternal and timeless, the bodies they occupy as vehicles for experiencing various physical and energetic realms have finite lifespans, most of which are far longer than the typical human life span of 70+ years.   And some of them are not looking to well these days...  

But I digress from the subject of the video.  Tolec confines his discussion to what he knows, the Andromeda Council and its activities.  The video below, at 90 minutes, is worth listening to.  There is a caller who calls in who says he sits on the Nibiru Council, and he does mention that Nibiru - the wandering planet/spaceship of Anunnaki fame,  which he claims is a mixture of races from Planet Rizq and Planet Nirvana.   Illusion and allusion were common tools of the Anunnaki so seeing the name Nirvana crop up which has become synomous with "heaven" in many cultures is also curious.  

We encountered the name of the Planet Rizq before on this blog when the aide to the Qing Dynasty Empress said they owned humanity by right of the Treaty of Rizq, so my guess is the caller is legitimate, given that he knows about Rizq, there's very little information on the internet about Rizq.

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