Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Sphere Alliance Message... June 22, 2015 12:35 AM UTC

Again I have no proof of this info, but the Sun did some unusual things today. I have learned over the past year that most of Denise's intuition is very very accurate... so I go on feel with this one... we shall see what happens this week. We don't have long to wait that much is for sure.  -AK

Update Sunday June 21st 2015
From Denise (in Italics) in another communications Sunday.

I sense humor. 

Yes you do . we are happy and joyful at your request. We have contacted you before. More than a decade ago. Do you recall? We are messengers not angels. You have heard and written our words to you. 

Please show me an image

(looks like a white symbol of a tree with black outline and decorations)

AK's Interpretation of the Flag

What is this image? 

A flag of sorts. Your homeland so to speak. Do you recall it?


It is familiar to you? 

Somewhat – feels familiar.  

Feel with your heart 

Nothing yet, sorry.  

Not to worry, there is much interference.

See my face? 

I cannot forget it. 

You think I am short? No, by your standards I am tall, but by our standards average.

Are you my father.  

You could say that in one way. We have shared many roles you and I.

The three days means that the energy is pulsing to you now. It is surging forth from your star, we have sent the pulses through her to ease the effect.  These are enormous energetic events that will spark a "tsunami of love" as you call it. 

I do not like that term. 

We know. But it is the closest word combination to what is to transpire.

What is to transpire?

A complete reversal of the damage begins.  Love reigns. Fear fades. Do you not feel happy for that? 

 I do.  

You do not smile? 

I am now.

What do you seek from us?  

Protection now that the message is out there.

You have had our protection from the first day.  You were born into this role for a specific purpose. You call yourself a dot connector. We call you so much more than that, you devalue yourself.

You are a gifted healer and conduit of energetic transmissions and are critical to the project. The event we said and you did not write it. Event.

The event is not a circus or a game in an arena, it is the moment of zero point, the reset, the end of this and the beginning of that.  You are funny.  We like your HS Basketball Coach's quote: "wherever you go there you are!"

Ha ha!

This is a great day. A moment when you can heal at last from your past worries, concerns and injuries.  Is it not a great day? We send you our love and our joy now do you feel it?  

I do!

Keep that with you.  We are only a breath away now.  When you see us, you will know.

I send you all my love too!

End transmission.

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